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31  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Shivering Woods on: 15 June 2001, 16:39:00
I plan to elaborate more on this as time goes by. This is basically what it would look like to someone who opened a history book and tried to do research on the forest.
I like the idea of sentient plants and perhaps I will create those, but for the time being, I'm finishing up details on The Silver Hand.

32  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Shivering Woods on: 15 June 2001, 13:58:00
I found this spot on the map of Santharia and decided to give it some background so here goes:

The Shivering Wood is a forest in Western Santharia south of the town of Horth. The area gets its name from a mysterious phenomenon. At night, whenever the slightest breeze brushes the trees, they begin the shiver and quake from the highest leaves down to their roots. Many people believe the forest to be haunted, mainly because of its history.
Long, long ago (the exact time is unknown, though many scholars are sure it was during The War of The Chosen), a powerful group of sorcerers calling themselves The Silver Hand established a fortress deep within these woods. Though very little is known about The Silver Hand in these times, what is known is that their mission was and still is quite common: Immortality.
Information gathered by explorers and sages suggests that near the end of the war, The Silver Hand sorcerers created a magnificent ring of erect stones in the heart of the Shivering Wood. This structure was to in some way help them to gain immortality. Unfortunately, their greed got the better of them and as they wished to be as everlasting as the mountains themselves, the sorcerers' souls left their bodies and each of them became one with an individual stone in their great ring.
This is perhaps the first account of the well-known form of immortality by turning the subject to stone. However, most of this is guessing based on what little evidence has been gathered, and the fate of The Silver Hand remains uncertain.
To this day, the ring of stones still stands, and the magic around it is almost tangible at times. Of course, only the bravest dare to venture into these woods.
Today, the Shivering Wood has a new supposed occupant: the mysterious Greywolf. There is as much controversy around this half-elf only rumored to exist, as there is around the history of the ring of stones. Of course, it is doubtful that answers will be found to either subject in the conceivable future.

The Shivering Wood is a deciduous forest with a thick canopy of leaves that block out some of the sun light. Contrary to what many believe, the forest does have inhabitants. In addition to numerous fruit-bearing trees and bushes, the Shivering Wood is home to many common animals from squirrels, to hawks, to deer. There is also a single wolf pack which has laid claim to the entire forest as its territory and held onto it for innumerable generations.
The unusual shivering trees that give the forest its name are still an unexplained phenomenon. However, since the trees shake down to their roots, it has helped to loosen and air out the soil. Combined with the countless burrowing insects and humid conditions, the soil in the Shivering Wood is very fertile and ideal for plant life. As such, the numerous fauna living here are surpassed by the amount of flora. Deeper in the forest, the sun is all but completely blocked out by the canopy.

That's all I have for now. Any suggestions? Criticism? I'm still unsure if I'm doing this right. And, yes, I know the stone immortality story is a bit trite, but I think it works nicely in this legend. Of course, that's just my opinion.

Edited by: Obsidian at: 6/14/01 9:25:56 pm
33  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: Drow not normal Drow? on: 23 June 2001, 15:58:00
We can only hope.

34  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: Drow not normal Drow? on: 23 June 2001, 06:34:00
Not to sound perverted or anything, but I seem to be noticing in several fantasy anime titles that the elven characters are usually female and if so, where outfits that show an unreal amount of legs and/or cleavage. *shrug* Anyway....

35  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: The Drow on: 19 June 2001, 20:48:00
Elves are perhaps my favorite of all fantasy races. It would be great to lend a hand, even a very minor part, in the detailing of Drow culture. :D  

36  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: The Drow on: 19 June 2001, 16:31:00
I personally would find it interesting to see a tribe of Drow with pale skin and hair, suggesting an aversion to light, but very comely looks.
I personally have an affinity for the darkly cute girls out there :D
Perhaps a tribe of Drow has a style of architecture and fashion similar to our own gothic style, i.e. affinity for hte color black, tall spikes and spires, etc. This would give these particular Drow a mysterious look, suggesting their favor toward shadows. Of course, we have to bear in mind that like the element of death, darkness isn't necessarily evil. It just *is*.
As for hte stereotype of Drow being evil, let's picture that this is an unfair stereotype, but one that many people in Sarvonia follow out of ignorance. Almost like HIV at that, though it's probably a very poor ananlogy.

37  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: Greywolf on: 22 June 2001, 16:12:00
Currently, I don't plan to give Greywolf any magic weapons. His limited number of taxing spells are enough magic for now. Perhaps during his misadventures he'll find a magic dagger or something, but for now no magic weapons.
Also, to further balance his spell, let's say that he can cast his minor spells just as short-range teleportation and camouflage but his Ghost Touch ability is too weak to really function effectively in combat. Rather, the only reason it works as well as it does is because of some amulet or ring or similar device that supplements his magic with one drawback: the item increases his power by tapping energies within his body that aren't normally used. It's like in a bad sci-fi movie where they tell you the fact that humans only use 10% of hteir brains nad then these genetically latered people come along and use the remaining 90%. However, the energy drain takes twenty-four hours to wear off and if he exceeds a certain amount, or uses the Ghost Touch, his body becomes translucent nad incorporeal for a few minutes while trying to recover.

38  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: Greywolf on: 15 June 2001, 20:14:00
Another tag to coincide with Greywolf's past:

He lives in an old cottage in the north-east side of the Shivering Wood. He doesn't know it, but this is the cottage his parents lived in until their death. He keeps it in excellent repair and has added an extra room for a small forge and lines every available space on the walls with weapons and armor and and so on.
He has given names to some of his favorite weapons. For example, the U-blade is called "Fang" and a particular longsword with one sawlike edge is called "Vampire."

Edited by: Obsidian at: 6/15/01 5:37:30 pm
39  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: Greywolf on: 15 June 2001, 19:06:00
Becoming incorporeal. I like that! It matches his ghostly "theme."
By the way, I have his true origin posted over at the history of the Shivering Wood.

40  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: Greywolf on: 15 June 2001, 18:18:00
Perhaps I could change the spell so that the weapons only strike organic materials, which means leather armor or a wooden shield could stop it.
The time restrictions I've made sound good, as well. This tones it down without making it useless.

41  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: Greywolf on: 15 June 2001, 17:10:00
I understand where you're coming from so I'll tone it down nad impose more restriction. Perhaps only usable for a five second period and only once ever other week. I'll think a little on it.

42  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: Greywolf on: 15 June 2001, 16:21:00
I see your point. Off the top of my head, Greywolf could simply refer to the weapon as "Fang." For the most part, it would be used in the same as an Asian katar from India, stabbing the opponent in a punching motion, though some slashes and paries would be possible.

43  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: Greywolf on: 15 June 2001, 13:30:00
I was considering adding Greywolf to the compendium some time, and you're right I would have to alter the wording a bit.
Also, his U-shaped blade isn't a Bat'Leth. I should haev been more specific and said it is a perfect U, held in one hand, and about 0.4 peds in length.

44  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: Greywolf on: 14 June 2001, 21:18:00
OK, quick update on Greywolf:

He does indeed posess magic, though does not openly display it for two reasons: to use the element of surprise in a fight, and to make sure those who know of his magic don't know how limited it is.
Greywolf values subtlety and stealth in combat, so he keeps his magic in reserve until it becomes necessary to use it. Most of his spells are illusions and so on, such as camouflage and projected images. He can teleport, but only to a range of 4 peds. His most powerful spell is an interesting ability he calls "Ghost Touch." It grants him the power to allow his weapons to pass through any non-magical barriers and strike only living flesh. This spell allows him to pass his weapons through an enemy's armor as if it wasn't there. Unfortunately, Greywolf can only use this spell a few times a week, causing him to use it only as a last resort.
As mentioned above, Greywolf's magic is very limited. He only knows a handful of spells and has to ration them, since many have limitations he hasn't mastered.
It is also worthy to note that Greywolf makes his home in a modest cottage he built himself deep in the Shivering Woods (I'll make a post about that soon.). Here he keeps himself in silent solitude and meditation. He shares these woods with a wolf pack, the descendents of the wolves who took him in and raised him. Some people say Greywolf can speak with wolves, and this is quite true. He has learned how to communicate with most canines through a series of growls, yips, barks, and especially body language. Many people say hte half-elf grows his platinum hair into a long braided tail because he doesn't have a real one. This is half-right. He does it to enchance his image in relation to his name, but he also just likes his hair that way.
One other distinguishing trait about Greywolf is his weapons. The half-elf apprenticed with a blacksmith for a time, and learned how to craft weapons. Today, he has created over three dozen different weapons, many with unusual or unique designs. One of his favorites is a U-shaped weapon with hte hilt at the base, and two parallel blades coming out from either end, curving up to face forward.

45  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Re: Greywolf on: 14 June 2001, 17:48:00
Well. so far, Greywolf will be in a collection of short stories that will gradually form a big collection over time with only a few individual tales having a significant point in a timeline. If you have ever read Frtiz Leiber's book "Ill Met in Lankhmar" you'll know what I'm talking about.
If you need fairy-tale characters, give me a little time to think it up. Designing characters is probably my strong point, but I'll let you be hte judge.

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