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Title: Katya for the Compendium
Post by: Dala Valannia on 28 October 2000, 21:08:00
Finally got around to providing some info for the Compendium, Artimidor! Please bear in mind that this is a very brief description of Queen Katya, and liable to certain changes as her history becomes clearer when her wayward historian gets down to chronicle the rest of her tales :b

Katya Ileri Dain -

Queen of Voldar and the Erpheronian Tribe during the Age of Awakening. Also known sometimes as Katya Dragonseeker or among her enemies as the Beggar Queen due to the fact that she was not born of noble stock but was a village girl in her youth. Daughter of Medoc and Ertai Ileri of Yarrow. During the cataclysmic Dragonstorm, the adamant Dragon Ol'dem'brey rained fire down upon her village, causing her father and everyone she knew to perish in the destruction. The only survivor and half-mad from pain, grief and rage, she stumbled onto the Thaelon Forest and was healed by the legendary elven kind who dwelled within. After a fateful meeting with the High Avá'ránn, her hair turned the color of pale moonlight, marking her forever as elven-touched.

The years before her succession onto the throne is unclear and rife with many stories and myths. However, what is known was that, feared for her rumored reputation as the only other human to have slay a Dragon other than Wengerim, Katya ruled over the Erpheronian Tribe with an iron hand. Though she may not have ruled wisely at times, these mistakes were far and few in between and she was a fair and impartial Queen and in her later years, gained the title of 'Katya the Just' among her people. Without her, the years succeeding the Vardýnnian Atonement would have been indeed harsher than expected.

Married to Lysander Dain, Captain of the Guards. After the Prince Consort's death at the age of 81, it was said that after Katya Ileri Dain passed the reins of leadership to her only son, Malakai, she walked alone out of the gates of Voldar, towards the direction of the Thaelon and was never seen again.  

Title: Yippiiiie!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 October 2000, 00:45:00
Hurray! Dalá'Valannía did a contribution for the Compendium!! *running around the table, jumping from joy and singing happy songs* Boah! Was about time that lovely Katja found her way into the Compendium:)

But I read "ruled with an iron hand"... Not always those lovely little girls from the neighbourhood turn out to be lovely little girls when grown up, eh?

Title: Re: Yippiiiie!
Post by: Dala Valannia on 29 October 2000, 11:19:00
I certainly hoped that wasn't sarcasm, Artimidor!

Of course you can! You can be a lovely little girl and still rule with an iron hand. It's very easy, try it! Don't fret, Artimidor, Katya's a much nicer and definately sweeter Margaret Thatcher and prettier I might add.... :lol

Also, I was mildly horrified to learn that a statue of Katya had been erected. I know it's an honor and all but...! Katya would have laughed her head off actually if she saw the thing :rollin  

Title: About statues
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 29 October 2000, 12:48:00
*hehe* Well, I'm pretty sure that when Artimidor has gone to meet his maker (hey, learned this phrase from Monty Python's "Dead parrot" sketch) someone will erect a statue for him too (if I want it or not)... *grin* But it is a funny prospect indeed!