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181  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Azure Wolf, Riding Beast. on: 02 December 2006, 15:03:17
as regards the saddle, i have to agree with Talia there. you may want to study ancient sorts of bridles. the sort of bridle will determine the rigging to the place where you sit on the Wolf anyway. also the bit might be completely different, cause the Azurer Wolfe has fangs not molars like a horse. in fact, why use a bit in the bridle in the first place?? you could rig something to his three tails, or even something that pulls on his ears. basically bridles work on the concept of pain to the poor horse, so i think you ought to just work on the Azure Wolf himself first, and then worry about how the folk ride the Azure Wolves later when you are more familiar with them  azn
182  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Azure Wolf, Riding Beast. on: 02 December 2006, 14:56:27
sure if you want me too so orril miesefer . what do i call you for short, just orril? anyway, the more you type the easier and better your spelling will get. i thought i saw some sort of spell check option when we post these submissions?? maybe i'm imagining that or maybe a blue bird in a green forest told me ?  :D

anyway if you have word or wordperfect it has a spell check button on it, its under the Tools option usually. you just press the arrow to look down the selections

the funny thing about spell check though is it won't pick up homonyms, so if you are like me their and there, here and hear and those things it won't find. likewise it will underline any word that is not in its limited vocabulary. for example it might substitute the word Lander for Landre, if it didnt recognize it, or Stern wind for Sturm wind.

if you dont have Word on your computer i think let me see if there is a free one you can use??


this is the first one i found

well i'll message this too you directly too, so to make sure you get this url. hope it helps.
183  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Azure Wolf, Riding Beast. on: 01 December 2006, 11:08:35
Talia i beg to differ. an Azure Wolf would fit in fine at night. remember wolves are nocturnal. and the times at twilight when most normal animals cant see well, an Azure Wolf would fade into the darkness.

also colors of animals have nothing to do with their surroundings in many cases, for example the red fox that hangs out in forests, etc...

so i think its a good idea. there is probably a reason for that particular color, probably to ward the weaker animals to leave it alone maybe?
184  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Hello to all on: 01 December 2006, 10:09:11
Oh and Irid, my apologies, my name is landre with an L, or that is the closest human equivalent in the Gorbasian language. Not to say that i am from Gorbasian, but i did live there for a time when i was young.
185  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Hiyas. Im new on: 01 December 2006, 10:01:10
a figure stumbles through the door, looks around startled -- "uh, i was just in this room, uh?" looks a Deevono in alarm, "Wait, don't hurt me! are you a good rogue or a bad rogue??"

then the newcomer pushes back his hat a little, kind of in embarrassment as he sees Deevono look sort of confused at him..

"oh, you are new too!" Reaching out a sun darkened wrinkled hand, the figure dips his head, "Hi, I'm landre and i'm new here too! thats landre in with an L."
186  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Hello to all on: 01 December 2006, 09:52:00
i am honored friends. hope you keep that Sand in a nice wet cage!! and your Azure Wolf on a leash ;p

world building is fun, and i agree the dates of timelines will be argued based on your religion or cultural affiliation. they are still be argued today in real history outside of the Santharian Dream.

anyway yes alot to read, i have been helping a little with the CD's cause its fun to read about new characters.

so this looks to be a nice place.

and Irid how do i get a library card??
187  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Inmotion Irritation on: 29 November 2006, 12:20:27
i think you should apply for a community development grant in whatever city and state you are in? $200/mo though sounds alot to single person but as i understand it Santharian is a non-profit corporation. if so, that means you do qualify for grants. in the short term you could take out a loan repayable for when the grant comes in. the key is to get a good grant writer, dont try to write the grant yourself.

as this community supports artists, you might want to approach your local Arts Council or United Way and show them the project. and if those doors are not open, your local community college information specialist department.

think global-- this project as i am reading it was started in 1998 right? so it has taken eight years to evolve to this point. so this is just another step in the evolution of Santharian timelines so to speak
188  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Forum Customization on: 29 November 2006, 12:08:13
i was just thinking about this. just looking at this site for the first time, the power is in the side bars. so instead of having the same Notifications/Entry Template/Picture resources on the sidebar, i think what might be better and much more powerful for each section is to have LINKED SIDEBARS if there is such a thing to each section.

for example in the Bestiary section we know we have the alphabetical listing of all creatures in the sidebar.

but what if in the for example in a subforum of say a timeline forum we have the master "timeline" (in its current form) linked to that particular forum series of threads.

or for the maps forum, you have an alphabetical gazateer of all known place names that folk can constantly refer to for that map with, instead of having to open multiple windows and screens etc...

the power of this forum format is the sidebars but you have to use them.

cause especially in the various timeline threads you can get lost in the subtle discussions, cause only a few people are privy to "the finished" result, so it woudl save alot of time to constnatly be able to compare the details of your thread in the general worldview outline/gazateer/dictionary of things in that section.

another example trollish language. if in the threads about trollish language there was the scrolling dictionary of trollish terms in the sidebar then pretty soon you could have a lexicon of trollish terms, and then the best part is folk would start writing rudimentary tales in Trollish !!

now i dont know if you can set it up like that, but it would be great cause it would greatly reduce the learning curve for new folk who wander in.

but the end result is that lists are far succinct than wandering prose that is trying to describe a list. its all visual, click down drill through as they say in reporting language.

anyway this is an amazing place its fun to explore thats for sure.
189  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Living Sand, a desert creature for Aeruillin on: 29 November 2006, 11:33:45
yes this is a good entry. alot of work has been done on it. of course the proofread needs to be done.

the mechanics of the Living Sand how it stalks and captures its prey is well done, and the interesting way to detect it from reflectivity vs. regular sand is very clever.

things also to think about is stench. if its born at the murder of a creature, usually "the stench of death" is associated with such carnage. likewise with millions of those mites eating into anything organic i think you'd have strong fertilizer like smells associated with it. so you might consider to add the smell detection idea to it.

now you say it hunts by ground vibration, and yet a supersonic whistle can cause it to flee like the avalanche effect in reverse caused by loud noises in the Alps avalanches. something though you do not mention is the wind. if the Living Sand is really so tiny, it would be blown about by the wind and wind in itself causes vibrations on sand dunes and sometimes "music of the desert", so to add to your "whirl of creatures" maybe you could add some sort of biomagnetism (that would resist the wing) etc.. that actually causes the grains to clump together? sort of like lightning bugs have bioluminescence. except your Living Sand would be biomagnetic though magnetic is not the right word.

so its a good idea, and a necessary sort of trap in the desert to the unwary.
190  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Masýr Feníl (mantharian fisher cat) on: 29 November 2006, 11:20:28
this is good and clever. the second eyelid is very important to the nature of this cat.

now the forward slung ears did throw me off, if the creature swims through the water with its webbed claws, you would think the ears are streamlined too? backswept like fins?

some typos as mentioned. you did throw me with the cats mate idetically, not sure if you meant identically or eideticaly which is sort of like a cat mating from racial memory?? which would be cool and add to why the fisher cat is found only in that particular region?? sort of like how salmon swim back up river to drop their eggs, to the same place no matter where they go?? so you may want to explain that when this particular brand of fisher cat finds itself transplanted from its particular region by maybe stowing away on a ship, or being caught in a strong current and washed down river, or up coast, that it wastes away and dies etc...

also their fur, if they are that common, do folk trade their skins like leapord skins or are they pests as you hint and thus trashed like rat fur might be??

so you have a good idea, the most interesting thing i wondered about was the sounds they made on land vs. underwater/swimming. cat as meow on land, but in the water, maybe something a little more special??
191  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Azure Wolf, Riding Beast. on: 29 November 2006, 11:09:58
this was a nice entry, you get a good visual description of the beast. some of the descriptives are repetitive like about the poison of the White Hart etc.. and some of the word usage is there vs. their etc.. that sort of content you can clean up some.

the only awkward section was " It has three tails, which are perfect to keep its balance while running at high speeds, and let this beast make some moves that only 1 tail wouldn’t."

obviously the Azure Wolf is a special beast with three tails, which sets it apart from many other creatures, so it might be good to understand how that works a little better?? maybe two of the tails are really prehensile toes/feet? and only one of them is "the main tail" ?? also with three tails you would think that the wolf would have adapted that to an extra weapon of some sort? maybe barbed sheathed tips like on a sting ray??

also like to hear more about the poison of the White Hart? maybe a legend associated with why the Azure Wolf craves this purest of deer stags meat?? (if its a deer)

now you did contradict yourself about the Wolf's bones. at one point you said they were very sturdy, at another point you said they were hollow.

also it occurred to me why are the Azure Wolf's so docile if they are basically mighty killing machines?? and why the affinity with their riders?? so you may want to work in the angle that these incredibly long lived wolves are magically empathetic with their riders, a sort of animal telepathy with rider?? or something along those lines.

but its a good entry, and wolves are very important in the legends, and so its a necessary entry in many ways.
192  Organization and General Discussions / The Southern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Temple of Chadderelomach on: 29 November 2006, 10:52:55
that name reminds me of a jumble riff off the famous Mesopotamian king.

if you have ancient temples then you may want to throw in obelisks or some other icon associated with the temple scattered in the region of the general neighborhood of the temple. might even be fun to have mutilingual obelisks circa the Rosetta stones of Santhorian culture? not sure, i'm just learning about it, but that way they'd be fragmented tantalizing insights into various forgotten important religious sites of that region?
193  Organization and General Discussions / The Southern Sarvonian Continent / Re: The Duchies and Fiefs of Manthria on: 29 November 2006, 10:48:25
last looked to be a nice map, and as fate had it one of the few artworks i have looked at after i found this site to day was Quellion's folder.

its still not clear to me the level of depth folk are going into to describe places and what not. but i think it very important in your page entry as you call it to explain the name of the Road the fortress guards and why that particular road/pass is important, cause as you know trade defines a region.

also as most folk know territorial areas are defined by social/cultural as well as geographical waypoints.

anyway, is there a system whereby if you clicked on a players name you can see access to all pieces (artwork, music, writing) that they have added to the Santharian project? cause you could use that as a self referencing tool to allow yourselves to have an internal organizaion of projects you work on. you probably already have some verison of this?? i'm just a complete newb right now so am not sure how to navigate the site yet very well...
194  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Hello to all on: 29 November 2006, 10:23:35
just arrived, this site looks really fun and complex.

as for me, well i like maps, weather, stars and ruins. i like other things too, so guess you could call that mostly history oriented ...

oh and timelines are fun too.
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