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46  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Arefi on: 10 August 2007, 03:18:17
Ok.  Just ran a spell check so most of the spelling errors should be fixed, looking forward to your comments.  :)
47  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Tina bows before you.... (joining request) on: 09 August 2007, 11:47:45
Rayne Avalotus would be our gnome expert if your interested in working on the Gnomes your welcome to just read over the gnome entries and pick something mentioned in there not developed or try and figure out something else they might find useful and develop it :)
48  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Outdated, Misfit Spells on: 09 August 2007, 05:23:22
I think your trying to impose the real world to much on a fantasy world

Dripping a blood and uttering a a formula wouldn't
                     cause the dead to rise
That would be true in the real world but this is a fantasy world if we want to make a spell that does that we can.

while some of these spells may not fit well into the magic system that most of the spells we have on the sight are you should remember that Caelereth is a big disc and we have more then one magic system thus some spells may be influenced by other magic systems. Same as most languages hav e words borrowed from other languages.
49  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Arefi on: 07 August 2007, 17:11:05
Here is the long awaited man eating plant this is only a rough draft I'd like comments please before I do more. I know their are spelling errors my spell check was acting goofy.

Edit 1
Edit 2

The name Arefi is derived from the old Ter'ei'Vikh words A'erreh efefi, Later dialects tend to merge these words and drop some letters to Aerre-efi  then later Aere-efi which eventually becomes Arefi. Also called Sar'estvokar flower of life and death, drifting death flower.

A carnivorous flowering plant that grows on the waters of the drifting woods.

Fyrite pink flowers about 2 fores in diameter with thousands of pointy petals surrounding a center of only 4 grains. The entire flower is 3 fores long and goes up and down in a 67 month cycle at the end of the cycle the flower will rise about a half a fore above the water resting on its petals and spread to a diameter of 8 fores. Then sink again.

Arefi flowers are surrounded by leaves up to 4 peds in diameter, But usually not exceeding 1. The Smaller tend to be a much lighter green leaves. As the leaves grow they get darker by the time they reach 1 ped they are a dark herne green. By the time they reach 4 peds they are a very dark shade of green known to the locals as death green (working title for this color)  or even black. Older plants tend to have more and larger leaves

Hanging bellow the leaves and the flowers are many long green tendrils. Usually from 1 to 4 nailsbreadths in thickness, But thicknesses over 2 fores are not unknown .

Directly bellow each flower is a fruit hidden in the stem it can only be seen as a bulge without cutting the plant.

The fruit and the flower are always present and many Ter'ei'Vikh say it is an example of the power of the high spirits.

Special abilities/behavior
Their long tendrils ensnare near by fish as well as reach out to grab other near by animals. The tentacles secrete 2 liquids one much thinner then alcahol called kitocran and a highly viscous gooey secretion called eulgilgu which causes animals to be digested. These will be secreted from 2 different structures called kitocran secretors and sticky structures.  Smaller plants will have a higher proportion of the kitocran secretors.

The Arefi will move from time to time using its larger tentacles to pull its self especially when it’s hungry at a speed of around 67 peds per hour. Though it can move much faster when enticed by Ter'ei'Vikh with the skill to do so. Its top speed is very guarded since such information would be critical to ouside invaders. Some Ter'ei'Vikh have claimed speeds of several furlay per second but this is thought to be a wild exaggeration by most or evidence of a teleportation spell by others.  It rarely moves more then a dash.

Ter'ei'Vikh botanist have study the diet based on size and color of the leaves and come up with various life stages named after lesser spirits

Stage 1 leaves white up to 1 grain across named after a fly spirit will eat any thing bigger then 1 Nailsbreadth
Stage 2 leaves light green up to 4 nailsbreadth named after a fish spirit will eat many small insects and fish
Leaves become darker green in each stage
Stage 3 leaves up to 6 Nailsbreadth after clam spirit will start to eat some things with a shell like small clams
Stage 4 named up to 1 palmspan after a rat spirit will take down small mammals and lizards.
Stage 5 named after a bird spirit up to 1 palmspan 3nailsbreadth will take down a small bird

Limited to the waters of the drifting woods

The most common method of reproduction for this plant is for a piece of tendril to break off a new plant will grow from this tendril.

At the end of every 67 month cycle flowers will open fully and a white clouds of will be expelled the cloud will drift away till it finally disperses possibly several furlays away. The first 11 clouds will contain pollen which will fertilize the flowers causing the fruit to grow. Every 12th will have seeds from when the fruit squeezes itself expelling the seeds.

The leaves of this plant will cause accelerated healing when eaten or rubbed on a wound. The darker the leaves the better they will work. The more recently a plant has eaten the better it works too.
The fruits of each plant have a slightly better healing ability then its own leaves but this severely weakens the plant and is believed by the Ter'ei'Vikh and the local merfolk to anger the high spirits.

Some animals with sufficient protection will feed on animals ensnared by their tentacles which usually take a long time to digest.

Ter'ei'Vikh will set their dead near the waters then say a prayer to the high spirits and The Arefi will move towards them at about 1 dash per hour then consume the dead

A powerful sedative used by Arefi to subdue its prey. Secreted from small holes called kitocran secretors. It is absorbed thru the skin. A small fraction of a drop will subdue most animals long enough for them to be eaten. 1 to 2 drops will cause a man to sleep for a week. People who overdose on kitocran usually starve to death after a prolonged period of sleep. Animals often drowned Tendrils in plants from stage 2 to stage 7 of their life are the most efficient at producing this substance making about one sip per 8 peds. Large plants tend to wrestle their prey more.

Kitocran is used on projectile weapons by Ter'ei'Vikh. This causes their prey to sleep until they wish to kill it allowing it to keep from rotting much longer in a hot humid climate.

Variuos types of leaves normally eaten are crushed by the Ter'ei'Vikh and mixed with small doses of kitocran and used as a pain killer. Stronger pain killers will decrease the amount of leaves used.

A sticky substance used to help the Arefi wrestle down prey the Ter'ei'Vikh use it for some adhesive applications.

Most stories on their origins deal with the high spirits while some say that other spirits had to do with their creation. Some say it was gods but these are mostly those of outsiders.
As to why they were created the most common explanation is the first Arefi was made as a gift to Isema by Kalim
Other explanations include they were made so their garden would be beautiful.

Others that they were a formation of an excess of life magic. Their are also stories the gods made them to protect their garden, either when they created it or to respond to a threat.

Some tails tell of an Arefi that slayed a great army of very powerful dragons that wanted  to destroy the garden. Most of these stories are believed to be exaggerations meant to scare would be invaders. It is said that if you can find the black leaves of this Arefi they will grant you immortality.

50  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Telling word your document is not in German on: 07 August 2007, 16:43:29
I pasted a couple words from this sight for the proposal I'm working on and it thinks my document is in German. How do I tell it it ain't?  veryconfused
51  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / Religion of the drifting woods on: 05 August 2007, 05:49:28
What are the Gods of the drifting woods? I'm working on a large carnivorous flowering plant similar to a water lilly that the Ter'ei'Vikh use to dispose of their dead.

That plant uses long tendrils that usually stay beneath the water's surface unless they are attacking prey above. A body could be floated towards the plant and the plant would attack it. Of course if their are different plans in the work for their burial ritual it could be something else.

I would also like to tie the mythology into the drifting woods origins I've got some ideas for that tie it in with being a place of great magic but I need to know more to link its origin to when it was the garden of the gods.  :)
52  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: AN idea, THE idea phase of development (for newbies) on: 02 August 2007, 15:57:35
First problem I see is that you used a god for an example for newbies. I wouldn't do that since development of gods is restricted.

The idea of posting an outline so you can gather coments before you work on a proposal in depth makes since tough.
53  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Enchanted instruments on: 01 August 2007, 04:00:07
What about a Memory Telekineses spell.

A mage would cast a spell on an instrument when the musician starts to play and the wind Cár’áll would record what was done to the instrument. When someone wanted the instrument to play they would do whatever is necessary to enact the enchantment.
54  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Proposal for Dragons Discussion Thread on: 01 August 2007, 03:45:42
minor cultural, historical influence doesn't make since for lesser drake if they are smaller their would tend to be more of them thus they could be encountered more often some lesser drakes would have much more influence then many greater drakes.
55  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Proposal for Dragons Discussion Thread on: 31 July 2007, 17:55:34
Good point about having this many types of dragons limiting creativity.

The way having lots of dragons limits their area is they compete in their own little niches and they eat each other

The Frost dragon should remain so and not be changed to a drake your average traveler stumbling across one would notice its size and not its intelligence. It is also impractical to classify dragons by intelligence since they often live in areas away from people, or people live away from them, and they are dangerous to make prolonged studies of that would help determine intelligence.

The Hydragon should be moved to greater drakes because its a large three headed monster.

I don't like Chromatic drakes as a  category like we have it now I think it should be a term that can be applied to any type of dragon large or small that is named after its color people might look at this and think monochromatic dragons must have certain qualities and their ideas won't be allowed.
56  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Proposal for Dragons Discussion Thread on: 30 July 2007, 15:00:38
I don't think we should remove these but rather make them rare. They should have a limited area that we can define later when we want to.

If we eliminate to many dragons we will have nothing to keep the other dragons in check ecologically

Keep all Wyrms as Wyrms it is an Old English term for serpent thus the use of this term helps give us a more mid-evil feel

Redundancy is not necessarily a reason to get rid of an animal in nature we have lots of similar animals.
Shadow dragons and shadow drakes could be 2 separate animals like wolves and coyotes or they could be both the same dragon they are just different enough people call them different names because they are unwilling to observe them close enough do to the danger.

We could also consider some of the chromatic drakes for consolidation and say they are different color morphs of the same dragon

some of these would make since to change their names

The Solar Dragon - Injèrá Dragon
The Lunar Dragon - Silarná Dragon


57  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Who is your favourite detective? on: 27 July 2007, 17:23:36
You forgot two of the best Dana Scully and Fox mulder. I know they're FBI agents and not detectives but what they do is detective work and they have more of a challenge most of the guys on that list don't have to consider the possibility of aliens or poltergeists.
58  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Black Birch Baton. on: 24 July 2007, 17:49:28
You should add some more details about this instrument. It would be nice for people reading about its sound to know where they could go to hear it. A history section would be nice too it doesn't have to be real lengthy but you could at least tell us where it was first played. Are their any musicians that have achieved any degree of fame at least among big fans of this instrument?
59  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Amplification. on: 23 July 2007, 16:07:22
would this spell be more practical in many cases to be cast on a distant target for example:

in battle you don't want the troops on your own side to be harmed by your spell so you could amplify your enemies foot steps this would have the added benefit of making your enemy incapable of sneaking up on you.

A mage working for a musician could amplify the musicians sound for a concert.
60  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: I have a question about Brownies! on: 19 July 2007, 15:08:30
Miraran as you decrease the diameter of the pipe is decreased the air inside while move faster take a hose and put your finger over the end to make the water go out a smaller hole the water will go faster

I realize their are problems with smaller projectiles I can't throw a wiflle ball as far as a baseball because its harder to overcome air resistance but when you start getting heavier then a baseball as you get heavier you can throw less distance.

Your gun analogy has a problem larger caliber guns tend to be military weapons they are made to go do maximum damage so they are as big and as fast as possible.

while it maybe true a larger bullet can be shot farther modern guns shoot at supersonic speeds well outside those achievable with a with a blowpipe by a human or a brownie
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