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1  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Oh-Kaerán on: 30 May 2004, 08:40:00
Here's an idea: The special property I had intended could be a cooperation between both the blade and the amulet. That would eliminate the need for the gemstones on the blade itself.

2  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Oh-Kaerán/sword on: 25 May 2004, 18:00:00

Oh-Kaerán is an elaborately designed Elven longsword. Along it's edges, are two distinct ribs, which the blood groove's width changes to match. The blade's total length is approximately one-and-a-third peds, and slightly more than 1 palmspan wide at the widest rib, closest to the handle of three. It weighs approximately 8 hebs. In the pommel, resides a single white gemstone.(In Progress)

Who uses the weapon, when and where? Are there certain tribes who preferable use it? Is there a tradition for this weapon? Is it used on special occasions, where in combat is it used? Is it common or seldom?

Fighting Style
How exactly does the weapon work? How can you handle it most efficiently? What are the difficulties and the advantages of the weapon?

Finally try to write a few lines on the weapon's origins and history. Who "invented" it (tribe or person)? When? Where is it used now? And how did it spread for example?

Additional note:

As weapons expert here at the boards i feel i need to make a few notes to those who help myself create weapons for the Santhrian Dream, OR are thinking about creating weapons anyway.

Recently i have been paging through the Misc. forum and have discovered that we have been posting a lot of great ideas on Misc. Items and weaponry and have i have been impressed with the works.However i feel the need to say that we need to cut down on making such weapons and/or Misc. items such as rings and necklaces and the like or they will become more common to Santharia rather than unique and treasures to the world which i don't think any of us want to ruin.

These weapons include such weapons with amazing magical propties and special abilities which i wont single out but there have been a few recently that although excellent work but are becoming more of a frequent thing rather than what i would call a treasure and a rarity. This does not mean stop brining up the ideas because i love to read whatever works you wish to produce weapons wise but please keep this note locked in your head when your making an entry for a treasured item or weapon.

However, saying this, I don't include uniquely smithed weapons, weapons that are unique that carry no magical propties are welcome anytime such as Arm Blades and The Razor Claw. Those type of weapons smithed and are a one off(without magical qualities or lightly blessed) or mass produced are always welcome, i just think we need to cut down a little on producing such high quality magical weapons before they become a common thing rather than rare. But keep coming up with the ideas!

Edited by: Aueniteri at: 6/6/04 0:25
3  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Development Board Banner Flash Version on: 22 May 2004, 15:50:00
Wow! With just that, it makes the whole thing feel a little more... professional? Neh, I don't know, maybe alive.  I really don't do enough around this side to really find any problems, but if something does really fall out of place, in reference to the banner, I'll be sure to let you know via this topic.

4  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Development Board Banner Flash Version on: 18 May 2004, 14:43:00
It almost looks like they're rising up from... the grave? Or possibly some less permanent place of rest. However, I must say that it does make it look a bit more alive than the original. And it's still basically the same thing!

5  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Ummm on: 20 May 2004, 15:45:00
Oooohhh. I see it now. Thanks!

6  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Ummm on: 19 May 2004, 16:01:00
Thank you! The actual dictionaries is what I was looking for. Couldn't seem to find them on the menu.

7  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Ummm on: 18 May 2004, 16:30:00
*Wandering cautiously around*

I do feel a bit lost... Art mentioned a dictionary in the languages forum? Does... anybody have a link to that?


8  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / A Thief's Trial - entire anthology on: 10 December 2004, 16:16:00
The Thief's Trial

Now rise the sun on prison scum,
and ye behold this thief.
Who thru the night all pity-like
plead thus unto his king:
"My life ye spare, for wrongs I've done
not for my sake nor good;
But for my ailing friends I've sought
this cursing men call food.
And lo, I'd but have kept my paths,
and not have gone astray,
Had not the guards and keepers-of-law
called out my name that day.
And follow certainly I must,
lest had they found my den;
'Twas not a case of wanderlust
that put me in thy pen.
Now see my folly, hear my cry
And judge well for my tears
That my good friends need not to die
After only these few years."

Then still the court and silence fell
The words considered he
Who oversees his land and still
Unto his people king.
"Tonight a-prison shall ye rest,
Remaining there the day.
And on the morrow, acid test
Your loyalties display.
For child mine has streetward moved
And at the inn she'll sleep
Now bid unto you, ere you've proved
In safety she ye'll keep."
Now silence falling once again,
Broken by moving chains.
Unto his rest he went to keep,
And fear the coming day.

Now rise the sun, as once I've said
Upon this lowly thief;
And lo he rises to his fate
And to his promise keep.
The day now passes, hot and dry
The thief his charge well keeps;
And now the darkness coming nigh
And monarch's child sleeps.
Still at the inn our hero stands
He watches at her door,
And keeps the outer walls as well
His promise keeps, no more.
Then in the night, a wail arise
From in the darkened room
This hero unto charge now flies,
And sees not but his doom.
The moon reveals unto this thief
Still to his master slave
That all his efforts turn to grief
And lead him to his grave.

No greater effort could he give,
No more could he exert
To ascertain that she would live,
Returning home unhurt.
But now he kneels beside her bed,
Her fate to soon be known
To pine for one that now is dead
Thus coming soon his own.
And rises now the morrow's sun,
This thief back in his cell.
The king's tears dry, and now he comes
To give the sentence fell.
Need more be said? There rolls the head
Of this misfortuned thief.
Who gave his best, but now is dead
For causing royal grief.
Too long have I now taken
To tell you of this thing,
Yet we know that he'll find justice
In the courts of a greater King.

Edited by: Aueniteri at: 12/9/04 23:19
9  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Return To Darkness on: 09 March 2006, 06:04:00
Have never been able to find an avatar that truly fits. Then again, I haven't done extreme masses of hunting; but you are correct, for the sake of appearances, I should find something.

Silence! You could give your excuses until Injèrá hides her head from all Santharia, but it will never preserve your life.
I have so sworn...

Listen to the songbird, don't ignore it...
Legacy of the Songbird

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