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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Horn Eared Rabbit on: 14 August 2005, 19:06:00
Sorry, having trouble getting time to post.  Will try to do it in near future.  :o  

Xanth the Dreamer

2  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / The Horn Eared Rabbit on: 11 August 2005, 15:35:00
I noticed you didnít have any desert rabbits so I thought I would give it a shot.  Please add anything I left out, for instance, the elven spelling or such like.

The Horn Eared Rabbit

The Horn Eared Rabbit, sometimes called ďTravelers Boon,Ē because it always lives around a source of water, is most often found on the southern edge of the Rahaz-Dath. They are very useful to find because their burrows are always located around a plentiful water supply.

Appearance: The Horn Eared Rabbit gets itís name from the shape of itís ears. Their ears are quite long often reaching 1 Palmspan, 7 Nailsbreadths, 4 Grains in length and point straight out from the back of the rabbitís head tapering down to an almost sharp point. They have strong back legs and their front paws are shaped like spades, very flat and wide, enabling them to dig rapidly. Their fur is very thin and lies flat along their bodies. It is a tawny color that shines reflecting the suns heat. Itís very smooth when rubbed from front to back but when rubbed the other direction it is extremely course and so is not generally used for clothing. They can be anywhere from 2 palmspans to 1 fore long. The Horn Eared Rabbit does not, however, have a tail, itís spine ends in a short stub no more than half a cm long.

Special Abilities: The Horn Eared Rabbit can hear for very long distances across the desert because of itís ears and because of itís powerful back legs it can hop long distances, sometimes as much as three meters or more. Itís shovel shaped front paws enable it to burrow at enormous rates and once they are far enough into the ground their back legs kick up dirt and sand into a rapidly expanding cloud giving it time to escape further underground.

Territory: The Horn Eared Rabbit is most often found in the southern Rahaz-Dath though it has relatives that have adapted to life almost everywhere on Sarvonia.

Habitat/Behavior: The Horn Eared Rabbit lives in colonies of up to twenty adults and often, as many as thirty younger rabbits most of which will not survive. At most maybe five to seven will reach adulthood. The Horn Eared Rabbit only comes out in the morning and evening to escape the hot sun. Their burrows are all connected and will generally have entrances all over a hill so it is very hard to corner them. One male and one female lead the whole burrow. To become the leader rabbit all the females play dominance games, they do not often fight but one will eventually back down deferring to the others power and endurance. Then, the males all attempt to court the lead female with food. The one who brings in the most attractive food becomes the lead male. Males will often travel up to twenty miles or more to get the right food, so this also is a test of endurance.

Diet: The Horn Eared Rabbit will eat seeds, insects, and any vegetation they can find. Often The Horn Eared Rabbit will create a central area in their burrow in which they store any extra food they can find.

Mating: During mating season The Horn Eared Rabbitís are at their most active. The lead male and femal will often have one to two litters per mating season and there are two seasons a year, coming just before winter and just after. The female stays with the young and nurses them until the are old enough to dig there own piece of burrow at around three to four months of age. During this time the rest of the burrow searches for food for the lead female.

Myth/Lore: Because they are always found around water they are considered good signs and many travelers wear engravings or depictions of them.

Edited by: Artimidor Federkiel at: 8/11/05 20:49
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