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1  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Erpheronian/Erpheronian War Mace/Mace - Heavy Mace on: 30 June 2010, 22:41:36
Erpheronian War Mace

This war mace was specifically designed for combat against heavily armoured knights. Due to the near complete protection provided by plate mail, very few weapons could be used against such an armoured opponent. The war mace was designed to over come strong armour by ripping through it with sheer strength. A select few have truly been able to master the war mace due to the weight of the weapon, and the technique required to optimize the strength of the mace.


The war mace has been through several changes throughout its history. Modern war maces are made entirely of metal to provide resistance against other forms of weaponry. The metal shaft varies in length, width, and weight from person to person allowing the mace to be used by a variety of individuals. Many well known soldiers, knights, and generals tend to adorn the shaft with precious metals, and gems long after retiring from the battlefield. The bulbous head of the war mace is usually smooth, but many sadistic individuals have been known to have spiked maces allowing metal armor to be easily punctured. Diameter for the head, and thickness of the bulb tend to vary again with how the shaft is designed. The purpose behind this variation is to allow individuals of varying muscle tones, and body sizes to weild the war mace to the best of their abilities. Beginners tend to use a lighter variation of the mace until their bodies have accustomed to a heavier weight, and the motions required for the mace to be used.


More to come ...
2  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Maces Overview on: 26 August 2009, 21:40:35
Thanks guys, my confusion has cleared. I'll take care of it, and make the necessary adjustments. It'll take at least a day or two so bare with me gents. I'm almost done... again XP.
3  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Maces Overview on: 26 August 2009, 04:12:44
Alright for some reason I completely missed Seekers large paragraph on what I need to fix so I must apologize for not paying better attention. I'll be fixing it up so thank you for the comments Seeker, and Artimidor :)

As to your primary inquiry Seeker, I'd like to say that maces are themselves a weapon, and clubs are another kind. I'm not using Maces in the first paragraph as a collective term, but more to illustrate the use that the mace is put to in today's world. You could say that bone, wood, and stone clubs were the building blocks for the ordinary battle mace. For example, the original purpose for the axe was to chop timber but it eventually became a weapon, I'd meant for the idea to be similar so forgive me for not being clear on that. :(

@ Artimidor: So basically I need to add a Usage and Fighting Style Section, get rid off the Clubs and for each Type of Mace I need to write a kind of Mini-Overview. To be honest I meant for all of this to be more like the Swords of Caelereth entry. I have to ask if it would be possible to "borrow" the Usage and Fighting Style Section from the Blunt Weaponry entry? I'm a little bit confused so if you could expand on what you want me to do because I feel that I may have strayed from your original idea.
4  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Maces Overview on: 25 August 2009, 07:06:01
Thanks for pointing that out Dek, for some reason my spell check was acting up :P. I've edited it so it should be good now. thumbup
5  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Happy Birthday, Bard! on: 25 August 2009, 04:40:57
If I've missed it, please skip Number 1 and read Number 2

1. Happy Hopefully Not Late Birthday Bard!!

2. Happy Belated Birthday Bard! XP
6  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Maces Overview on: 25 August 2009, 04:37:05
lol That's a common misconception Seeker. The spiked head attached by a chain is commonly referred to as a flail or dire flail, and I think that would fall more under flexible weapons, or miscellaneous weaponry than an actual Mace.
7  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Lesrin'mar on: 24 August 2009, 22:08:13
Hey Sylvia,

For a medicinal concoction I'd assume that you need a particular type of herb no? So if it doesn't already exist than you'd have to create the plant yourself. Also if you intend to use other herbs that already exist than you'd probably have to look over those other entries. By using herbs that already exist, I think you'd have to add information about your concoction into the description of the herbs that you are using.

Alright so that was confusing, but I'd suggest talking it over with maybe Jenna, Seth, or Art just to make sure. :)
8  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Maces Overview on: 24 August 2009, 21:57:39
Alright I made some of my own edits and I'm finally done writing up this section. Now it's on to the comments, so I'm open to any thoughts, suggestions, comments, or critiques you guys may have for me. It's taken a while to get this done, and I'm sorry for having taken so long but RL is brutal XP. Any way everyone's opinion is greatly appreciated, thanks :).
9  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Aoriyá on: 12 August 2009, 08:05:26
Alright to answer both you Seeker, and you Artimidor, I know it's kind of vague, but trust me for now, and let me finish the write up before I take any more comments. The concept of this game is something hug, and not easily understood by humans so there are no "normal" rules so to speak, and everyone is going to play this game differently.

I have to say that I need a little rewording pertaining to the pieces used in this game. An example is in order for people to maybe better grasp this. In chess a rook is a rook no matter what set you take it from. If the art work or the design is different it still operates as a rook. I'd finish this long and arduous explanation but I've got to send this in a PM or something cause this is going to be long. We'll talk about it but RL is calling me and my rents will kill me so I'll get back to you guys via. PM.

For now trust_me
10  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Aoriyá on: 11 August 2009, 22:45:37


Aoriyá is usually played by two people, though there are several thousand ways of playing the game, and everyone who plays will start the game differently. It is not uncommon, however, to find more than two people sitting at the same Aoriyá board. Being of elvish descent, this game is near impossible for humans to full grasp, and hours of practice, and training go into becoming a master of this game. As elves, the majority of the populace has nothing but time on their hands. When deciding who will start play, one of the two six sided dice are rolled and who so ever rolls the higher amount starts play.

There are thousands upon thousands of game pieces, and every second turn new pieces are placed on the board with the dice operating as fate. Each of the pieces has it's own uniqueness though many of the pieces may have the same purpose as other pieces. When purchasing a set, a color must be selected for the pieces. Every piece is the same color, and there is no notable difference other than the fact that not one of them is alike in appearance though they may  be put to the same use as another piece. The pieces themselves are usually made from almost anything, though the majority of them are made from hard glass, precious stones, or fine woods. The vast majority of the boards are usually dwarven or elven make as very few humans even attempt to play this game. Needless to say, this game cannot be learned by simply watching a match unfold.

The board is similar to a map, with colored sections pointing out different geographical figures, and land marks. The Aoriyá board has a variety of colors that make out different landmarks, elevation, rivers, islands, tributaries, and other points of interest that could be key in the winning of a battle. Though difficult, the artists, wood and metal workers who design and put together the sets manage to miraculously fit everything onto the small boards with immaculate precision. Both the creation of the board, and pieces take far longer than the average human life span hence the lack of interest from most humans.


The rules for Aoriyá are impossible to list all at once, and would require several long and arduous pages of explanation for anyone not of elven descent. The game itself requires a great deal of patience to play, and requires that the players remember nearly all previous moves made by their opponent.
11  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Morgerim/The Mortalon/Battle Axe on: 11 August 2009, 04:22:57
Thanks Arty, on to the next bit of work then.  ;)
12  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Morgerim/The Mortalon/Battle Axe on: 11 August 2009, 02:51:51
Hmmmm  undecided

As this has already been uploaded would you still like me to find a new name? Also I've had a new idea pertaining to a spectacular elven game, so I'd like permission to start that as well. Whichever one you would like done first I'll have it up at a moments notice.
13  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Morgerim/The Mortalon/Battle Axe on: 10 August 2009, 23:27:06
Thank you very much Artimidor, and I'm glad you liked it! I've changed the name to Mithrid, if that's all right and I hope everything else is to your satisfaction. thanx
14  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Martial Arts on: 04 August 2009, 23:36:55
Alright guys thanks for your help, I'll be taking a long look at the links because I've got some new ideas lying around. Since Valan has brought it to my attention, I'm going to be keeping the dev and RPing separate from here on out. Also thanks for all the information that the two of you have provided, I knew what the answer would be vaguely, but I thought it best to ask to be sure. You guys have been a big help so thank you once again :).
15  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Martial Arts on: 04 August 2009, 08:53:47
I'm curious guys, and I've had this on my mind for a long time. I was wondering if there were any particular martial arts styles out there in Santharia, and if a Mage would be able to pick them up? I mean I know about Blood Magic and it's martial effects, but I'm looking for the kind of Martial Arts that could easily be picked up by an Ximaxian Mage. Is there anything like that out there?
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