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1  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / i knew it on: 26 June 2003, 13:40:00
well there goes my first impression :rollin
I had a feeling i was doing something wrong.  Well i have been researching the passed few days, and I did look at other tribes and read some of the forum.  I couldnt find any information about how to start off so I just gave it a shot, hope u understand.

2  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / My first post: Aquaelusrian Elf/Human Tribe on: 26 June 2003, 01:33:00
Greets.  As you can see (or will see by reading below) I am very new here and I am not sure if I am doing anything wrong.  Nice to meet you all.

Aquaelusrian Elf/Human Tribe
A Human/Elven tribe with a kingdom stretching from the south eastern to western coasts the Isle of Quios'kathar.  

The Aquaelusrian humans are about the same height as of the common human and almost as built.  As for the elves, they are a bit slender and shorter.  They both were very slightly more slender, but surprisingly fast (elves being faster). They (both human and elf) have a small amount of psychological power, but can greatly increase due to emotional effects, such as love and anger, and at some times, can even surpass the power of some high elven beings. Their skin tones in general are paler than the more common humans, but they still vary.  The human portion of the tribe have a peach color skin tone  and the elves of a vanilla skin tone.  The half elf's skin tone blend between their elven and human parents.  Their eyes range from a blue green to a deep glowing blue.

Coat of Arms
The tribe's coat of arms is a ring of nine stars over a moonlit sea.  The nine stars symbolize spiritual strength and perfection, nine is the perfect number.  The ring symbolizes physical strength and flexibility, a ring of steel can be bent and stretched, but hard to break, it is also the symbol of their goddess, Baveras, goddess of the sea and the water. And the sea represents purity and rebirth.

The Aquaelusrian people live in the south most parts of the isle of Quios'kathar, which is temperate.

Aquaelusrians are very skilled fishermen.  They are also skilled with tridents in battle and smithing them.  Their magic is mostly holy and water based and have the ability to inscribe spells on their weapons, although it will not be as powerful inscribed than actually casting the spell, the weapon's power will never diminish.

Aquaelusrians dwell in well developed villages that can sometimes hold a population over 200 people.  Their houses are composed of either beached wood or timber fastened together with metal rings.

The male portion of the tribe rarely wear any type of shirt and usually wear shorts or pants made of wool.  The female portion only cover the basic portions of their body with hemp clothing.

The Aquaelusrian diet consists of vegetables and fish they catch.

Weapons were needed for protection from intruders and invasions, this is where they shine.  The weapon the tribe focuses on is the Trident, it is the weapon of the sea and if used right, serves better than a long sword.  The trident was also used for catching fish.
The main jobs for the male were fishing, smithing, and building.  The female's job were to take care of the youths, tailor, also fishing and building.

The Government of the Aquaelusrian was originally tribal, but due to the number of tribal leaders civil wars spread between the tribes until Monarchy was established and all the tribes became one kingdom.

The Aquaelusrians exported fish and weapons and imported iron ore from the city of Quios for their smiths.

Natural Resources
Wood in the Querinlon Forest, and fish from the Adanian sea.

Holidays, Festivals and Observances
The Aquaelusrians celebrate their belief in their god, Baveras on the first day of the Month of the Passing Clouds.  The festival would start and end at dawn the next day.  The Aquaelusrians would build a raft and stack wood on it, tie it to the end of a rope onto the shore and light the raft on fire and dance to it.

Important Achievements (Optional)
On the 9th day of the Month of the Passing Clouds, a champion named Helos Meftus was returning home from fishing in the deep sea he witnessed the great goddess herself, Baveras, singing as she moved her fingers along the surface of the water.

*Not finished

Please if you find anything I am completely doing wrong or missing something or suggestions, Reply!!!

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