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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Ronce Falcon on: 11 September 2007, 10:36:10
Thank you for looking at my entry Talia.

I really dont mean to contradict you and I apologize in advance if it offends you but in Tslokaths entry it states.

She shows no preference for forms, or at least her summoners do not,

The wings have featheres and I will try to make it clearer for you and everyone else. And I will definately take your advice on Aj'nuvic grounds.

Again thank you and I am sorry if I was out of line for contradicting you.
2  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Ronce Falcon on: 10 September 2007, 13:30:21
Ok I have made all the little changes that you have suggested Dechipher and once I get all of my eye witness accounts down on paper and sorted out I will also add those.

@xerampelinae-I didnt put in any usage because of people's belief that they are favored by Tsalokath and that would scare off many of the people that would try to capture them for that purpose and because they are so rare around every where else besides the Nimernith moutians that it would be hard for anyone to actually capture one.

Edit: Also I couldnt think of a better word for zig zagging so if anyone could help with that it would be greatly appreciated.
3  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Ronce Falcon on: 05 September 2007, 09:38:30
Sorry I haven't added in any of your suggestions yet Decipher I've been really busy with RL but I will try and do them tonight and tomorrow.
4  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Ronce Falcon on: 29 August 2007, 10:42:29
Yes I had thought about that to but that is why I placed the Ronce in the Nirmenith Mountains, because according to the Myrddin's description that is only the begining of their territory and it's the only place the Ronce lives.
5  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Ronce Falcon on: 29 August 2007, 10:18:38
Thank you for taking the time to read over my creation Vesk it really means allot to me since the Myrrdin is my favorite bird of prey. (I know that my sound weird since I said the Ronce killed them but it's true.)

I will make those changes that you have suggested as soon as I can.

Thank you again.
6  Organization and General Discussions / Bell-Ringing - Notifications to Developers / Re: Decipher! on: 29 August 2007, 09:43:57
I have finished my post on the Ronce falcon and would greatly appreciate your comments/criticism's.


Sorry I'm not really good with making links.

DECIPHER: I will take a look later today, and dont worry...I'm a member know and I still can't make proper hyperlinks....*shameful face*
7  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Ronce Falcon on: 29 August 2007, 09:42:01
Ok thank you Druadan I'll do that right now and thank you for letting me know about the dragons too.
8  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Ronce Falcon on: 29 August 2007, 07:30:28
I have made all the changes that I thought you would like to see and they are in green.  Any more comments and criticism's would be greatly appreciated.
9  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Ronce Falcon on: 24 August 2007, 10:52:48
Thank you for your comments Druadan they mean alot.  I will try my best to change everything you have pointed out to me so that it will meet your expectations.

Thank you again
10  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Question about the Ter'ei'Vikh on: 20 August 2007, 12:37:43
I just wanted to know if someone was currently working on the Ter'ei'Vikh because after researching the Krean I found that they were extinct and the Ter'ei'Vikh came into existence but I couldn't find anything about them.

If no one is I would like to work with someone on them.

Your humble friend
11  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Ronce Falcon on: 19 August 2007, 17:47:16
Overview: The Ronce falcon is a majestic creature that is both admired and feared at the same time due to it's rumored conection with one of the Demon Lords Tsalokath. It is known by two nicknames the Seeker and Tsalokath's Messenger. It is a bird who's eyes have a shocking resemblance to the Myrddin Falcons . It is found all over Sarvonia but mainly within the Nimerth Moutians.

   Appearance: The Ronce is believed to be in Tsalokath's favor and proudly wears its pure black feathers which represent Tsalokath's power over shadows.  Both the males and  females are about equal in size only getting up to around two palmspans in length from the tip of their beaks to the end of their tail.   Their beaks are about 3 nailsbreadth's long curving at the very tip on the top so that they can get a proper hold on their prey.  Their feet are almost all black but have zig zagging lines on them to represent lightning.  If you were to ever look one in the eye's you would see a pair of the beautiful gold eyes only second to the Myrddin's. 

                                 Their wing's are what set them apart from any other bird of prey.  With their wings resembling that of a dragons. The feathers on their wings are so thin that while they are in flight they look to be translucent. They are also stacked upon each other so that when one looks at them they appear to be scales. At the very end of both there appears to be a spike curving inward. They are also know for their wings appearing bigger than they should making their body look disproportionate. Depending on the size of the bird their wingspan can get up to two fores and 3 palmspan's allowing them great control and stability while in the air.   
        Special Abilities: This bird is not one of the fastest of the birds of prey but its uncanny ability to change its direction in an instant no matter how fast it is going has gotten it the nickname "Seeker" because it is able to follow it's prey no matter where it runs to.

Like the rest of the birds of prey it's eye sight is incredible being able to see several leagues away it has come to be known as one of the best hunters in all of Sarvonia.

        Territory: They are located through out all of Sarvonia in small numbers but have a large popluation within the Nirmenith Mountains.  There have been reported sitings of these birds flying through towns before a severe drought or a heavy storm that turn plains into bogs or before a Great Whirlwind charges out of the see giving them their more comonly used nickname "Tsalokath's messenger".   

        Habitat/Behavior: The Ronce is a very protective bird it has been almost impossible for any researchers to even get close to their nesting areas.  They use the outcroppings of the mountain as their nest. It is built out of anything that the bird can get its claws on they don't seem to be very picky about the items they use to build their nest.

                                   They are a very violent species, attacking anything that moves as long as they feel threatened.  However they are a very patient bird or very lazy seeing as how they can wait hours on in for their prey to show up.

        Diet: The Ronce doesn't just eat one animal it likes to have a pick of whatever it wants.  Living in the mountains however limits it's choices but it doesn't care that much it just makes sure to try and get something different for every meal.  It likes to eat Surica, and Minch most of the time. Whenever they get a chance to they will also attack the Myrddin.

         Mating: Not much is known about their mating rituals because not that many people enjoy to travel into mountains and many fear the birds.  The few that have taken the time out of their lives to study these magnificent specimens as they put it have learned quite a bit.  The females become sexually mature at the age of three.  Instead of finding a mate for the rest of their lives they force the males to prove that they are worthy every year but in some cases it has been shown that the female will always choose the same male.

                               In order to show their dominance over one another the males will try to scare eachother away by spreading their wings and puff out their chest so that they look larger and more intimidating than they are.  They will also bring food to the females to show that they are good hunters and can feed her for a time being.

Myth/Lore:      Tsalokath laughed a most terrible laugh when she created the Ronce from her shadows and lightning.  It is said that she was appalled at seeing the Myrddin falcon Gorthar's supposed creation. She let out such a scream that the wizard who had summoned her lost his hearing and sight. She than brought forth one of the worst storms Sarvonia had ever seen. On this night it has been reported that farmers could hear a voice on the wind saying "He dares to create one such as the Myrddin and think I would not retaliate."

                                This storm was said to have lasted for one day throughout the main part of Sarvonia but a week in the Nimermith Moutians. After that week Tsalokath left this realm and forever left her mark on it, the Ronce falcon, favorite of Tsalokath.   

12  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Stargaze, at your service on: 19 August 2007, 17:36:19
Hello everyone I have finnaly made my way over to the dev board, I had wanted to for a while but never got the chance and I finnaly have.  I am known by Rainier on the RPG side of Santharia.

I wish to do my best on this side of Santharia with anything I can. I have a few ideas for certian parts of the board but those will have to wait until i can iron out the finner details.

I look forward to interacting with everyone.

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