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46  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Greywolf on: 13 June 2001, 21:22:00
Name: Greywolf
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Height: 2 peds
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Platinum
Sex: Male
Race: Half-elven

Greywolf is a bounty hunter who makes his home in the mysterious Shivering Woods. He is a tall, lean figure, almost ghostly in appearance with a voice to match. Many believe Greywolf to be either dead or a story told by mothers to scare their children away from thievery. This is far from the truth.
Very little is known about the half-elf's background, and even Greywolf himself will confess to having no memory of his birth parents. He grew up in the Shivering Woods raised by wolves for most of his childhood.
In his teenage years, the exact date is unknown, he ventured out of the forest in search of adventure. After wandering around, he came across the town of Horth, but was met with cold suspicion and ostracism. People regarded Greywolf as a bastard child and an orphan. It was perhaps these early experiences that caused the half-elf to become the loner he is today.
For the next few years, the boy travelled from town to town, picking up what skills he could from anyone who would teach him. He learned to read and write, practiced the art of stealth, and at one point learned to make weapons as an apprentice under a kind-hearted blacksmith.
Of course, Greywolf's travels also showed him the nature of corruption. He saw how criminals and thieves had hurt innocent lives, and it burned his heart. For this reason, he became a bounty hunter.
At first, Greywolf started out by bringing in local thieves without asking for reward, but as he grew hungry, he realized that he would need money to survive.
Time honed the half-elf's skills, and soon he became exceptionally good at his trade. Rumors as to whether or not Greywolf has magic in his repertoire remain just that: rumors, since no one can prove any truth to them.
From here, not much else is known of Greywolf. The details become rather fuzzy at this point, and he's not a very talkative individual.
Of course, many taverns still hear stories of the half-elf. It is not uncommon to see one cutpurse or another weaving some story about having escaped or killed Greywolf, though not many are inclined to believe them.

That's the draft I've worked out for the character so far. I'll post the complete history and physical description, hopefully before the end of the week along with ideas for the Shivering Woods.
I would appreciate any kind of input or criticism, as I'm still new here and not always sure I know what I'm doing.

47  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Alex Tomsho: First submission on: 13 June 2001, 21:24:00
(Cary Elwes inpersonation) So it's to be torture? I can cope with torture.

48  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Alex Tomsho: First submission on: 13 June 2001, 16:07:00
Well, I don't think I should haev trouble fitting in if everyone is a little crazy. After all, insanity runs in the family and any day, my little brother will be declaring himself president of The Hannibal Lecter Fanclub. What does that tell you? :)
I'll have a couple pages of story and a background up soon. I'll start a few other threads soon about other areas I want to give a whack at, so bye for now.

49  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Alex Tomsho: First submission on: 13 June 2001, 13:46:00
I have just rtecently completed several pages of a short story based on a character named Greywolf. I'm going to creating a more detailed background for him soon, but for the time being, I'll just start with what I have.
My main question, and I feel a little emberassed asking, is this: Do I send my work to the forums or via e-mail?

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