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16  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: AUUUUGHHHH!!!! on: 13 June 2001, 11:17:00
::::Ignor this::::

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17  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: AUUUUGHHHH!!!! on: 13 June 2001, 11:12:00
Sure I supose, I've got another empress on the way and one more tribe to finish up before sunday but I'll take a wack at it.

anyone know the reletive value of metals in santharia?(its diffrent in R'unor, mostly beacuse outside of a few practical applications gold is considered"that ugly yellow stuff that to soft to do anything with")

18  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Firelance Machine on: 01 June 2001, 18:47:00
I'm going to post some more on Lotus and the other R'unorian super weapons(don't worry none of them are close to being as powerful as this one though)

19  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / The Firelance Machine on: 27 May 2001, 16:13:00
(this enhanced version contains misspelled words and some that make no sense)

Is quite possibly the singal most horrific weapon devised by any sentiant people, cappable of vaporizing any and all organic material in a radius of up to 30 kilopeds*. The Device itself consist of a huge pryimidial frame with a darkly colored cystal orb hanging from a chain that extends down from the top of the frame. on the side of the orb is a metal pannel with two small dials and a small lever, the first dial controls the radius of the blast, the second is to control the time between the time when it is armed and the time when it actualy Releases its balst and alows for the operatot to get to a minumum safe distance. The lever has three setings, when moved to the top of the slot it is set to recharg the device and alows it to drain energy from any ambient light source, when lowerd to mid slot it sets the weapon on standby, and when the lever is lowerd to the bottom of the slot the wapon is armed and will release its blast in the perscribed time. After each use the lever automaticaly restes itself to standby mode. This brings up the second aspect that makes this weapon so horrific, it is 100% reuseable after each blast as it consists of abosulutly no organic compounds.

The folowing is an exert from "weapons of mass destruction: an introduction" which is published by the R'unorian gaurds councill and is distributed freely to all personel involved in the use of such weapons, it also makes a wonderful gift.

...tip no. 23: Smoking can be hazardous to you health, especialy if your standing in a room filled with barrles of explosives.

Chapter 3 section 2:The Firelance Machine

The rare and mysterious firelance machine, possibly the most powerful weapon ever devised, only the most acomplished weapons masters ever even get to see one, even less operate one. still these may be deployed at a moments notice and any member of the  proud R'unorian armed forces may be in an emergancy required to implement its awsome power.

Setup and maintenance: Prior to setup in the target zone remeber to ask yourself these questions.
1.) is the device properly charged? the device should have been alowed to charg for at least 2 days of sunlight before deployment, usage of tources and lanterns may shorten this time but an undercharged Machine may behave unperdictably
2.) do I know the geography of the target zone, where is the quikest path to minimum safe distance, can I get in and out without enemy detection?
3.) can I find a hard stony surface to ste the stand the machine on, remeber the balst vaporizes all organic matter which may cause a massive shifting in soil as th organic compounds are removed.

once you've anserwerd tha above its time for the actual setup, first place the fram gently upon the ground try to get it level but its not an absoluty nessestiy in an emergancy. after the frame is set up move to the orb and look at the controll plate, remeber which dial dose what and what each lever setting means. Just try to remeber that the first dial is the balst radius and the second is time, confusion may cause you to set it to a 30 kiloped radius in one minute instead of a one kiloped radius in 30 minutes. once you have the settings proper move the lever from its upmost position(charg) to the midway position(standby) double check the dials and make absolutely sure that all the settings are right becaue once you switch the machine to armed its impossable to move the lever back to standby without severly damaging the control plate....
(end exert)

Fortunatly only two firelance machines where vere built before Its inventor Greogory firelance destroyed most of his notes and turned his attention to more peacfull persuits. Of the two machines only one is operational, the second was caught in an earthquake and its controlplate was dammaged beyond repair, it curently stits in the archives of the Librarians guild. The location of the functional machine is unknown exept to the members of the gaurds council, it has not been seen for years. Let us hope it remains that way.

20  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Vladimir Flyeater on: 28 May 2001, 08:31:00
have you tried any used book stores, most oop books can be located if you take the time, web based auctions are good places to look to. ;)  

Edited by: Xenos Ravenbeack  at: 5/27/01 3:32:53 pm
21  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Vladimir Flyeater on: 28 May 2001, 06:57:00
(50 yeaars prior to current date)/(one year prior to current date)

Famose R'unorian Author known for his many guide books, He was Born Near the Town of Iron claw to an acomplished glassworker Tyria Bladebreaker and her husband Robert Fly eater. When he was 18 he moved to the Capital City and lived out his life there untill he met an unfortunate end due to an infected ingrown toenail that he neglected to get looked at by any sort of healer. Some of his more famous works include

Weapons of Mass Destruction:an introduction
How to Care For your Ravenous Bloodthirsty Creature
How to safely store Highly corrosive compounds
Do it yourself: a Guid to usefull home inprovement
Enbalming:why pay someone else

22  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Xenos Descirption on: 27 May 2001, 11:22:00
Powerful(?) sorcerer from the Independent Island Kingdom of R'unor, very little is known of this man exept his preferance for orcan women and his passion for exotic cheese. when asked to describe himself for this entry his only responce was "the details of my life are of absolutly no intrest to anyone reading this encyclopidia of yours artimidor why do you persist with these pointless questions"

What is known about him is as follows.
He has provided information concerning R'unor to the compleation of the compendium, his information seems accuarate.
Recently he has been seen near Milkengrad although there has not been any real varification of what his activities.
There are Rumors that he has been working with the R'unorian Government to recreate a working Firelance machine from the few notes left undestroyed by Gregory Firelance Prior to his death.

His mental stability is still being debated.

Edited by: Xenos Ravenbeack  at: 5/26/01 7:58:45 pm
23  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Hmmm... on: 01 May 2001, 19:45:00
R'unor has on of the biggest(if not THE biggest) navey of any of the known nations, realy they out tech virtualy everyone, granted there on the other side of santharia but between the airships(once I get an entrie on at least two of the R'unorian dieties I'll start with R'unorian weapons, ships, sige devices etc.) and the regular ones they whould probaly have a little contact

24  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Was going to say something but arti beat me to it on: 03 May 2001, 14:47:00
oh well.... :b  

25  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Nods on: 02 May 2001, 14:00:00
Compleatly diffrent Set of gods

26  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Further Information on: 01 May 2001, 14:44:00
well. thats just a short little creation myth, below that I think we could put a list of the R'unorian Gods(an entry will be made for each individual god/ess "when I get around to it™"):

*The Sky*

R'lia: Romantic Love, Beauty, Happiness, Sexuality, and Lightening

Gorgramoth: Glassworking, Wisdom, Storms, Volcanos, and The Sun

W'ri'cañe:  Healing, The moon, wind, and Freindship

*The Ground*

M'rotha: Parental Love, Childbirth, Motherhood, Fertility, Agriculture, And Death

H'lf'ik: Metalworking, Volcanos, The Hunt, Weapon Smithing, and Combat

Yturren: Small Creatures, Playfullness, All Plants and trees, and Gardens

*The Sea*

Vulrath:Fish, Food and Drink, Wealth, Contentment

Hr'lia:Compassion, the night, Wells, Rivers and Streams

Murlar: The Deep Ocean, The unknown, Riddles, Puzzels, Fear, and Despair

Edited by: Xenos Ravenbeack  at: 5/1/01 12:46:59 am
27  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / The Regional Lord of Excesive Typos Strikes Again on: 30 April 2001, 15:06:00
Greetings, sorry about not writing any entries for so long but I'm afraid the'll be few and far between for a bit. I'm working on another project right now, you see I'm the "story guy" for a Marathon Total Conversion using the enhanced Aleph One engine(although you are all on the top of the list for beta testing, if you want to that is, helps if you have a mac but I could bodge a windows version if nessisary)
Anyway I'm starting in with R'unorian Religion at the moment for santharia We'll satrt with an overveiw of R'unorian creation mythology:

Before there was time there was darkness, and the darkness had substance but no form. Then waves began to form in the darkness, and the waves conflicted with one another forming ideas, and emotions, and life, so the universe was born.

But the universe was young and desired to undersatnd itself, so it seperated forming the seas, the ground, and the sky. Also time was formed so that things would happen and not be undone, and gods were formed three from the sea, three from the ground, and three from the sky, so that there would be balance between all forces. Things then beagn to grow where the ground the sea and the sky met, and all living things were born from them, some became more atuned to the sea than others, some to the ground, and some to the sky, but all were alive and they became part of the world aswell.

28  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Banners in 3D on: 27 November 2000, 20:33:00
:)  very nice, can't wait to see how it improves the R'unorian banner

29  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: king and a rose on: 26 November 2000, 20:27:00
well I dought curgan has the picture but I'll send the one you gave me


30  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Queprur on: 18 November 2000, 14:11:00
okay I'll try my hand at this god-symbol things aswell

Queprur: a rather thin middle-aged woman wearing a funeral gown, holding a dagger in one hand and a larg book in the other

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