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Title: [()sea-teeth(?)]
Post by: Xenos Ravenbeack on 08 November 2001, 20:40:00

Heralding from the Isles of R'unor [()sea-teeth(?)] are amoung the ideal thrown weapons  for the assasin, mercinary, gaurd, or even common foot solduir or archer. the origins of the [?] dateing back to the late pre-unification period the the isles of R'unor they were probably developed by one of the roming assasin/mercinary clans that sprung up in the termoil of the common inter-tribe wars. [()sea-teeth(?)] come in three primary types, "ball","nail", and "disk", based off of shape and percise use.

"ball"[()sea-teeth(?)] consist of the earliest and most common design of [?], these weapons consist of a small metal, stone, wood, or ceramic ball, normaly between 3 and 5 centipeds/centimeters in diamiter. sproting from the ball is a set of either 4, 5, or 6 spines, each is between 6 and 7 centipeds/meters long and usualy barbed and tipped with varios venoms. the battern of placement of the spines is either all in line with one another like spokes on a wheel or covering the ball evenly along all axisis(4 and 5 spined are almost always lined up in "wheel" form while most, but not all, 6 spined ball[()sea-teeth(?)] are set in a sphere pattern.)

"Nail" [()sea-teeth(?)] on the other hand consist of a single spine, useualy longer and heveir than individual ball spines they are usualy Nail shaped with several sets of barbes and an all metal form. although more difficult to use and throw Nail[?] fly faster over longer distances with better armor percing or flesh/hide penitrating abilty, on the down side however Nail[()sea-teeth(?)] are nealy impossable to throw in an arched flight path and take consderably more practise and coordination to use than ther ball counterparts.

"Disk"[()sea-teeth(?)] are the newest and most expensive sort of [()sea-teeth(?)], they consist of a metal ring... aproximatly 10 or so cp in diamiter whos outer edge is sharpened finer than a razor and are often given grusome claw like serrations, one or two cross peices, normaly eithe wood or metal, cross the center of the ring and prvide a safe place to grip the disk when throwing or carrying it. Disk[()sea-teeth(?)] are useualy crafted in such a manner as that they do not fly straight but in a circular fasion, some if not imbeding into some poor chaps skull(or a wall) will return within catching distance of there thrower. needless to say although one of the more effective varities they requir a great deal of skill to weild effectively.

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Title: Re: [insert name here](short ranged r'unorian thrown weapond
Post by: Xarl on 10 November 2001, 15:56:00
Try Sea-teeth for a name. It seems to fit. My, this is shorter than my usual posts...

Title: Re: ball nail and disk
Post by: Bard Judith on 12 November 2001, 06:57:00

So as to avoid confusion, how about three separate but similar names for these weapons?

The ball could be "Steelurchin" for its resemblance to a sea urchin or pufferfish (I'm SURE we have them in Santharia, we just haven't gotten around to describing them!  :)  )

The nail-type could be "Sealtooth" or "Seasnake".

The disk might be "Seawheel" "Wavewheel" or "Moondeath".