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1  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Is this too similar to Shape Water? on: 04 April 2006, 14:59:00
hehe i have been here one and a half year on this site (mainly the Rp-ing side), I have first responsiblity there as story mod and after that i try to check and contritubite to the dev.side of the site. Magic attracts me but ximaxian system does not, i would like to be a part of necromancy for i have plenty of ideas for that, but just not.... the ximaxian necromancy (or fire spells so to say). I did not meant to stress any of ya by my random dumb comment.

As i said i know the basics and if i had the time i could've gotten hundreds of entries approved by now (also spells), but i simply like RP-ing more.
If i wanted to i could...

(*walks away braggin, bout the thinks he would've designed for the site if he weren't RP-ing all the time*)

(*mind is crushed now from terrible knowledge and doesn't come back for a long time*)  

A punishment to some, to some a gift, and to many a favor.  

2  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Is this too similar to Shape Water? on: 04 April 2006, 12:49:00
hehe :p  no offense, mage experts are much more clever then me. I lack the intelligence to understand magic fully, when you start kackling to me about ouns and if it is naturrally possible according towards the system there is then you lost me with the magic part. I know the basics but thats it.|I  

A punishment to some, to some a gift, and to many a favor.  

3  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Is this too similar to Shape Water? on: 01 April 2006, 18:40:00
Well to my opinion one can levitate any element without using wind. To make a rock rise up from the earth as earthmage, and fire of a fireball by also giving it an extra looping trough the air as firemage etc.

The theory behind it i can't explain and don't even bother to, but i am sure that some clever mage prof can think of something...  

A punishment to some, to some a gift, and to many a favor.  

4  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / just babbling, and sharing some idea's to inspire the devy's on: 06 December 2005, 12:25:00
Just an idea, which might spark your magic makers a few ideas,

Checking the section Earth-magic I only see spells related to resurrecting dead, Which is something that belongs in the fire section…

Hmmm but couldn’t necromancy be some kind of force, where the caster establishes a small link with the netherworlds and draws some kind of dark car’all from there. I figured that as it where both different dimensions, they probably would also have a different essence (car’all).

Which could also give some nice additional features like explaining completely evil people’s dark aura’s…

And those who would get caught up in this line of education would corrupt and could turn into liches trough their ongoing connection with this dark realm…

Hm but maybe it is more of a addition for another magic system, Even tough Ximax are the masters and would know something about that stuff, obviously.
Maybe at this other dimension there are completely other elements.

And for the earth-spells I would rather see something like; Casting earthquakes, Shape unsolidified earth into shapes, Lifting up huge rocks by only controlling the earth ounia (maybe a similar spell as that of wind only cast differently), Solidifying people (and not just objects), Teleportation trough the earth by merging with the sand, Cast craters/manholes upon the lands, Give stones another shape, Cause sandstorms/lift up the sands to get it carried away with the wind, Raising up stone/sand barriers, Cast a stone out of nothing (just like a fireball, water ball or wind hurl) to fire off at the opponent, on a high level complete construction capable of being build from out of stone, The empty hull of a stone golem can be created (even tough the lifeform has to be summoned by ecua/etc.)

Well should I go on?

Maybe I will take a shot a spell too, I have to learn magic one way or another, I can’t just,… be the only one who is ignorant and doesn’t understand it. No… Must figure the ahm’s and Soors out,..

*sets off to study all magical entries again,( hopes he doesn’t study any outdated entry’s accidentally)*

A punishment to some, to some a gift, and to many a favor.  

Edited by: Darien Gulath at: 12/7/05 17:22
5  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Template for Magical Systems- Draft on: 12 December 2005, 12:53:00
maybe there are magic systems that don't need huge lists of spells to go with it? Like the ximaxian that is...

Shadowmancy, clerical magic and (hm are there more then just those?) ... are not well known in ximaxian, yet they would have some kind of theory for it to work, a theory that is compatible with the ximaxian one,....

Ximax draws magic by follow some kind of complicated thought pattern and speaks the words of the incantation (which isn't nessary but it gives the spell strenght to actually get it to perform to speak the spells out loud, Isnt this correct?- on lower levels that would be at least).

Hm maybe we should input with every system somekind of sheet which spells belong to it. For example but all known spells of Ximax and add them into a section of the magical academy entry.

And do visa versa with the other spells...

With every spell we create for another magic system we should keep the ounia's and ximaxian view on how to create them, yet only to know how hard the spell is to cast, on which level it would be and if the spell would actually be possible to cast, Maybe with each spell for that other system a small paragraph on how ximax explains the spell could be added...

Just some suggestions,

If we make it like this we could relief the ban, and finally make some more progress here at the dev. board.  

A punishment to some, to some a gift, and to many a favor.  

6  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Shadowmancy on: 13 August 2005, 17:22:00
Just reading and somebody said; a car'all can maybe be best compared to; "aura" (and she named some other things) but she wasn't sure if that too would be the right word... But it certainly wasn't something like a manabar.

Hm somehow in the course of time i've started to look as Car'all as a Elastic (not sure this is right word in english). If somebody casts a spell the elastic (car'all) stretches but returns back to normal once it is done. The older a mage gets (and casts) the more this elastic stretches, to the point that it widens and can stretched even further. Also i like the idea that a person's aura, (or Psi) is linked (or the same) to the Car'all.

Also if somebody's Car'all would be sucked it would eventually return to normal (if the person doesn't dies) at some point.

The link to ones Psi with Car'all would  definitly explain why Clerics (or Cleric alike) are able to "cast" or "make spells" happen. As long as they have their gift of magic and their strong belief in being able to perform it.  

7  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Magic beliefs and universal essence. Another point of vi on: 11 November 2005, 15:54:00
Finally found some time and creativity to add another paragraph;

The human essence (non magical)

The entry is still nearly half finished, everything will soon fall into place...

This is a rather complicated(psycholical) and new kind of thing i am trying, Let's see how it will work out.  

8  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Magic beliefs and universal essence. Another point of vi on: 18 October 2005, 16:36:00
It doesn't need to have a group. It could be a single brillaint researcher's theory that is popular for his sense-making explenations.  Also some Druídic ideas are being written into it.

Strangely this is just something that came to me and when i started writing i could barely keep up with myself. Did this in a little 4 hours but haven't even done half of wat i had in mind.

You see most if this concernes essence and thus concernes druids in some way.

Anyways more tommorow if i get to it.

9  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Magic beliefs and universal essence. Another point of vi on: 18 October 2005, 16:17:00
well its not how magic really works... But just a point of view. I had some idea's for a druidic system, and how they would view certain aspects of other magic systems. It's not meant to be anything. It still has to take form. You can look at it as a sketch for now...

Just some ideas i had which needed to be written down before i would forget them. This is possibly also hard for you to understand... :p  

10  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Magic beliefs and universal essence. Another point of view on: 18 October 2005, 15:33:00

Essence (the global view), Car'all (Scientific view) Aura (Druídic view)

Essence is the spiritual form of everything Which works so complicated that there exist many beliefs. The most popular is the Ximaxian view who have done a wild study about it’s connections concerning the effect of different elements upon each-other but is more focussed on the change of the essence (performing the magic)/ Going in depth with the Xevágram and so many surrounding theory’s.

Yet the conception of a simple aura, The essence of everything; the way that it is viewed by the druids could generally be many times better to understand. And also every belief of every magic system in Cealereth is seen here as one an the same since everything, everywhere uses the same universal aura/essence.  

Some global and old conception is that magic can be within everyone; All he has to do is connect his aura towards the universal aura… The aura that is “everywhere”. (Since all essence is connected.

Trans-scandations (Ximaxian : Sphere’s/ Cleric : Reaching a higher spiritual level, etc. etc.):

All magic beliefs have different levels of enlightenment.
Several of these levels are explained here:

Meditation (preparement for connecting towards essence), The Search for essence

-Knows about the aura’s. Starts to feel the aura’s to a degree. Sees the aura. Knows the patterns of the aura’s (the aura’s of entities and not universal essence).  

Connecting your essence

(read closely Connecting! Not merging!) one’s aura towards other individual essence combined by feeling the universal essence One becomes able to do magic.
(As if a button was turned) (some are born with it and yet other never succeed in turning the button.) (your aura’s state concerning the universal essence: your aura is a drop of black slowly stretching (but keeps its size!) in the great endless mass of whiteness)  but not exceeding the boundaries of the size from the (your?) aura. It will do so at any time when you are able to cast spells. From here the magic can go into two different directions; The belief and tranquillity of stimulating the essence with the motivation (or illusion) of doing good or just pure force of will (This one considered to be evil and wrong by the druid).

Shaping your own essence (and expose it towards other essence’s)
(using changes in your aura to create a temporary effect in other aura’s) also known at Ximax as Sphere 1.
Once you cast it; your aura would stretch out towards the target aura and surround it to alter it’s temporarily changes.
(An example of how the target aura that is affected would change: It would be similar to bend a rope, The rope will start to shift back towards it’s current position after time) The aura is affected but will transform back to it’s normal state.

Entangling your essence (with other essence)
(using changes in your aura to create a static effect in other aura’s) also known at Ximax as Sphere 2.
Once you cast it; your aura will form a connection with the target’s aura and alter it completely to create a steady/stable effect, but can be reversed, The aura of the target has merely changed.
(An example: To put a knot into a rope) The aura is reformed and made anew unable to return towards it’s current state on itself).

Using the universal essence (to inflict changes upon other essence)
(The magic-user now uses the universal essence to connect with his aura to strengthen it). Also known as sphere 3 in Ximax.
When a spell is cast using the universal essence there is always something that suffers. Since the caster detracts the ouns from someplace to use them at another place… Also this state can be reached by either by:
1.forcing your way into the universal essence (which can be quite dangerous; (spell fizzle, mind loss) and can only be done by the most concentrated, educated and strongest minds/wills, also a big aura would make the caster more successful during this process.  
2. Or slowly searching for tranquillity by use of belief (depending of that certain magical system/tribe)in the essence (whatever they might consider as essence (be it their gods or their ancestors, everything is possible)…. They are able to walk around in the universal essence but would have to look out very carefully not to be crushed by it. (example: a boat sailing with the wind that should not try to go against the stream for it would hurt that person’s aura)  

To merge with universal essence (to be one with the world)

The final arts that is almost to impossible by mortal magic participants to succeed in; To use the final enlightenment. To become one with the universal essence and to overcome the pressure of the strong flow of universal essence (for as long as possible).
Weavers are beliefed to mingle in this essence if they combine their powers and thus stand up against the stream of the universal essence.
Also the chosen ones would be able to stay in this essence for a longer period’s. also the chosen one’s individual essences are believed to have been very large.
The more knowledge and individual essence during the merge with the universal essence to more closer to being a god one is.

Magic systems explained:

More to come…

Some notes:
The belief that there are more gods (then just 1 since there is only one big universal void) could derive from the different elements, the circle of live and the weather, But all of these things are also part of the essence, yet most individuals can only master one fracture of the essence (water mages; water and Fire mages only fire etc.).

Non-magical human aura explained:

The human essence

Violence comes from the urge of people who try to control each other. But what is the motivator? If someone walks towards someone and starts a conversation , which happens million times a day everywhere in the world, two things can happen; the individual will feel him strong or weak, depending of what happens during the interaction. Because of that reason people always take on a manipulative attitude. The specific situation or subject will not matter, the people will always prepare to say significant things to gain the upper hand during the conversation. Everybody tries to find a certain control-element to dominate the meeting. If we are lucky and our point of view wins then we will receive a psychic boost in stead of feeling weak.

How did the humans learned to obtain their current essence from birth? Everybody has this essence but how are we using it?
Everybody seems to want to take everyone’s energy in some kind of way and this all starts from birth. The most members of the family also used a certain drama-act to extract you from your energy so you; yourself; also needed one to regain your stolen essence.

Bully- drama(most aggressive)- This person threatens others with physical contact or words then the victim is forced to give off his energy as result of fear that he will do something bad to you.  

Questioner-drama- to interrogate (or well...ask questions...) someone just to find something negative, As soon as he finds something negative they criticize it. The victim will soon find himself timid and surrender attention to what the questioner does and says, and try to do nothing wrong what the questioner can observe. The psychic subservience will give the questioner what he wants.

Distant me-drama- The person in question is not very outspoken and will get his essence by use of being distant, mostly caused by Questioners. The other person will try to get your attention, and give you essence to get you to expose.

Poor me-drama(most passive level)- he will tell you the most terrible things that happened to him and lets it shine trough that it will be your fault if you deny your help. This type of people will make you feel guilty without any guilt from your side.

Two Distant me- parents give birth to Questioners.
Two Questioning parents create a Distant me.
Two Bullying parents create a Poor me as child
And a poor me-child could later turn into a bully himself.

The humans can overcome their drama’s to some degree, by merely connecting to the greater universal essence, They will follow an almost similar process as that of a apprentice mage who tries to acquire his magical abilities. They will have to become able to see the aura that connects everything with everything. Thereby also overcoming their weaknesses.

The Achievement of overcoming the drama-Role
The human essence has everything to do with the psychology of the individual, And not only a great human wisdom can be lead from it’s full knowledge. Those who are capable of seeing the essence (even tough this is not required to have to receive the same wisdom, it makes it easier if you are capable of seeing it) then they will be able to clearly see who’s energy is overwhelming the other ones energy. You, with this knowledge could easily manipulate the specimens towards either righteousness or your own dark cause. The power behind the knowledge written in the Wel’verian scrolls explain the nine main human weaknesses (
arrogance, hate, greed, lust, deceit, vanity, fear, selfishness and anger) and several more secondary weaknesses divided under the main weaknesses.
The knowledge of how to apply the weaknesses, and human essence’s can either give you the ability to share your spiritual energy with them or take it away. With other words, the person in question knows how to steer every human and get everything done whatever he wishes. This full knowledge is still an important part in druidic teaching, And is still used to full extend in the order of Døad’riún. The protectors of the world.

Edited by: Darien Gulath at: 11/10/05 21:57
11  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Essences on: 18 October 2005, 11:57:00
i know that. but i think there is more that can be mentioned. Just for fun i have started writing about a little magic system of my own. I'l see how it works out. Hope to post it later tonight. :)  I know there is a ban but there is just some things that i have in my mind that want out. :p  

12  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Essences on: 18 October 2005, 11:18:00
I was kinda thinking that Essence could be more then that not only vieuwed in comparison to Car'all.

For example if a human has the attention of 10 others then would the aura of that certain person surround the others. And if somebody totally crushes ones faith (for example giving the victim a beating) Then the aura (essence) of the victim would be totally surrounded by the winning force of the (beat up) Ofcourse this doesn't need to be the case (it would be more complicated to explain wat i mean) But basicly the essence around one changes upon interraction with other human beings. It is in real life concidered to exist by some beliefs.

Also not only a mage should btw. be able to change his Car'all/ aura... Everyone would be able to... Yet only trained ones or gifted ones would know how to channel this energy in some way towards the outside into getting the effects that their ouns allow them to.

Also the entire sphere 1,2 and 3 beliefs could be put in this theory.

Sphere 1 only being able to use your inner(your own) car'all to inflict changes upon the outside aura (outside can be anything)... Which would only allow the caster to use a limited ammount of change in the surroundings....
Sphere 2 would allow him to temperorial mess with surrounding aura's. Yet every aura recovers if it isn't totally consumed into something or vanished out of thin air. The altered object would get his normal state back, At least the aura would revert to it's usual form.
And Sphere 3; To actually altar it. To descent beyound your own car'all being able to submerge other aura's together. And to receive aura out of thin air.

This could make a very global entry for having magic and aura's explained in one whole. I would ofcourse need to write it up in my own entry in detail to give the point as this whole...

Hm maybe i should (*feels all intelligent and druídicly*) It is basicly wat pikel mentiones in his entry... and some more eleborated stuff...  But then i would be almost working on a magic-system of my own. Well a more druídic or maybe a global vieuw would it be then.

Edited by: Darien Gulath at: 10/17/05 19:19
13  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Need favour from mages, how to produce disease or illnes on: 04 September 2005, 06:12:00
Just off-the record but battling demons, is it possible to use holy artefacts. ( like in non-santharian whe blessed crusifixes to fight the demons) is it here in santharia also possible (or believed) to damage or destroy a demon when you use artefacts blessed by priests, clerics to fight a demon. Because otherwise Judith, your magical plague could also be blessed by ava somehow which means that only demonic dark creatures suffer the concequences once it is summoned.

14  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / necromancy on: 25 June 2005, 06:56:00
Why does all the magic has to be elemental( earth,fire,wind,water)? Necromancy can just be Death magic, where clerics worship the gods of the death, or call upon the spirits of the deathrealm. And necromancy could be a whole new element by magicians, and when it is explained by the Ximax system then the elements the caster uses are fire and earth randomly. Because necromancy propably has both… And to study it you will have to need a whole other system, Because the ximaxian way of teaching and understanding would never make it work.  

15  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Pegasus on: 23 June 2005, 10:47:00
Are you acusing me of watching disney movies? :fish  hehe

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