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Title: A Bunch of work...
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 30 October 2000, 08:51:00
I just uploaded. Hey, Artimidor! Do you mind, cleaning up the mess on the server I caused when postings all this more or less fresh work in the wrong folders? ;)  

The first one is for Curgan. I have here a fresh/old Coat of arms from Milkengrad which was hanging above the East Gate of the city until it fell down last week. I was swift and clever and got away with it before the guards even recognized me! =)

It's hidden at

Climbing through the sewers I found a half rusted, half galvanized banner. Have a look perhaps you think it looks fine. (Was some sort of experiment going wrong but looks cool!) ;)

And now there's something for Artimidor! Have a look at the first "Centaurion Coat of Arms". I wrecked half a dozen flying horses before getting to that thing! Was quite an adventure (and a sleepless night).
Comments on what you want and what you don't like so far (I'm sure you'll find something! ;)    ) are welcome.

Now, after giving away the presents I wanted to provide some "pencil/paperwork" to the community I don't need but may be the right illustration for one story or another.
I don't want to become a competitor against Aragorn, Faugar or Mikael! Get me right! They rule! They're are the artistmasters of the universe!... and I've just too less time to do very much (and good!) stuff of this kind of work. But still, if anybody finds something useful you may use it!

An unknown elven bard
A furious knight
A noble warrior
A grey/silver dragon

For the next guy I'm already working on a story. Artimidor got a glimpse of it, but it's still incomplete. This picture emphasizes his character better than my previous sketches... Although the mind of this creature is somewhat chaotic and thus difficult to catch. (what a sentence, Koldar! ;)    )

And last but not least! ;)  
My "Rune-Font" has entered something you may call beta-stage. (Called Version 0.50. Yes, I'm optimistic!)
I still have to work over grammar and punctuation, but the "alphabet" is already there.
Hope you'll like it. Of yourse, it will be only one Runestyle of thousands yet to come. And I don't want to do them all myself! *shudder*
I just wanted to test this 'free' shareware Font-generator. A link should be still in the 'language section'.
That one here fits best to high elves or somebody who likes symmetrical and logical forms, I think.

You can breathe again, folks! That's all! *proud grin*
To calm you down. Most of the work here was lying around since months. Today I found the time to scan the work and upload it. Except the CoAs and the Runes there's nothing _really_ new here. Enjoy the material! ;)  
Think I've to concentrate on study for the next time. After two weeks I should start to do something for it, I think! Although... I just don't have the time! *turning over to his paper-crowded desk in despairation*

Farewell, travellers!
                        , Koldar Mondrakken

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Title: Re: A Bunch of work...
Post by: Greybark on 30 October 2000, 11:38:00
Like the font. Different numbers of dots like that, very similar to Arabic. Definitely still original, though. I'm looking forward to seeing where they're used.

Title: Thanxs for the work:)
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 31 October 2000, 12:01:00
1.) Yup, thanx for the work from me too!

2.) Curgan already agreed to use the first COA for the Milkengradians - although I somehow like the rusty look of the second, especially the central part.

3.) I'm still not sure about the Centoraurian COA. Nice work, but I would have prefered the pose of Diraton dropping down into the Anaios gap as shown on Vaelaron's picture (hell, this lousy Artimidor always has something to critizise). Because: 1.) It is mentioned in the text of the Elvenfall that Diraton himself is shown on the banner (like Caein on the Erpheronian one) - I initially wanted to express human hybris in the main humans COAs by showing humans in all the COAs. 2.) The horse is dropping down into the gap. In fact it's not flying, but just keeping Diraton from dying - at least that's what the drawing of Vaelaron suggests, I guess.

We could probably use the current banner for some other tribe... Hmmm...

4.) I like the elven runes very much, but I told you that already. Nice forms, guess elven sentences it will look pretty fine... Hope you can convert it completely to a Styrįsh font=)

5.) Concerning the mess you made and all the other drawings of yours: When I have set up the domain I plan to use the current Santharian webspace (25 MB) for the showing off of all other Santharian works which still aren't used in a way. Everybody who knows how to handle FTP should have access to this place on the web... The Santharian Member Works section will probably develop to an own site...

Title: Re: Thanxs for the work:)
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 01 November 2000, 13:25:00
to 3.) I expected that! ;)

Do you like the Pegasus?
I posed it that way because it looks best so! Every other pose was just looking silly. You didn't knew what this horse is doing there. But I've another idea about the CoA. Hope you'll like it!

Bye, Koldar Mondrakken

Title: Re: Thanxs for the work:)
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 07 November 2000, 15:24:00
Pegasus picture: I somehow have the impression that it would look coolest if the wings were missing and if the horse would be white e.g.

I guess the problem with the winged horse is that the hindlegs look as if the horse is standing - cause if the horse would be flying the hindlegs would be closer together... Probably you took a horse from a picture which was "standing up" on its hindlegs, so this motion is still in the picture, somehow interfering with the wings. (At least this is my impression.) Therefore I would suggest to let the horse just stand on its hinlegs for this COA. - Any other opinions?

Title: Re: Thanxs for the work:)
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 08 November 2000, 08:26:00
Horse was drawn completely out of my mind. I think the problem is that the wings are to small.
I tried to make a "flying" horse at first but it just didn't fit!

Well, will look at it later...

Bye, Koldar