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1  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Scarab Spear on: 07 September 2003, 20:39:00
The Scarab Spear looks similar to other spears except in two categories.  The head of the spear, usually constructed of iron or steel is large and bulky, with metal bands used to fasten it to the actual shaft of the weapon.  The shaft itself is usually a ped or more in length, and made of hard wood and occasionally cheap metal.  There is a small latch near the base of the hilt, which is internally connected to a small spring near the head of the spear by a thin wire.  When the latch is disengaged, the spring releases and the head of the spear shoots forward into its target.  Though it extremely potent, the Scarab is unreliable, and has been known to disengage early, shattering or launching the head forward, or failing to disengage at all.

The Scarab Spear was developed by the Mad Trio.  The Mad Trio were weapon scientists consisting of two humans and a gnome.  The gnome, Puenk, originally had the idea, but it was ultimately the ideas of the humans, Eeffe and Orf, that brought the weapon into existence.  Since then, it has been altered and changed depending on location, though the main distributors remain the Mad Trio.

Fighting Style
The Scarab is designed to be a one-use hand to hand weapon.  In combat, the Scarab is plunged into an opponent where upon the user disengages the mechanism, sending the head deeper (and usually fatally) into the victim.

As stated earlier, the Scarab Spear was invented by the Mad Trio.  Selling prototypes to soldiers, mercenaries and merchants, the Scarab spear has (albeit sparingly) been distributed all over southern Santharia.

I know the idea is a bit outlandish, but this is just a first draft.  I plan to have more weapons and gadgets created by the Mad Trio should this weapon get through.

2  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Are we allowed to request drawings? on: 18 August 2003, 15:56:00
I was wondering if we are allowed to request avatar/forum pics.  It says to pay $20 on the main site, but I've seen a few requests in here.  Anyway, just wondering, as I'm trying to get a good one for my guy...

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