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1  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Part Air (Level VI) on: 03 May 2003, 04:42:00
Another effect has been noted that a mage can use this and remove the air from a area, thus leaving no air for a flame to feed from causing it to flicker out.
Could it be used for reducing the flame, or even destroy a fireball?

"When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other"

the Akorn, a self-proclaimed squirrel

2  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Digging up the dead on: 24 May 2003, 07:18:00
each race have more of one type of car'all than an other race. like orcs have a dominant fire. I think.

"When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other"

the Akorn, a self-proclaimed squirrel

3  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Vanish Spell on: 02 February 2003, 08:26:00
Just repeating a bit of what Silfer said:
This one would screw up medieval defences. To remove a part of a wall for even half an hour would be devastating for the defenders.
As Silfer said: way to powerful.

"When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other"

"Self-proclaimed squirrel"

4  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Magic Revisions: Earth School on: 05 January 2003, 16:17:00
Shouldn’t rain of stones be far more devastating to males than females?

"Self-proclaimed squirrel"

5  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / trap enchantment on: 27 December 2002, 09:30:00
Xeuá magic, Trap imbuement, level 1

Spell effect:
The simple point with this type of spell is to protect your own spells: to prevent meddling and dispelling of your enchantments.  
The trap imbuement spells can be placed under 4 sub categories with different tasks and difficulties to cast. They are ranked after required level to cast below.

Notice trap: this is the easiest imbuement trap, which gives you notice if somebody is meddling with its charge. This is very easy to learn and to cast, and are learned to novices as practice, even though it wont last for very long in the earliest levels. Required level: 1.

Deflecting trap: This trap is harder to cast, and works only one time: its only effect is deflecting a meddling spell. Required level: 5

Strengthening trap: This trap adds further strength to the enchantments natural defences, which makes it harder to meddle with its charge. This spell has the longest durability of all the traps.
Required level: 5

Attacking trap: This spell doesn’t add strength to the enchantment or disrupts spellcasting, it attacks the meddler in stead. It draws cár’áll and life force from the meddler, and releases it into the surrounding air/ground. This imbuement is created with a limited number of attacks built in, and is worthless when it has used all the attacks. It can’t be “refilled”. Required level: 8

Such traps can be placed on traps which task is something else, like guarding a chest or door. But you can only place one trap of each kind on an enchantment as the second imbuement would be overruled by the older ones and rendered useless.

It can also be placed on an imbuement weapon, so if anybody tried to affect the weapon magically in a negative way, it might be countered or damaged.

Casting procedure:
The caster needs to focus on the already placed enchantment, and touch the enchanted object/person. Then he must focus on the trap, placing it inside the already placed enchantment. The trap must then be “all over” the enchantment it is supposed to defend, so it can protect it from all sides. If not, it might not work. This is not required for Noticing traps.

The traps target is the spell that it should protect.

There is not a proper reagent in this spell, but you must touch the other spell, or its enchanted object/person to make it work.

Magical School:
Xeuá Level 1, trap imbuement.

You must touch the target enchantment to make it work.

Casting time:
The initial casting time for all the trap imbuement is measured to last 5 hours. That does not count for level 1 and 2 mages.

Casting the notice trap doesn’t take much time, for a high level mage it takes about 1-3 secs, depending on how long it should last. For a novice, about 10 secs. Add 5 secs per hour it should last. For those beyond level 5, make that four, and for those beyond level 8, make that 2.

For the fizzling and the strengthening trap it takes about 10 secs for most mages, give or take a couple seconds depending on level and strength of the spell. Add 5 secs for each 5 houres it should last. Make that 3 secs for those over level 10.

For an attacking trap, it can take from 10 secs to several mins, depending on the traps strength and amount of attacks. Add 15 secs for each day it should last. Archmages usually use about 10 secs instead of the normal 15.

Duration is somewhat decided by the strength of the caster, the casting time used and the strength of the spell. Look under casting time.

Counter measures/enchancing measures:
None recorded.

"Self-proclaimed squirrel"

Edited by: the Akorn at: 1/2/03 6:06:27 pm
6  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Orm Growth, finished at last... on: 27 December 2002, 07:26:00
lol, I seem to choose the wrong school at all my spells...
Well, I changed it into a Xeuá. And now I got to make a dispel and trap enchantment spell to make this spell fit better...

"Self-proclaimed squirrel"

Edited by: the Akorn at: 12/26/02 1:38:07 pm
7  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Orm Growth, finished at last... on: 26 December 2002, 16:27:00
Xeuá spell, level 6: Orm growth

Spell Effect:
To the common non-magician man the effect of this spell is simple: it makes an orm larger, and enables the caster the ability to control it.
That’s a raw description. Firstly, the spell makes the orm grow to the sufficient body size. The orm then acquires a bit intellect, enough to make it survive its new life: no hive and usually no other orms. (To let out the adding intellect part has the same effect as stepping on it before casting. It won’t survive long.) Then the spell twist into a weak sort of dominate spell, strong enough that its loyalties will remain to you and its task, but weak enough that it got a will on his own (considering that this is an orm after all, that’s not much of an mind…). The last part of the spell is giving it an order. The list of orders isn’t very long, but it suffices for general use. Also note that on most orders, it will forget to eat and drink, and won’t last for long, and groups of orms grown and given a command together will work as a pack. A pack like this usually number five orms, and are harder to control.
Roam – the orm(s) will run around at random in the surrounding countryside. On this job it will eat and drink at will. It will come to you on sight, and is rather easy to give new orders.
Guard – the orm(s) will guard an object/person. It won’t eat except when fodder comes to him. It is hard to give new orders on guarding orms.
Hunt – It will hunt an object/person in sight. It won’t eat or change orders easily.
Follow – the orm(s) will follow a target within sight until it dies. It won’t fight (and eat) unless provoked. It is not very easy to give new orders to a following orm. As a side effect, some orms can drag a cart while following their target.

To give a new order to an orm, simply cast a stronger dominate spell than the last, or an new growth spell only with no real growing, only a more powerful controlling part to overrule the last one.

This will NOT work on anything else than orms.

Casting Procedure:
The caster must focus on the orm, and concentrates on making it grow, usually holding a fresh twig. When it is large enough, the growing stops, and a very light intelligence addition is made. The caster gains control over the orm(s) as the dominate spell enters the effect. The order is given, and the orm(s) rush to their task. The twig then usually looks dry and dead, ready for firewood.

The spells main target is the orm(s).

The reagents of this spell are nothing expensive: a handful of grass, a fresh twig or some other newly picked plants. They have a nasty tendency to wither and die during the casting process.

Magical School:
Xeuá Spell, level 6: Orm Growth

You need to touch the orm(s) to cast this spell successfully, or to overrule an order.
Casting time:
The casting time depends on both strength and size of the caster and the orm. The common size is 1.5 – 3 peds, and for a level six to reach about 1.5 peds, it will take about 40 secs. For each level gained, it will take 7.5 secs shorter time to cast, but for each ped beyond the first takes 30 additional seconds. For a level 6 to reach one ped it takes 25 secs. Remove 2.5 secs per level.

[Note: the body-structure of an orm won’t support an orm larger than 5 peds.]

To cast on a group, add 1 min only for numbers up to 5 orms. More than that, add 1 min for each orm.

The spell will last till it is overruled, dispelled or the orm is dead. The orm wont survive for more than 3 months, so the length of the spell isn’t really tested.

Counter and enchanting measures:
There are two magical solutions to counter an Orm Growth spell: a powerful dispel or  dominate/overrule it yourself. Note that the dispel/dominate spell must be more powerful than the current controller, and that he will notice your efforts when you are successful.

To those without magical capabilities, try to run behind it, and smack it with something blunt and heavy.

To enchant – toss some fireballs or lightning’s to divert your opponent’s attention, and place a strong, trapped dominate-spell on it.    

"Self-proclaimed squirrel"

Edited by: the Akorn at: 12/26/02 1:37:45 pm
8  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Uhhh... on: 26 December 2002, 14:09:00
That large wall in China wasn’t built in a day after all...

"Self-proclaimed squirrel"

9  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Fire spell, Shape Smoke on: 26 December 2002, 14:06:00
Yes, he did. And he did it bloody well. I changed it from fire to wind and removed class.  

"Self-proclaimed squirrel"

10  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Wind Spell, Shape Smoke on: 15 August 2002, 04:23:00
Strange, about that time yesterday, I had a party back home, and I'm not sure I remember anything between drinking from a bottle to I wake up in a chair. I don't know where this spell comes from, but I found a copy of it in my pc. I just don't remember writing this spell, but it probably is me anyway.

11  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Fire spell, Shape Smoke on: 14 August 2002, 13:30:00
Wind magic, level 2: Shape Smoke

Spell Effect:
The original effect of this spell was quite simple: to “shape” the smoke inside a smoke filled room, and move it outside. The smoke was “forced” inside a sphere-shaped container, made out of hardened parts of smoke. But the human’s turned this simple tool into an effective weapon, by making the sphere smaller, harder and putting an immense pressure on the smoke. That additional twist of the spell turned it into a devastating projectile that would explode after penetrating armour, tearing flesh into shreds. The spell feed on smoke, drawing the required material to shape the sphere from the surrounding air. But mages who wanted to create smoke-spheres without the required smoke, added the last twist of this spell: as an additional effect, the required smoke would be drawn from something burnable material nearby.  

Casting Procedure:
The caster focus at the smoke, forcing it into a hard shell and filling it, packing it so tight that it would make an powerful explosion of smoke on hard impact (for just emptying a room, it is not required to pack it very tight). Then comes the tricky part, to make it move without bursting. To move it, you must be careful, as a mistake would make you do it all over again at best, or tear limbs off you at worst. Lift it with a limb or willpower to the required height (when wielded as a weapon, it is preferred to lift it with magic instead of an arm for safety reasons). Then it is ready to move out a window or anywhere else you want to.
To make it move by it self, drill a “hole” in it, a tube into the core where smoke turns from the hard outer layer to the confined smoke. It will then begin to rush out (be careful, an uncontrolled trickle of smoke would burst it), the force behind the confined smoke would drive it forward, giving it the required punching force an ordinary throw lacks.
Make a larger hole for greater force and speed, but less range.

Magical Formulas:
The magical formulas used to cast this spells somehow vary, depending on the purpose you want to use the spell. One very popular formula is  
“Fér phoilán thú’óc”, meaning “fire make shell”. But this formula is but one of many, as there is a lot of variations of this spell.

Target: The target is the smoke, but it might affect other objects, like a bandit or the rock behind him, which was struck by the sphere as you missed the him.

Lots of smoke, or anything burnable materials within reach. To hold some ashes is said to help the concentration.

Magical School:
Magicians Elemental Wind Spell, level 2: Shape Smoke

Spell Class:

When moved by force of will, it will slowly shrink, so it got limited range.

Level 2-3: 3 peds, at this level, it is only possible to remove the smoke.
Level 4-6: 10 peds, moving and shaping it at will, but not yet damaging.
7-9: 20 peds, capable of breaking bones and killing
10-12: range unknown, as the casters tend to lose control or hit an obstacle after a couple of hours. Can be directed out of sight.

Casting time:
The casting time is changing from several minutes to mere seconds, considering skill and the purpose of the spell. For an archmage just wanting to move the smoke out of his study it will take about 2-3 seconds, but for and novice, 3-5 minutes. The casting time will often determine the outcome of this spell, to take the smoke of a large area, and make it the shape of a sphere the size of a fist will make it more powerful than the same amount of smoke shaped into the size of a melon.

The spell is broken at contact, in a black explosion of smoke.

Counter measures/enchanting measures:
To counter shape smoke is simple: create a magical shield a ped or two away from your body, and the sphere will burst. Note that the sphere or the explosion might breech the shield, but the only harm done then would be a bad landing as you would be bushed some peds back and up. For those without magical abilities, either throw something in its way, take cover behind something or simply dodge.  

To enchant it is not that simple. It could be handy to take care of your foes shield(s). A multiple attack where your opponent’s concentration gets diverted might increase the chance for success.  

Edited by: the Akorn at: 12/25/02 8:03:29 pm
12  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Earth spell, rock shield on: 15 August 2002, 13:27:00
Earth Magic level 4, Rock Shield

This spell creates a magical shield, hovering where the caster wants it, or attaches it to something/someone. The shield’s strength and substance is taken from nearby stones, but it weights nothing. The purpose of this spell is to keep enemies away, improve armour, or block an entrance. It is possible to alter the image of the shield, as its natural appearance is of some grey/brown, nearly compact fog. A skilled caster knows how to make it look like clothing or armour, or a wall. It is possible for the most powerful mages to let things behind be seen clearly through, rendering it invisible. To bring down a shield like this, is related to shop rocks. But it has one difference from an ordinary rock, weapons don’t bread or dull and they chop at it.

Casting procedure: The caster needs to concentrate on the presence of rocks, and then the shape, and image. At last comes the purpose of the spell. Is it for armour, or a body shield, an additional wall, or to block enemy magic/the enemy or ranged attacks from going into a certain direction. The larger shield, and greater distance from rocks will decide the difficulty of this spell.

Magical Formula: “Devar Lèry o’Poràv”, meaning, “rock, become a shield”.

Target: Anything the caster can touch and feel.

Reagents: To hold a little stone will cut down the time needed for concentration.

Magical School: Elemental magic, earth.

Spell class: Mentalism.

Range: The range from the caster to where the shield is created is 8 peds, for level 4 to 12. But the range from the caster to nearby rocks is more important:
Level 4: 3 peds
Level 5-6: 5 peds
Level 7-9: 25 peds
Level 10-12: 75 peds

Casting time: An initiate caster needs nearly 15 seconds, but for more experienced magicians it takes 5 seconds.

Duration: It will last until it is destroyed or dispelled by the caster.

Counter measures/Enchanting measures: To strike the shield over and over at the middle will more quickly destroy it than hitting other places.
 To enchant, use other shield types in front or behind it, where they will give each other more strength. In some cases they will merge into one shield, sharing attributes.  

13  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Power Words on: 21 May 2002, 09:27:00
they just remove them, like sending them away to an remote island or to an orcish army

14  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Ka'Sek Huwie'ong.... on: 03 May 2002, 08:16:00
Who I am? Well, I'm the person who is me. Seriously, I'm the person who just reads the posts but almost never writes anything.

15  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Ka'Sek Huwie'ong.... on: 02 May 2002, 13:17:00
Good work, but I managed to find 2 small things:

1)Under territory, it says: They will stay there until one whom they deem worthy enough finds Delonaire. Only then will they come forth to reclaim their old strongholds.

If a person who didn't know anything about Delonaire, he would have wondered what it was, until the bottom of the page

2) Under history, year 8906 b.S, spyders where declared extremely hostile. Extremely? I think hostile is enough.

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