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1  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: List of Elemental Properties on: 04 March 2006, 15:40:00
Hey, Everybody! :wave  ::doesn't actually exist... YET!::

I'm just here on Lightning. :)

Lightning is no doubt a figment of fire: it contains properties of light and heat, but its incredible speeds and the nature of its effect (electrocution) implies a certain amount of chaos, which may be offered either by wind or water. I would suggest water.

Lighting usually occurs during storms, in which winds are high and which usually involve rain, if not a certain degree of moisture. The winds, which are naturally chaotic during this time, imply a lot of energy in the air, which would help support whatever sort of reaction we wanted to use in our explanation of lightning. We know fire and water are opposite substances with different effects and different ‘purposes.’ My explanation only works by implying some natural animosity towards the two elements that naturally makes it difficult to make xeua links soor between the two. However, the energy in the air causes the two to create a temporary link which causes the phenomenon of lightning. The energy can only maintain this soor link temporarily, so after the initial activity, the links revert back to ahm and the energy is released.

The difficult of this hypothesis is explaining the up-to-down nature of lightning’s path. However, we can interpret it in this way: the upper air naturally has more energy that the lower air. This is observable, as we see cloud moving above as at speeds much more rapid than the objects floating by us. The phenomenon of lighting creates an outlet to get rid of that energy (if you take handful of tea leafs and drop them in a bowl of water, the leafs naturally move away from each other—it’s called diffusion, I think, though biology was a while ago). Lightning, thus, is really a serious of reactions in which water and fire oun create a temporary soor links then return to ahm again, releasing that energy to be used by other fire and water oun below them. The natural, progressive loss of energy through the course of these hundreds of reactions would result in that tapering you see in lightning as it reaches the end of its path.

The term “energy” is probably a little difficult to accept, but perhaps energy, we should say, is always the same, is always made of the same “stuff.” Magical energy is simply energy used for magical purposes, but really shares no other difference to regular, run-of the-mill energy.

I got in a discussion with Koldar years ago concerning lightning. I can’t remember what his argument was, but I distinctly remember him arguing that it was wind. I think the difficulty of accepting the wind proposal is that electricity (we will not use this term, I’m sure, in the explanation of fire since it relates too much to the REAL explanation of fire; that is, electrons), which is essentially what lightning is, does not move through wind unless forced, as in the case of lightning. Electrical currents don’t tend to move through wind with the same remarkable ease as they do water.

So, what does this mean for magic users? Who gets to use lightning?
Obviously, Xeua mages can use lightning due to the soor-part of the explanation. I would argue that fire and water mages can create lightning, but that the spell level would be higher in water than in fire, simply because there just isn’t as much fire oun, on average, in the car’all of natural, free-floating air. A water mage would have to locate enough of these fire oun in order to attach water car’all to them (Sphere Three). A fire mage would just have an easier time finding water oun, though I suppose this proposition is arguable.

Good job on those property lists. :clap  They look like they’re coming along well. :thumbup  

2  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Ounia & expression of properties-an alternative solu on: 10 May 2006, 15:43:00
I like the idea. The property issue was one that needed fixing in the old entry. Unfortunately, I have a lot of trouble following this method of explanation (writing Socratic dialogues isn't one of your strong points, Coren--which is just as well. You have enough strong points as it is. ;) )

I'll try to push through this when I get a moment, though I would much prefer an online discussion.

3  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Re: The Birch Maiden on: 04 March 2006, 14:55:00
Aw, Mommy Judith...

The winter and the fall have brought such work loads with their frost
(And memories of what has been along with those we’ve lost).
But now ‘tis Spring, a time of light, of rebirth and of sun,
And yet, I find, with heavy heart, some things are still not done.

I plan to visit, when I can, though things are hectic here
With applications, school work, and the doubts of my career. :noidea
You see, I love you all too much to be too long away,
But as for now all I can say is I’ll return… someday. :confused

::looks to Irid alMenie:: Gasp! An apprentice! That means that program got passed! I suppose you can comment on the poem if you like, though I have no means of editting it.

Talia! :hug  I'm acually just getting off for my spring break, though I'm heading to California where I know I'll probably be really busy. But I wanted to tell you--my parents' house sold, which frees up a lot of money, and I think my dad will pay for the ticket out there this summer. Are you still interested in having me? :o  

4  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / The Birch Maiden on: 02 March 2006, 11:23:00
::doesn't actually exist at this point in time.::

::may materialize at a later date, but not now::

::have a bunny::


... :heart    to everyone who knows me. I am still alive. And I have missed you all. :hug    I wrote you a poem! ;)  

The Birch Maiden
--A Ballad--

The moon and stars are bright tonight, shine well across my way,
And here is comfort in the dark, though night has waned the day.
I journey by the forest deep, but three leagues now from town,
And it seems that the heavens wear the moon disk as a crown.

The birches sway and sing to me within the growing breeze,
And something in their flurried song puts all my soul at ease.
Their bodies, black as nightbird’s wing, despite their slender scars
Move elegantly in the dark, beneath the icy stars.

And here the winds grow furious, and howl like a beast
And here the dark seems full of demons hungry for the feast,
And suddenly the torrent clouds throw shadow on my way
And every sound’s a predator, to which I am the pray.

Yet then, out from the churning wood, I hear a voice sweet
And all the sounds of evil hush, and all the beasts retreat.
The wind still blows with fury yet seems muted in the sight
Of some fair maiden singing back the demons and the fright.

Her voice melts away the fear, sets comfort in my soul
And every fragment of my heart, in her eyes now is whole.
I must have known her all my life, for always she’s been there
Just watching me as I’ve gone by, and whispering through the air.

I’ve known of her, I felt her there, in ever rock and stream
I’ve heard her voice--she’s come to me in every pleasant dream.
And every zephyr through the trees has been her longing sighs.
See now she reaches out for me, with both her arms and eyes.

Her face, so beautiful and pale, her body, small and light
It seems she turns back to the wood, to vanish in the night.
“Don’t go, my love,” I call to her, and leave the dusty route.
She’s mine, my own, my love, the one I cannot do without.

“I’m coming now, my shadow maid, my empress of the night
I’ve heard thee dancing in the wood, with bells and wisps of light,
With lips as red as teki dyes, and eyes as bright as fire
I’ve heard thee calling softly through the whispering nightly choir.”

And when the shadow falls across her countenance so fair,
And mingles in the dabbled brilliance of her silken hair,
And when the call of glitras grace the blackness of the night,
I learn of all the light in shade, and all the shade in light.

Edited by: Artimidor Federkiel at: 3/18/06 16:57
5  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: Question to Seyella/Netherworld on: 04 March 2006, 17:01:00
Hehe. I've been managing to stay below Arti's radar. :devilish  Maybe he won't find me and forced me to finally finish all the entries I'm sure I've got floating around...

I'm bringing this discussion back to the table, in part because it relates to summoning, and I can't finish summoning because I'm too lazy... I mean, because there's no conclusion regarding what to do about the netherworld and netherbeasts. :noidea

I propose, first, a model of this world, separate from the Netherworld but part of the same sort of universe, which is separate from other universes. This world consists of two layers: the physical and the spiritual, and then the astral. Note that I'm putting the physical and spiritual in one "layer," without one being over another.

The distinguishing property between the physical and spiritual that the physical deal with tangible and corpereal substances and the spiritual deals with intangible and ethereal substances. They exist, however, on one plane, if you will. In magical terms, they are both effected through the unit oun, which imposes both physical and spiritual properties.

The astral world is not effected by oun, but is effected by the physical/spiritual world. The astral world may be interpretted as the world of dreams or imagination. The objects or ideas that exist their are effected by what is in the physical/spiritual world (when you dream, things you feel and perceive move and mesh together into a different kind of world with different kind of creatures and objects--the objects don't actually exist because oun don't actually exist, though I suppose we could say these objects are created out of "phantom" oun.) Another difference, we could say, is that while we could say the physical/spiritual plane is ruled by laws, the astral world is ruled almost exlusively by the will. In the astral world, the size of your muscles or the state of your emotions is nothing compared to the strength of your will.

(Note: When I talk about spiritual, I mean spiritual in the magical sense, which relates to emotions and other intangible things)

I would say that the Netherworld could either relate to the astral world or a combination of astral and physical. It would be a place where things are still governed by laws, but some of these laws can be over-ridden with a strong enough will.

How does this sound as a rough outline?

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