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Title: Banners in 3D
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 27 November 2000, 11:24:00
Think it was time to rework the banners that they look more "realistic". For that purpose I used my Photoshopwork as textures for a simple 3d mesh to get a more dramatic effect.

Don't wonder about the background. I had to 'key' the render works to prevent a smooth boundary between the object and the background. The color of the 'key' is within the name. (use Magic Wand of Photoshop at a relative high value ~60-90 to remove it)

To all the already known CoA I added a first Centaurion Coat of Arm. To my own disappointment I had to use the original artwork because the rider on a flying horse was too complex to draw with the mouse and the path-tool. :(   I'm very sad about that fact.

Ok, here they come:,200).jpg -well, actually it's a green background,200).jpg,0).jpg -wrong sword I fear,200).jpg -here's the same (green),200).jpg -and again

Well, I reworked them and used the green color in the second turn. (Nobody is perfect! :)   )

I'll rework the Milkengrad CoA later, although it already looks good, Curgan!

Bye, Koldar Mondrakken, knight, thief, creator of arms&armor *hehe*

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Title: Re: Banners in 3D
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 27 November 2000, 16:41:00
Very good, Koldar! Exceptional work! You made a fantastic thing even better:)

Only problem seems to be the Centoraurian COA - features of the rider get lost cause the picture turned out blured when reducing the size. Maybe a sharpening filter would help before rendering it to the shield form?

Title: Re: Banners in 3D
Post by: Xenos Ravenbeack on 27 November 2000, 20:33:00
:)  very nice, can't wait to see how it improves the R'unorian banner

Title: Re: Banners in 3D
Post by: Xaron on 28 November 2000, 05:59:00
't seems as if you've been pretty busy and they look good.

Have they been converted to the famous gif-format already? If you wish, I can do that for you (ofcourse, 'tis easy since the background is a single color).

I like the effect of light shining on metal.

Xaron, the annoying
Shelam, master of delusion

Title: Re: Banners in 3D
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 28 November 2000, 06:12:00
Will put them on the site this evening in GIF format (at least the Astyrhim, Erpheronians and the Voldarian coat of arms). If possible please use the other sword for Milkengrad, Koldar!

Title: Re: Banners in 3D
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on 28 November 2000, 15:31:00
Okeydokey, improved versions of 3 coats of arms on the site now - enjoy!

Title: Impressive artwork!
Post by: Curgan2 on 29 November 2000, 05:55:00
I always thought your work was excellent. Now you proved it once more.

Title: 3D-Banners
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 01 December 2000, 13:01:00
Have no time, so I'll make it short! ;)

Milkengrad fixed!

R'unor a rectangularVersion planned (Hope, you'll enjoy it, Xenos!)

Centaurion rendered at twice the size. Hope I can then resize it with more details. The light is the problem. A rounded shield with highlights on it, of course, blurs the pic!

Suggestions for the beastmaster pic? Like the picture already there?

Will send it all when ready and possible!

Thank you for the positive feedback. Will increase my 3D-efforts again, I hope! :)

Bye, Koldar Mondrakken

Title: R'unor finished
Post by: Koldar Mondrakken on 06 December 2000, 10:01:00
I reworked the Centaurion CoA and Milkengrad.

For the R'unor CoA I used a rectangular shape to make it different from the ones on the mainland. Hope you'll like it and that this type of shield is practical for your people! ;)

Will have to send the pics to Art, because I don't remind the password for the upload section and I'm sitting at a school comp...

Well... Bye!
Hope, you'll enjoy it! :)

Koldar Mondrakken