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346  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / Using magic to draw weapon? on: 27 April 2006, 23:41:00
I'm thinking about doing a weapon that is usually hidden in clothes. The handle grip would be made out of feathers and the weileder would also have feathers sown on the inside of his sleaves near his wrist or in his glove. This would make it possible for someone who was barely a level one mage to draw his weapon from his boot with out bending over or reaching down so he could draw it more quickly and more stealthfuly.

I figured I'd post this idea in the magic forum before I wrote anything that used it so people could critic it and work out any problems with it.

347  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / Are there grasslands on the Anpagan peninsula? on: 16 February 2006, 23:00:00
Are there grasslands on the Anpagan peninsula? I was thinking about putting the Anpagan Gopag inhabit grasslands. I think that having them eat a ruler would make more sense if they lived in grasslands. I want to change a few things around there too to cut down on the number of new things I'm making up.

348  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / question about nybelamrian words on: 04 February 2006, 00:13:00
I was thinking of using an eastern Nybelmarian name to descibe the small gopag do we have any languages developed or last words from that part of Nybelmar ?

349  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / east of the Zsharkanion peaks on: 09 January 2006, 03:55:00
This is something I made up while working on my Gopag (walking log) I got carried away talking about the history of this animal and coren asked me to move this paragraph here. The reasons I picked ellephant armor and mithril here is because mithril is rare and very expensive and corhem armor is expensive and I figured armor large enough for an ellephant would be very expensive
and this incident would make alot more sense if the items traded were unusually valuable

Zsharkanion Gopag
Located in the lands to the east of the Zsharkanion peaks most cases of people being eaten by Gopags are because of this animal though fewer are recorded since few scholars travel this area. However do to the behavior of the Chyrakisth Orcs they might eat more people. An incident where an Anpagan convoy headed to the crystal woods to trade a large quantity of mithril for elephant armor and exotic furs was ambushed by Chyrakisth Orcs, now commonly called the KorMor (Thergerim for great mine) incident after a nearby ghost town, nearly lead both sides to war before they agreed the best soluiton was not to kill each other but to kill orcs, leading to the singing of the treaty of KorMor. Meat from this Gopag is served at all diplomatic functions between the Anpagan humans and Corhm elves. This commemorates the treaty of KorMor

350  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / Re: Coren asked me to move this thread from myths on: 07 January 2006, 21:55:00
I would dissagree with you that this entry is not doable for a place that has multiple polytheistic society we don't have very many gods. Hinduism for example has thousands of gods.

However if the compendium was dominated by gods or demons we would have a major problem

I think doing this charachter would be a nightmare and it will be a long while before I mention him again, if ever, unless someone else decides to bring him up.

351  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / Coren asked me to move this thread from myths on: 07 January 2006, 02:12:00
Several people have pointed out problems with this figure I made up doing my gopag (walking log entry), so I'm moving him here where he can twiddle his thumbs for the rest of time or untill someone wants to do his entry.

Referenced by: was refferenced by xerampelinae deicida
Search Link refferences deleated
detailsa dead God

His nature is debated amongst scholars. Claims as to what he was would very king, sorceror, god, demon or a combination of those. Those who worship Gopagassizii today are part of a psychotic cult. Mages in this cult tend to be obsessed with a super Golem spell(this would deffinately be a god like spell). Suyolak is the best known of these mages.

I think for those who think he was a demon those who worship Mari the Goddess of Dreams, the Goddess of Hopes would be the most likely to consider him a demon.

Besides those that worship him some of those that defeated him in battle would consider him a god. Their religon being "Klingon like" in that they killed their gods.

As a hitsorical figure I think he would make the most since as a sorceror king predating the battle of Kormendale.

according to myth he was angry because their weren't enough gold and gems in his temple, so he turned all of the trees on Caelereth into demons to destroy everybody. Gopags were origonally called Gopagassizii's Walking Tree Demon after this myth.

352  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / I need Input from Nybelmar experts please. on: 14 November 2005, 15:11:00
For the turtles Im working onp223.ezboard.com/fsanthariasantharianlanguages.showMessageRange?topicID=618.topic&start=1&stop=20 I'd like some input from someone who knows about Nybelmar. If someone could tell me who lives in the southwest part of the continent that would be a big help.

353  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / Animals on Nybelmar on: 24 October 2005, 18:43:00
I would like some input please from those that know more about Nybelmars wildlife about the turtle I'm creating that lives in its forest.


354  Organization and General Discussions / Bell-Ringing - Notifications to Developers / Re: Coren! on: 11 May 2006, 21:15:00
Coren I forgot to tell you the most relevant ideas in my mail <img border=0 src="www.santharia.com/emoticons/mail.gif" />are in <span style="color:red;">red</span>
I know theres quite a bit there to look at let me know if you didn't get it so I can resend it. No hurry though It'll probably be atleast a couple weeks befroe I start my next idea.<img border=0 src="www.ezboard.com/intl/aeng...ongue.gif" />

Coren: As of the day before yesterday (I think) I've got your mail! Processing...

Edited by: Coren FrozenZephyr at: 5/11/06 8:54
355  Organization and General Discussions / Bell-Ringing - Notifications to Developers / Re: Coren! on: 10 May 2006, 13:26:00
Just emailed both of the email addresses in your profile with some ideas. This is by no means an exhaustive list but I figure its more then long enough to get started.

356  Organization and General Discussions / Bell-Ringing - Notifications to Developers / Re: Ringing bells for Nybelmar on: 22 April 2006, 02:12:00
I've posted my Gopag entry with some more revisions done it is by no means complete but since Coren offered to finfish it this weekend I thought I'd post what I had done

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