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1  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Site Update 25-01-2014 on: 11 February 2014, 07:06:07
Wonderful update, as usual ^^

I did stumble across something by chance though: Caeltakkar Keep

It is a bit late to bring this up, but back.. many moons ago, that area was being developed, and as part of Caeltakkar's character, the Bloodbloom Flower or "TEARS OF CAEL'S WIFE" was developed. Maybe Reegen could be swayed to add a soft bed of crimson specks along those impressive cliff-sides? ^^ This could also wait until the character and the area are once again developed actively though ;) just wanted to make sure it's noted.

^^ what are the chances of that.. you surface from under dusty parchment and come across an active entry from back in the day *charmed grin* the development forum, it's beckoning me
2  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Site Update 17-03-2013 on: 19 May 2013, 23:34:56
*takes a bow* Congratulations Amabella! Welcome to the Dream ^^

*turning around, he frowns disapprovingly at the sorry look of his dust-cloaked study*
3  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Mines of Ghun'Gob - Rewrite on: 29 April 2012, 08:10:48
Thanks everyone, as soon as I'm through my finals I will give this mine the lore and intriguing mystery it deserves, keep an eye open..

Seeker, it is good to see you again, it'd be a privilege to have you draw an illustration for this image. Let me get it sorted and re-writ though so that some intriguing and interesting features for the illustration are present in the entry ^^ thanks a lot for the offer!
4  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Long time no see on: 22 April 2012, 23:56:14
I saw the Troll thread has received some attention in the last couple of months, is it okay if I look into that? (Being, as it is, still a bit attached to those stinking, rotten monsters)

I had a rummage about with the trolls after their feral dopiness sparked something in my heart too ^^ never got past the death rites and some primitive weapons though. I am excited to hear that someone will be refocusing on the trolls!

Oh, and it's nice to meet you Ishmaelion
5  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Mines of Ghun'Gob - Rewrite on: 22 April 2012, 18:02:41
Sweet, thanks Judy for your opinion. Shall I go ahead as proposed then or should I wait for further "top-end management" approval? grin
6  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Mines of Ghun'Gob - Rewrite on: 21 April 2012, 23:32:38
Though before trying to determine the "worst" entries, do swing a lamp over my way to see what sort of muck I've been digging through buck

Haha, *puts on wellies* I'll have a wade across then
7  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Mines of Ghun'Gob - Rewrite on: 21 April 2012, 22:15:51
Well.. i thought if i gave it some time things would look differently when approaching this entry again.. as it turns out, I was wrong.

Here's my thinking/ problem/ rant with the original entry:

Since I am having painstaking trouble with doing pretty much anything with this entry, the natural reaction would be to walk away from it and let it be.. the reason why I can't do that though is that the entry (if it can even be considered that) strongly refers back to the Goblins. Similarly, I have to argue (and I apologise if this offends anyone) that this entry must be one of the worst ones in the Compendium >< Has anyone actually read this? Next to adding nothing what so ever to the dream or making any attempt of integrating, it's laced with appalling and often context-losing errors.

I'm not complaining for no reason. I just feel that some decisions must be made before any progress can be made on this: Does the entry get taken out (a little extreme, i wouldn't wish for any of our fellow researchers' stuff to be taken out) or do we give up on trying to integrate parts of the flawed original entry and just overwrite it to an entry that is actually readable and makes sense... both solutions are rather extreme and are the reason why I've not been able to make any progress.

I would very much appreciate any and everyone's opinion on what to do here...
8  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Dark Tailed Butterfly (first ever proto-creation) on: 18 April 2012, 04:25:56
Same here grin Got final year exams coming up next week. All the best to you Yidrassil, hope the exams go easy on us both ;)

As for the style, you're perfectly right in putting down ideas first. We may have jumped the gun a little when our feedback started incorporating suggestions on structure and grammar. After all your post is still marked as work in progress. We're just really keen to cater for an help new people. New dreamers means wonderful new ideas and perspectives ;) I'll keep an eye out for this entry. 'Till after the exam

9  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Dark Tailed Butterfly (first ever proto-creation) on: 18 April 2012, 01:07:55
Hey Yidrassil, grand creature. I'm glad to see you decided to start in our  good ol' Bestiary. Below are some thoughts about your entry so far. These are just brainstormed, so take on or reject as you see fit. As a whole I think the ideas are there, you're just missing a more flowing style and some grammatical blunders we can work at ironing out ^^

The Aklitha or Dark Tailed Butterfly lives amongst the Ironwood Trees on the slopes of Mount  Emesz’gob, in the Prominent Mountains. Though strictly a moth of light and dark brown colours, this creature is seldom seen and eagerly hunted for the strange qualities of its cocoon.
The sentence “Though strictly a moth of light and dark brown colours, this creature…” is a little open ended. Are you trying to say that regardless of its plain appearance and classification as a mere moth, this creature is sought after?

Animals, small, insect.

The Dark Tailed Butterfly measures approximately three nailsbreadths wide and seven nailsbreadths long (from antenna to tail). The length of the tail alone is three nailsbreadths.

Its colours appeared to be dull from afar but on closer inspection, the researcher, Leifloff Sjungnarr, claimed that more than two hundred shades of brown could be observed. These colours help it to blend into its environment. These colours enable the moth to go unnoticed as the Ironwood changes colour with age. A slightly abrupt mention of the ironwood here.. it feels a little like a reference to information that has not yet been mentioned to this point? If that makes sense… You go on to mention the importance of ironwood to this creature later on, but remember that the first mention of an aspect should always be the explanatory one, and consequent mentions can then be vaguer, using the reader’s previous knowledge to fill in the gaps. The wings consist of a oval forewing and a trailing hindwing, which, along with its tail, assist in subsistence strategies. As the forewing is relatively small, at one nailsbreadth, flight patterns of the moth can be quite irregular and unpredictable, much like a leaf dancing on the air. The tail itself is long with three flailing, tentacle like glands that facilitate, amongst other things, the spinning of the cocoon.

The cocoon from which the dark tailed butterfly emerges is only four nailsbreadths wide and five long. This small size forces the male and female to practise their mating ritual which they would not otherwise do. What do you mean there? The statement feel incomplete, or like it’s missing an explanatory part. The cocoon is charcoal black and very slightly sticky, owing to the various residues that the moth's tail glands secrete to bind the silk fibres. The residue also helps to bind the cocoon to the smooth bark of younger Ironwood Trees.

To the non-expert, it would appear that larvae digest digest what? The cocoon material? Then mention of them chewing their way out needs to be mentioned. and crawl out of the cocoon. This, however, is not the case. Under very close inspection, these 'larvae' have very small wings, and are infact 'proto-moths' (a term which Leif was pleased to coin himself).

The mistaken etymology of 'Butterfly' came about when Leif observed the graceful butterfly like movements of the moth as it fluttered from tree top canopies to the ground, much like a falling leaf. the terms “falling like a leave” and “graceful” seem to clash a little, I’d recommend revising that. The researcher believed it to be a butterfly because of this characteristic, and mistakenly called it thus. It is not of this taxidermic family, however. The moth like characteristics are clear. Unlike butterflies, the antenna and body are furry and their forewings have small barbs with which to latch on to leaves and bark.

The Dark Tailed Butterfly only resides amongst the Ironwood Trees of Emesz’gob, and, as such, is a fairly rare creature. Remain of these creatures were found at Mount Colvin on the volcanic Isle of Climaxed, suggesting that they were once more common.

Habitat/ Behaviour
These moths are fast flying creatures that imitate the movement of leaves due to a small forewing and are mostly solitary. again, sudden bit of information: The sentence establishes their characteristic movement and then quite suddenly adds in a snippet of information about them being solitary creatures. I’d take out that last part and make an full-fledged sentence out of that, which will then flow nicely into … On the 21st of the Awakening Earth, the moths become very sociable and quickly find a mate. The are great pollinators of the Ironwood flower, but, as there are so few of these Dark Tailed Butterflies, the Ironwood Trees do not spread rapidly.
10  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / Re: Gob-Ocs - The Goblins -revisited- on: 18 April 2012, 00:12:07
Anyway, please continue with this, Jonael! Looks like the entry was already started a year ago, so it's time that it takes shape in all sections ;) And I've already forgotten what you picked as your masterwork, but I guess this entry could do as well :D  thumbup Aura +1 from here!

Hey Arti, yup, sure has been a while. I'm glad that what's there comes across as believable and solid so far. The entry has changed a lot and taken new twists and turns as I develop it, so it is important to me that no one part feels alienated from the general picture the entry as a whole is trying to paint.

The goblins were in fact the Masterwork I chose. This entry represents the core and the summary of my efforts to convert these fellows into a self-sufficient race that has a role in the bigger picture of Santharia. I am hoping to have it and the consequent side entries form my masterwork as a collective, establishing the Gob-Oc as my specialisation ;) I'll keep at it, thanks for the encouraging words so far
11  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / Re: Gob-Ocs - The Goblins -revisited- on: 17 April 2012, 01:54:11
Here's taking the goblins in a new direction entirely. Most sections are still under construction, but the "oranged" ones are solid enough to take a beating from critics and supporters alike.

Let me know what you guys think of the idea of having the goblins establish themselves as a neutral state wedged in the middle of Sarvonia ^^
12  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: R'unorian Gaspan on: 18 March 2012, 21:26:38
Aye, give us a day or two and I'll have a dig through it too
13  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Site Update 05-02-2012 - Awards Update on: 25 February 2012, 23:20:59
However that Jonael has shown some artistic promise...hmmm.... how to keep him away from here.  evil

What a charming line to come back to after a while of absence ^^ Haha, cheers Seeker, it's people like you and Judy that spur me on and constantly encourage me to keep drawing and painting and developing. I'm ever grateful to you all for that.

Though very much belated, I'd also like to thank everyone for the awards. To see that one's work is appreciated and treasured by the community is one of the most fantastic and rewarding experiences for any compendium-dweller. Cheers everyone
14  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Absence on: 28 August 2011, 23:15:36
Right, and that's that done.. With august coming to and end, so too my second summer-job up at the castle finishes soon. Sorry I've been away entirely during this time, but I just couldn't go through the stress of finding a weak at best internet connection out here in the middle of nowhere. In a couple of days I should be back in in my flat in good old Dundee.

By having a quick look around (and having popped my head in once or twice) I see we've got quite some new members! That's wonderful news, I hope to get to know and develop alongside them very soon. And with that, though by the looks of it not purely because of it, increased activity in my cosy little bestiary shack. Exciting times

Hope everyone's been well over the last couple of months, thoroughly enjoying the summer no doubt

Best wishes,

15  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Polearm Weapons Overview Illustrations on: 10 August 2011, 02:53:31
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