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31  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Dragon Overview (WIP) on: 25 May 2011, 06:12:02
I'm just bumping this up so it's easier for me to find for information's sake. :)
32  Organization and General Discussions / Organizational Schedules / Re: Development Schedule - Kareesh (5/20/2011) on: 21 May 2011, 10:17:30
Updated to show my very slow devving process...

Hashna has been shelved for now until I get inspiration back for him. I created him while in college and writing plays myself, but that chapter of my life has ended. Now, I just have to get it back. May end up re-writing him all together. :)

My new project I have taken on is helping Kali with the dragons. She tempted me back with the lure of the Forest Dragon. :p
33  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Phýr’estár (Forest Dragons) on: 19 May 2011, 14:33:59
Phýr’estár (Forest Dragon, lit. “Forest Giant”)

Categorization: Animals -> Dragons, Dragons

Basic Overview
Living in the Yllon Wood in Cartash, the Phýr’estár, or Forest Dragons, were once thought to have inhabited the woods all across Caelereth. Due to other races'  exploration, the great dragons decided to move to woods where they would be less likely to be disturbed. They are one of the larger dragons, their length being able to be up to 32 peds. Because of the great difference between the adults and the hatchlings, for many years the two were thought to be two different species. The hatchlings were on the small side, and tended to glide from tree to tree, using their large, translucent green wings to assist them. On the other hand, the adults are so large, they would break any tree they attempted to scale. Their wings are used more in the mating rituals as well as ceremony purposes.

For many years, researchers thought there were two different species of dragons living within the Yllon Woods. The first one, which later turned out to be the hatchlings and younglings, look completely different from the full-grown adults.

Hatchlings/Younglings: When first hatched, the hatchlings are only about 3 palmspans long. Their wings are large, but shriveled until given given enough time to dry, typically 1 to 2 hours. At hatching, their wing span is 1 fore, 2 palmspans, and some odd  nailsbreadths. (It was hard for this researcher to find the exact wingspan of these hatchlings, for at the time of hatching the parents are very overprotective of their young, especially while the wings are still drying.) Before the wings are fully dried, the membrane appears to be wet and shriveled. At the end of each wing is a small hook or claw. This is very useful when climbing trees or holding onto their parents.

Their scales are a beautiful sognastheen. They appear to shine and glisten in the forested sun like precious emeralds. Yet, even so, they do not appear to be  Almost immediately, their styruine eyes are open and taking in the sights of this new world. Their snout is long, but rounded at the end with a tooth or two poking out at the side.

Ears are merely small holes on the side of their head. Tiny spikes start at the base of their head and go to the tip of their tail, starting off small and getting larger, becoming the largest near their haunches, after that, decreasing in size once again. Their claws are long and sharp, making it easy for them to hang onto trees.

Younglings look the same as hatchlings, except they are bigger and continously growing. In humans and other species, the “hatchling” stage would be equated with infants and toddlers, while the “younglings” would be associated with childhood.

Adults: Somewhere around age 200, the younglings start to grow at a much faster rate and they even start to look different. They gain an amazing pygge a week, until they weigh up to, but not limited to, 34 pygges! Yet, even with this sudden growth spurt, their wings don’t grow as quickly as the rest of their body. Rather, they only grow to a wingspan of only 28 peds, making the wings fairly useless to lift their enormous bodies. Some people who have seen the full-sized dragons often comment on how useless the wings appear to be.

Starting at the sognastheen colour, they slowly turn into more of a herne colour, thus blending into their surroundings better. Also with age, the spikes upon their neck, tail, and back become less pronounced, appearing to be merely bumps upon their skin. Because they don't move around very much once they reach adulthood, sou'cald moss begins to grow upon their backs.  This makes excellent natural camoflauge for the dragons, who prefer to keep to themselves as much as possible. Often, whenever a lost traveler wanders into the far reaches of the Yllon Woods, they will walk right past a settlement of the dragons without ever realizing it, thinking the adults are merely hills in the forest.

Special Abilities
Younglings are able to glide through the forest, thanks to their wings. As mentioned before, the adults are not able to do this due to the fact their wings are much smaller than their bodies and would be unable to life them up off the ground.

Wind breath

Earth manipulation

The Phýr’estár Dragons can only be found deep in the Yllon Woods on the Peninsula of Caael'heroth. The younglings tend to wander away from the adults, venturing very close to the edges of the forest. The adults, however, tend to stay in settlements deep within the woods, away from all contact with the outside world. They are content to pass the time with family and friends.
The younglings differ greatly from the full grown Phýr’estár Dragons in how they interact with the world around them. Younglings are very curious and are often drawn to the edges of the woods to catch glimpses of the outside world. They are very active and one can often see them gliding from tree to tree, high above one's head.

If you were to see these creatures, what kinds of things would they be doing? Challenging the pack leader for control, or wandering by itself? Get into as much detail as you can.

Meat eaters
Don't have to eat a lot due to lack of movement

What do your creatures eat? And if they eat a lot, what is their favorite food? Also make sure that what they eat can be found where they live, otherwise it just isn't practical        


What are their mating behaviors or rituals? Do they mate at all? Is there maybe some sort of dance? Which gender is the aggressor usually? Again, detail.

Myth/Lore/Origin (Optional)
Do they come from anywhere special? Applicable e.g. at supernatural creatures like demons, ghosts, spirits etc.

Researchers (Optional)
Morcanaan or Kalina

Usages (Optional)
In case products or parts of this animal (like milk, hide etc.) have a special use, let us know who uses them, where and why.

Anything Else (Optional)
Can you think of any details to make this even better?

34  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Un-named Plant on: 22 January 2011, 00:47:51
This is pretty much a place holder for an idea I had.

Medicinal Plant

Put overview here

Dark blue leaves.  Small green flowers sprout from the plant.  The leaves are 4 inches long. They have serrated edges. Flowers are as big as my thumbtip.

Somewhere really cold

When the leaves are chewed, aches in the joints are relieved, but it stains the users teeth purple for a couple of days. When used in tea, the effects are much stronger, but can only be drunk in small amounts as the concoction can make on paralyzed in large amounts.The flowers themselves are poisonous, yet one would need a lot of them to make a drought strong enough to take down a humanoid-sized person. Certain people groups use the flowers to kill small animals using poisonous darts.

How does it make more?

Maybe I'll have something here, maybe I won't….
35  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: Typical Dwarven Greetings? on: 22 January 2011, 00:26:56
Thanks for the suggestion, Arti, but I'm looking for more specific.

See, I have an elf who has learned some Theregrim, and I wanted her to say hello to a Dwarf she just met in a Dwarven tavern, but I couldn't find a Theregrim greeting.

But, I'll keep the Dwarf name-dropping in mind, Arti. :)
36  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Typical Dwarven Greetings? on: 21 January 2011, 13:06:29
So question for over on the RP side. I was looking around, and I couldn't find a phrase or word that meant "hello" or "greetings" in Theregrim. Am I just overlooking it, or what?

Anywho, any help would be great. Thanks!  heart
37  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: What are you listening to? on: 12 January 2011, 12:58:24
The movie theme from I Am Legend
38  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Agran directs the Big Screen movie: The Santharian Dream on: 07 January 2011, 14:32:20
I think Leo did a great job in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?". When I watched it recently, I was like "That looks like LeoDio" and I looked it up on imdb and was like, "Holy Crap! It is LeoDio!"

Anywho, I dunno who I would have play Kareesh as she hasn't really formed completely in my head. My picture is Liv Tyler as from the Lord of the Rings.
39  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Herbarium Entry Proposals on: 03 December 2010, 08:52:59
I don't think so, Judy, unless an entry got put in twice. It's just called "onions". Linkage!
40  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Herbarium Entry Proposals on: 03 December 2010, 08:04:10
The onion entry was listed as being in need of rewriting/expanding. I was just planning on bringing it up to speed with the current requirements of the herbarium. I can ask Judy first, if that is possibly needed.
41  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Herbarium Entry Proposals on: 02 December 2010, 12:46:35
I would like to try my hand at updating the onion entry. ^^
42  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: A Feast of Santharian Snacks for Hungry Hobbits (or more) on: 02 December 2010, 12:30:58
Erm.....what was this thread originally about again?   lol
43  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Facebook: Santharians Unite on: 01 December 2010, 08:58:40
The Facebook group somewhat flopped after I left Santharia for awhile. It was nice when people used it, but now, I view it more as a fan page. Sure, a lot of people who have known each other from Santharia for a long time connect via Facebook, but I've noticed that Santharians connect more via Santharia.
44  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: For all our female readers! on: 04 January 2009, 10:43:02
Starting a diet tomorrow. Yay....fortunately it's in a group, so that should be easier. :)
45  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Re: Hashna Quintor on: 23 August 2007, 01:14:58
Hm....man, this will suck if it lied to me. *goes to recheck her calculations*

EDIT: Okay, so I redid my calculations, and right now he would be 585 years old in Elven years and in human years he would be 50. So he would be up there in years.

About the mass amounts of years missing, I think I have come up with a solution, but that would put him on hold for a bit. I could give a date of certain plays that he has written. That would give some more info, but that would also require that I would have to write all the plays before I got him approved, wouldn't it?
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