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1  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Sonata of the Aér'aí'chán. on: 22 February 2009, 07:23:45
Of course Decipher!
Ill brush it up in garageband, try and get rid of more of that hiss! ;)
Didnt find allegro as fitting as the others, gives me an excuse to compose another water theme!

2  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Music recording technology. Request for advice on: 22 February 2009, 06:13:55
Damn you microsoft! evil

Yeah, i know what you mean, i think its just down to the nature of the instrument, also i spent alot of time adjusting the input recording level when i recorded the harp.

Lookin' forward to hearin your tunes!! grin
3  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Sonata of the Aér'aí'chán. on: 22 February 2009, 06:09:45
Why thanks! heart

Yep, Piano is my first study, but i always wanted to play harp ever since i was small, so i eventually got my wish! To be honest ive had harp lessons almost as long as my piano, but i excelled alot further on my piano.

Its called Requiem because i intended it to be a reflective piece, but got a bit carried away! evil

Yep, fires theme was originally intended for my composition for school, however i scrapped it, and only recently picked it up, water was just some ramblings, and wind was based on a theme of an original scottish tune, "the rowan tree" :)

4  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Music recording technology. Request for advice on: 22 February 2009, 03:51:33
Well if your on the dark (Mac ;)) side then garage band should be your best friend! heart
that's what i use, and i don't have a dedicated microphone, just the inbuilt one, not as good quality as a dedi. but does the job!
5  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Sonata of the Aér'aí'chán. on: 22 February 2009, 03:49:22
Thanks Nisiki!

Thats requiem of wind uploaded, one side note, Harp is just a hobby of mine so pardon all the crackles! Thought id make a wee shift from piano! cool

Once again sorry for my absence, Ive been caught up with exams and the like, however will be fully back very soon!

Apologies again! heart
6  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Music of the Santharian Kingdom - New Entry under Development on: 09 February 2009, 05:37:56
Would love to lend a hand on anything here if needed!
Would be nice to see it up and running in time! :)
7  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: The Pesky Pick-Pocketing Vine! on: 09 February 2009, 05:00:01
Hmmm, see what you mean about the passing thing.....Altered! ;)

Couldn't think of many other words to replace inorganic, so i put in inanimate...do you think that sounds to modern also?
8  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: The Pesky Pick-Pocketing Vine! on: 06 February 2009, 23:56:01
Thanks alot for the pointers Talia!
That's me incorporated them in one way or another! ^_^
9  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Sonata of the Aér'aí'chán. on: 06 February 2009, 22:59:17
Allegro of water uploaded!

Sorry its in a really nasty key (f# major!) so mistakes are a-plenty! buck
 Its also in 9/8 most of the time, so it has to be played with a limp!
10  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Who's to Blame? on: 06 February 2009, 12:56:55
 cry cry
Personally I thought it was beautiful, such a magnificent display of language!!! *is sad now.* See what your damned poetry has gone and done to me! :P *slaps!*

BRAVO Mies!!!! heart heart heart thumbup
11  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Sonata of the Aér'aí'chán. on: 06 February 2009, 12:52:13
Thanks Arti! :)

Hmmm *Puts on thinking cap...* I think i saw some effects that could be added to recordings to make them sound like different instruments.... Ill upload various "variations" and see what you think!

Speaking of timbre and the like, i was listening to a clavichord for the first time the other day, and when i shut my eyes i couldn't tell the difference between them! nonetheless Piano has become a rather modern sound...Ill do another bit of research on instruments, and ill check out the info Altarios given me.. and see if i can track down a relative...If not...we might just have to make one! ;)

Thanks again guys!
12  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / The Pesky Pick-Pocketing Vine! on: 06 February 2009, 12:42:15

Vines, Creepers.

--Basic Overview of the Plant--

The mischievous Pick-Pocket vine is a very peculiar and interesting plant indeed. Living up to its infamous name, the vine will endeavor to sneakily ensnare shiny or colorful objects . Although declared a common, pesky weed by most herbologists, this plant generally prefers to lurk in the comfortable shadows of the Nybelmarian jungles or the woodland of southern Sarvonia. Not renowned for being a pretty piece of flora, the Pick-Pocket plant consists of a thin wiry stem and various hand like projections of five or six leaves.


The Pick-Pocket is a creeping vine with a stringy yet stretchy stem and multiple hand shaped leaf clusters that lie flat on the earth. Various vines will span out from a large pit like epicenter, called the “stash” or the pod. The entire plant is colored in a very bland dark green, with small speckles of brown and black on the leaves, giving it a very grubby appearance. The interesting leaf clusters consist generally of 6 leaves, One large almost circular shaped leaf surrounded by five long finger shaped leaves. The average cluster reaching around a handspan in length. These finger like projections are coated with a very thick waxy substance  nick-named “Robbers Resin” and thousands of tiny hook shaped hairs. This combination of the resin and hairs creates a resistant surface allowing the clusters to grip onto objects and trees without the use of tendrils. As the Pick-Pocket grows along the forest floor it is not limited (in terms of growth) by the height of the trees it climbs, therefore it is allowed to grow to extraordinary lengths. The average total length of a vine is a whopping 74 peds! (the longest ever recorded being 170 peds!) Every summer, a gorgeous flower will bloom out the center leaf of each cluster. Colored Black as the night, with vivid red bands flowing from the base of each petal. Turning the forest floor into a sea of striking colour! These flowers are nick-named the "Temptress's bloom" by locals , as their gorgeous facade, bewitching aroma and succulent nectar filled petals, attract animals and humans alike.


With the ability to obtain water and nutrients from decaying plant and animal matter, and metallic objects, the Pick-Pocket vine is capable of surviving in most shaded areas regardless of soil quality, although it seems to be at home in the shelter of the southern woodlands of Sarvonia and the jungles of Nybelmar. The largest discovered concentration of these vines was in the Almatrar forest, the dense shade cover of the Ahrhillicia pine trees gets rid of most competition, allowing this shady plant to flourish in its dark habitat. Another site where the Pick-Pocket commonly crops up is in humanoid settlements or encampments. Flocking to these places for their abundance of leftover food and man-made shiny objects. However, wise authorities will endeavor to cut back the horde of vines before they take root within the city boundary. This is becoming more and more difficult as of late, as these wily vines have began to creep into underground sewage systems, basements and cellars, wreaking havoc away from the watchful eye of the authorities.


Although not harmful if ingested, this vine would not make a tasty meal! It lacks any form of nutrition and tastes blander than plain water! Medically it is actually some what counter-active, as it is commonly used by bandits and thugs to hang victims, traitors and the occasional aristocrat. Although the plant itself has no real usage, the “Robbers Resin” that it produces is an important substance  for travelers, acrobats and petty thieves. Lining a porous material or fabric with the wax, enables it to become a carrier of water through the waxes waterproof properties. This is very helpful in long journeys as it will provide a lighter and cheaper alternative to lunging around a water-sack or canteen. If the resin is applied to the hands or feet however, the friction and resistance provided allows for easy traverse over smooth surfaces such as ice and glass, and with the right skills even high walls can be scaled, making escaping from guards somewhat easier...

To aid the digestion of inanimate objects, a highly corrosive chemical is secreted from nodules within the stash. Paste like in constituency this chemical has earned names "Burn-paste" and "Metal-Bane". When Metal-Bane comes in contact with a metallic or crystalline material, it reacts violently, corroding the material into a rusty powder within hours. Despite its brutality against metals, Metal-Bane is actually mild on the skin, and provides a wonderfully tangy Bitter-sour flavour if eaten. Therefore it is often found as an accompaniment to strong alcohols in taverns, and as a flavoring to sweet treats.

This vine only reproduces through runners, although it produces a mass of beautiful,  nectar filled flowers every summer. These flowers actually contain no pollen, therefore it is thought that these flowers are simply bait to lure animals and humans to their location, bringing valuable objects with them.  However, research is currently being undertaken on a spore that is omitted by the “stash” of the vine on an occasional  basis. It is believed that in times of drought this spore will “hibernate” in desolate soils, and when the conditions are right they will root, creating a new stash. Nonetheless the most common form of Pick-Pocket vine reproduction is in the way of runners. Every two years or so the vines will detach from their stash and at their most medial point they will grow roots. This usually occurs on every second turning star. The overhang of winter allows the newly formed stashes to develop without the strong competition from other plants.

--Special Abilities--

Although this vine does not have many aspects that can be put to human use, it does have an excellent barrage of talents that can aid its own existence. The most prominent being its ability to grow at an break-neck rate. The constant supply of nutrients that are produced through the rotting of plants and animals and breakdown of inanimate matter allows the Pick-Pocket vine to expand at such speed that it is easily noticeable by the naked eye. However, although the Pick-Pocket doesn't have much in the ways of competition from other species, this growing rate causes competition between plants, keeping the population in check. Surprisingly this rapid elongation has nothing to do with a conquest for water or space, but for the capture of metallic or colorful objects. It is not uncommon when camping in woodland areas for instance, to have some belongings mysteriously disappear during the night (causing alot of tension between campers in the morning.) this is due to the sneaky action of the Pick-Pocket vine. Kept at bay by fires and lanterns the vine will lurk in the shadows, but when light is extinguished, the thieving hands will creep into the encampment or settlement and pinch any objects unattended.(It is even known to rake through satchels!).  This process is shockingly well calculated, and an interesting one indeed. The first cluster will search out the glint of a shiny object, the rough finger like leaves will grasp the object, and the stretchy stem will contract to a tiny proportion of its original size, eventually dropping the object in the stash.This is usually done under the cover of leaf litter, or top soil, keeping the "loot" out of sight. Once in the pit, the object will be broken down through weather processes and the product minerals will be absorbed by the plant. It is an extreme puzzle to herbologists as how the vine distinguishes a shiny object without the use of eyes. It is thought that the circular leaf pads are sensitive to the glint of reflected light or bright colours, enabling it to track down the desired object. Although the Pick-Pockets are more partial to objects of man made origin, the vine will often settle for birds eggs, shaped or glinting pebbles, colorful feathers, fruits,nuts and metallic ores. In days of old a miner would actually find an ore deposit, by following the tell tale sign of a colony of Pick-Pocket vines.


 There is one popular myth surrounding the history the Pick-Pocket vine...

“...Many years ago there lived a dashing young rogue by the name of Plundering Pocket-Picker Pete, a thief so skillful that it is rumored that he managed to embezzle the riches of the Santhrans court through sheer wit!However he not only thieved for the monetary value, but he also stole to upset the balance of the class system, donating much of his money to the poor...not to mention his thirst for both wine and woman! Fatally wounded through a chase with the guards of Thalambath, Pete lay on his death bed...With his final breath he swore that he did not regret anything he did in his life...Querprur was rather amused with his persona, so she took pity on his soul, and resurrected Pete into his physical self but in the form of a plant...Destined to lurk in the shadows and shades, bleeding the bourgeois of coinage for all eternity...”
13  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Sonata of the Aér'aí'chán. on: 05 February 2009, 23:39:12
Yeah i think i read something about that...a resonance organ i think, im not sure but from reading that entry it sounds like the organ has a very powerful resonant timbre (i think it was modeled on the cry of a dragon or something like that.) But the piano (mine old one in particular ;)) is really punchy and woody.... hmmmm, ill have to ask Bard Judith about that...

Thanks for the link Talia, i think ive read up on that entry, however ill have a search for the older version and maybe i might find something on the comments on the older thread.

Will do! ^^
14  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Sonata of the Aér'aí'chán. on: 05 February 2009, 23:16:55
Thought it would be funky (and a nice little challenge) to compose a piece for each of the four elements. The original score was a sibelius file, but the midi sound that was produced was very,very bland! Hence i have recorded each of the four tracks for solo piano (Hence the numerous mistakes. ;) ) It looked much easier on screen than it did on the manuscript stand! :P

The four Pieces are as follows...
Waltz of Fire----"Burning desire!"

Requiem of wind----"Ethereal bliss"

Fanfare of earth----"Solidity"

Allegro of water----"Ebb and flow"

However ive just uploaded the Waltz of fire, as although they are all composed in a similar style, it is the most abstract of the four, and requires alot of patience! :P
Ill upload the rest if yall like it!

Once again apologies for the piano mistakes, ive tried to cover it up by smothering it with reverb! ;)

Edit----Just found out that theres no Santharian relative to the piano!! Imagine it as some sort of percussion maybe?? buck
15  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Re: Leathan's Journal; Volume:I on: 05 February 2009, 13:02:39
It would be really helpful for you to read over the "HOW TO DO LIBRARY ENTRIES" thread at the beginning of the libraries section!

Also another feature could add is a little intro, to tell us (in summary) about your journals, why they were written, when they were written and how they worked their way into the compendium. etc! :)

Reading what little you have produced you seem like a skilled writer, but it would be nice if you beefed up your entries quite a bit. (unless you plan to have loads of them!) This can be done by simply expanding on what you have, or by adding more information. for example... "I have lost the pendant of my family" may become "I have lost my treasured family pendant, a priceless jewel that has been passed through my family for generations..." then you could expand more by... "I searched through the bone-chilling snow until my hands bled, my chances of finding it are slim..." etc.etc.
So you can get alot more out of a simple piece of info.

(These are just some pointers by the way! ;) )

Another thing that is VERY important is research! Treat the compendium as your bestest buddy!

It also would be nice to bring in your previous journal entry into this thread!

Hope this helps a bit! :)

Spell check in Ravishing RED!

I have lost the pendant of my family in the snowy wastes of the Icelands. (space) I am still lost so far, but i think i am close to the shore on the southern side. (space) Still no sign of the blade...I am afraid its a lost cause. (space) I miss the sweet mist of Nybelmar. (space) I wish I had not come across the stories of this blade...But on a lighter note, I am thinking about going north. (space) I saw some sort of animals going north, a loud grunt and a shriek, and then only a few of them came running back.I don't know, but There may be other people here.A man from Caelereth (Caelereth is the name of the entire collective group of continents, i would be suprised if he wasnt from Caelereth!  ;) )tipped me off about being armed and armored.

(Spell check is your second bestest buddy! :P)

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