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61  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Glistening Well Pic on: 14 August 2013, 02:31:14
Oh good azhira. I was curious how much involvement you had.  Coren I am glad you like it and I certainly don't mind the nitpick. I will wait to make Any changes until I see if any more comments come in.
62  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Glistening Well Pic on: 11 August 2013, 11:34:46
Glistening Well Pic


Comments Welcome
63  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Flowmancy on: 11 August 2013, 11:32:26
Coren I read the abilities and practice section again.  thumbup  I guess my question then is why practice flowmancy.  the other magical disciplines have more obvious motivatiion, such as power to kill or power to create.  Flowmancy I think is more of a discipline to help the flowmancer find peace.  Is this correct?  More of a meditation type thing.  Correct?

Anyhow the entry is very detailed and well done and helps to flesh out the Krean culture. +1 Aura for all the hard work.
64  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: The Vardưnn Monster Map (work in progress) on: 28 July 2013, 10:51:43
I just love your maps Art.  That mountain/volcano is magnificent.  Heckra is it?  Personally I think the maps like this really bring these areas alive and make me want to draw more pictures.  Wonderful wonderful.  I have no comment on the accuracy of the map, only because I don't know much about this area.  Well done.
65  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Flowmancy on: 23 July 2013, 07:26:10
Coren I read portions of the entry.  I am still working on it.  However so far it is fascinating.  A well thought through entry.  It flows well. :)

Definitiely deserves an Aura +1 for the detail and complex thought that went into it.

I like that the entry is detailed and provides a sense of who the monks are, not just what they can do.  This really enriches the culture.

Nevertheless, I was searching for an explanation as to what the monks could actually do with this power (besides the meditation and sense of calm).  Does this feel more like religion or magic.  I am not sure.  I suppose magic since there is no deity involved.  What are yuor thoughts?

I will keep reading.
66  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Northern Horned Hare on: 22 July 2013, 03:38:58
Kareesh, do you need any help with this one?  Looking forward to seeing this finished.
67  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Tsor-Shotak Lizard Pic on: 17 July 2013, 08:02:49
Well I am proud to announce that I have made it back from the Scattersand Shoals alive.  And the good news is that means I am  back to my adventures on the mainland.  I thought I would first seek out my next clues in the mountainous regions of the North.  

I have befriended these ranges before but this is the first time I have come across this scaley denizen of the hills.....alive. What is before me must be a Tsor Shotak beast.  I have seen their skins before on the weapons of the Half Orcs.

Comments Welcome
68  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Site Update 01-07-2013 - Treasure Shoals release on: 17 July 2013, 07:17:31
"Oh you are welcome Deklitch." 

Seeker walks away mumbling, onlookers hear bits and pieces "masterplan working"......"deklitch over and over again" .......""no way to win"...."hehe"
69  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Site Update 01-07-2013 - Treasure Shoals release on: 05 July 2013, 00:32:52
Speaking of Statistics Art.  Just a reminder at some point to open the hallway in the Hallway of Fame so we can see who has completed the game.  No rush of course.  You deserve a long rest. :)

Aura+ 1for Art for getting the game completed.   grin
70  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Santhworld - Treasure Shoals (Completed) on: 28 June 2013, 10:50:08
Art I just played the final chapter.  The animations you put into that last chapter are simply amazing.  I can't wait to hear what people think of the game.  Bravo for putting in so much time into this project.  I hope our members play and appreciate the amount of effort you put into this.

Aura bunches for you.

 clap2 clap2 clap2
71  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Don't go swimming with those lascivious merfolk! on: 10 June 2013, 01:50:01
Oh my.  Well that is what happens when you are a famous Bard/Author.  Groupies.
72  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Curses? on: 08 June 2013, 05:24:37
Coren, would you consider a curse as a form of magic? Or would you write them to be the superstitious result of health problems?

We have a section on witchcraft and witchery spells in the Magic forum.  I would suggest it belongs there in a potentially new subsection of "curses" (unless you think this should expand beyond witches).
73  Organization and General Discussions / The Southern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Wilvong Dwarves? on: 08 June 2013, 05:18:46
Amabella/ Art

How about if I draw a new dwarf picture for the Wilvongs once it is done.  That way as Amabella develops the entry she won't have to be tied to the picture, and the picture can come later.

Sound good?
74  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Hello! on: 31 May 2013, 12:45:45
That is up to you Roy.  You can develop a full entry for any of the overview weapons that do not already have one or you can make up a new one all on your own.   thumbup
75  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Pheasant Grass on: 12 May 2013, 02:41:37
We do not a pheasant developed yet however there have been a couple mentions of pheasants in some entries.  So I think it is safe to say there are pheasants but we don't know much about them.  However I think it is safe to say Centoraurians would know about them.  It is harmless anyway and wont cause a problem if we just establish that fact.
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