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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Location on: 22 June 2005, 18:45:00
I need a good location for a tree-dwelling cat-sized monster thing, preferably a place without too many other animals.  Any ideas?

I grafted my soul

To the promises of fallen angels

2  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Miaelean Disease on: 04 June 2005, 17:28:00
Yeah, that's great!

I grafted my soul

To the promises of fallen angels

3  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Miaelean Disease on: 03 June 2005, 17:46:00
Couldn't there be a link to the Dalorins?

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To the promises of fallen angels

4  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Miaelean Disease on: 03 June 2005, 08:11:00
When I say "life-force", I'm refering to feeling, energy, feeling, and so forth.

I grafted my soul

To the promises of fallen angels

5  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / The Miaelean Disease on: 01 June 2005, 20:10:00
The Miaelean (or Undead) Disease

The Miaelean Disease was named after Miaelea Ikara, wife of Epheronian merchant Silas Ikara.  After she died of this terrible sickness, Silas poured much of his wealth into researching the disease, and finding a cure.  It is sometimes called the “Undead Disease”, due to the seemingly unnoticed wounds that its victims may receive.  Although rare, it is extremely painful, and in most cases fatal.

The first symptoms of the illness are a lack of motivation and energy, which causes its victims to appear listless and lazy.  Next, the victim’s responses and senses are limited, i.e. one could touch them lightly and they would not notice, or say something and they would not hear.  This progresses randomly throughout the body, to the point where an injury could be sustained to the victim and they will not feel it.  In some extreme cases, people stricken with this disease have lost entire limbs, and only realized it when someone pointed it out to them, hence the “Undead” nickname.  All of the life-energy and feeling in the body slowly contract itself towards the head, numbing and weakening as it progresses, causing skin to fall off and massive bleeding to occur.  Then, in the last stages of the disease, the energy explodes back outward, bringing with it all the pain from lost limbs and bleeding that was not felt before, etc.  Some people die immediately from shock at this point, depending on how serious the initial wounding is.  In the worst-case scenario, the pain is enough to torture beyond all belief, but not enough to kill.  From this point, the pain progresses until its victim finally succumbs to it.

As the life-energy contracts, it bursts blood vessels as it passes, giving the skin a mottled look; the same happens in the eyes as well, giving them an extremely bloodshot look.  After a while, the skin will turn a sickly gray from the lack of life.  A victim of the Miaelean Disease will be bleeding at least ten different places, on average, giving caretakers an extremely difficult time.  In most cases, the caregiver will wrap the entire body in bandages, just in case.  Once the feeling rushes back into the body, the victim will become half-crazed with pain, lashing out against foe or close friend.  Hallucinations are very common.

The only people with enough knowledge and skill to begin a healing process are the Dalorin priests.  They cannot prevent wounding entirely, but can cause a binding effect on an already opened wound, ensuring that the bleeding will not return to the same spot.  They also have a method of “massaging” the victim’s life-energy back into the body.  This cannot be done completely, but it does help greatly.  Once a Dalorin is on the job, the person’s chances of survival are drastically multiplied.

The cause of the Miaelean Disease is very difficult to trace, as it may change from person to person.  There does not seem to be a pattern in who it will pass to, as it appears to be dependent on many different factors, accounting for its rareness.

There have been no major outbreaks of this disease, due to its selective victimization.  Also, its history is difficult to trace as well, because of its rare occurrence.

I grafted my soul

To the promises of fallen angels

Edited by: Artimidor Federkiel at: 6/5/05 8:57
6  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / I want to be useful... on: 02 April 2005, 15:43:00
Um, I realize that I just started another thread, but I had to ask: what do you need me to do, as in Santharian development-wise.  I really want to contribute, but I don't want to beat a dead unicorn or anything.  I love writing songs, and can sing pretty well, but I'm not so good at writing music.  Also, I can write tolerably well, but it would have to be a short story, since I have a hard time concentrating on anything for too long.  But honestly, I'll do whatever.  Just point me in a general direction, and I'm there.

Tzilon Ikara's CD

7  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Music on: 05 April 2005, 22:25:00
I have written music and melody to Judith's lullaby, "Dalireen's Song," and to Lucirina's love song, "I Can't Sleep."  I was planning on recording it and sending it in, but I wanted to ask permisson and such first, at least for the first one.  Also, what dev board would I submit that to?

Tzilon Ikara's CD

8  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Seasons in Santharia on: 02 April 2005, 15:37:00
Quick question: how does Santharia experience weather and seasons, as compared to, say, Earth?  Or, more specifically, United States?  Or, to take it even further, southeast Michigan?  Cause I was just looking outside, and it made me think, "Are they having a beautiful spring morning too?"

Tzilon Ikara's CD

9  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / For Arti on: 15 April 2005, 20:24:00
This is a question for Arti or anyone else who speaks German.  This is a verse to a Goldfinger song, and I was wondering what the English translation is:

99 Kriegsminister
Streichholz und Benzinkanister
Hielten sich fuer schlaue Leute
Witterten schon fette Beute
Riefen: Krieg und wollten Macht
Mann, wer haette das gedacht
Dass es einmal soweit kommt
Wegen 99 Luftballons

when you bet life against love, you always lose...

10  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / The Rant of the Gods on: 30 March 2005, 00:24:00
This is a chant of the followers of Coor.  If you can think of a way to improve it, let me know.

Armeros, he lies
For you cannot split truth
He has plagued us with war
Since the days of our youth

Arvins, he is deaf
For he listens no more
And he does not teach
What was promised before

Baveras, she tricks us
With deceit and with lies
Her promises made
Then gone like the tide

Etherus, her treachery
Runs high as the flames
Of her passion and lust
That she uses to maim

Eyasha, she claims
To bring rest to the mind
But she takes away freedom
And steals from us life

Foiros, he burns
As he sits in the skies
We are nothing to him
For he is nothing but pride

Grothar, he is cruel
As he rides on the wind
Curses and tragedy
Is all that he sends

Jeyriall, the drunk
Drowns men in wine
Traps all in debauchery
And ruins the mind

Nehtor, he heals
Then leaves you alone
Stealing your breath
Till there is naught but bones

Queprur, is death
And I need say no more
But that she is the worse
Than those said before

Seyalla, the knowing
Vile history's queen
She leaves us in ingorance
And denies what is seen

Urtengor, the dark
He forges the sword
That his fellow gods use
To bring us their war

And Ava, the One
The Dreamer of Lies
We fear of the day
When she opens her eyes

When she sees what was done
Everything in her name
She will laugh with her children
At her creation's pain
So rise, all downtrodden
Stand up and unite
The gods may destroy us
But we must still fight
Their rage, it is fierce
But this fire must burn
Vindication will come
When Coor shall return...

Edited by: Artimidor Federkiel at: 4/3/05 15:16
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