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Title: Akdorian Matters: attn: Lamertu
Post by: Greybark on 08 January 2001, 10:30:00
You have some human tribes in Akdor, indeed, I think you are building everything for Akdor? Some time ago, I placed 172 small tribes of Brownies on the lightly forested steppe bounded by the mountains of hiding, the Pachisoth iceplains, Nakin, and Oswar Gutin, as well as on the northern and eastern coasts of Rimok Lake. My question for you is, what should I take into account as I continue to develop them? Should they be based in a smaller area, with a few less tribes? Will there be interaction between them and the humans? What do you think? Pls let me know I can adapt to your plan for Akdor.