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Author Topic: Magic Revisions: Water School  (Read 785 times)
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« on: 28 December 2002, 23:12:00 »

Well, here we go... Water Magic in the new system....

And, must I say, so much easier. ;)


Physical Representation, Spell Class 1: Márphóilán

Basically... this is your standard water manipulation class.... spells in which one creates water for personal use by, mostly, using surrounding water car’all in the area. Of course, spells like this can’t be used in firey areas mostly, because generally the only thing one can extract water car’all from would be the mage himself, thus, generally dehydrating the mage after one spell.

Spell examples:
1) Water Extraction (extracts water car’all from a person or thing so that it is available for the caster’s use)
2) Part Water (creates an expanse between two parts of water)
3) Splash (makes water jump out of a pool or glass, or whatever)
4) Wave (creates a water wave to wash over enemies)
5) Water Fill (fills a target region with water)


Spiritual Representation, Spell Class 1: Mentalism

One who does physical control of water manipulates or creates water for physical usage. One who does spiritual control manipulates the water aura of one’s mind, allowing the ability to send messages through the manipulation of car’all in another’s mind to make them believe they have recieved this mental message.

Spell examples:
1) Telepathy (causes a person’s mind to ‘hear’ a message from you, imagery or word)
2) Dominate (alters the mind of a being so that it can be manipulated by an outside source – the caster)
3) Repel (blocks any sort of mental attack by turning part of the mind’s car’all into a sort of mental shield)
4) Ward Mind (blocks a mind from any type of mental spell, aggressive or beneficial, via a portion of the person’s car’all being changed into a mental shield)
5) Mental Deflection (deflects a mental spell back at the one who casted it)----


Physical Representation, Spell Class 2: Transformation

Simple enough, deals with the physical transformation of beings into different forms. Unlike the wind version which changes how one is viewed in the eyes of the beholder, the water version actually changes the form into something new. Whereas Marpholian deals with the changes in the water, Transformation deals with the changing of solid objects.

Spell examples:
1) Spear of Frost (creates or uses water and transforms it into a frozen icicle)
2) Frost Shield (creates or uses water and transforms it into a shield of ice that is used for protection or as a bridge over an expanse)
3) Shift: Water (transforms a target’s physical makeup into that of a water being)
3) Shift: Ice (transforms a target’s physical makeup into that of an ice being)
4) Freeze (transforms a target into a statue of frozen ice)


Spiritual Representation, Spell Class 2: Water Enchantment

Alters someone’s perception of the surrounding area or themselves. Make’s them feel as if they or the area around them has been changed. They feel as if they have been given unreal strength, or their territory has suddenly become a freezing tundra, when in reality nothing has changed.

Spell examples:
1) Harmony (causes a person to feel like they are safe and at ease, even if they are in the middle of a raging siege)
2) Enhance Strength (makes a person feel as if they have suddenly increased in muscle mass, giving them surreal strength)
3) Negative Image (causes the area around a person to distort and randomely shift in colors, hence confusing and bewildering the target)
4) Skin of Painlessness (causes a person to feel as if their skin has suddenly become immune to all pain, and the target feels as if they no longer can feel hurtful attacks)


Physical Representation, Spell Class 3: Growth

Causes something to either accelerate or decelerate in its growth process. Similar to Life magic. One could cause an being to live slightly longer by decelerating its growth, or one could cause a physical shield, such as Frost Shield, to decay faster and thus erode into nothingness by accelerating its growth and making its duration expire.

Spell examples:
1) Fester (causes wounds to decay and fester as if they have been present for days, thus making them spread and do more damage in a shorter amount of time)
2) Ripen (causes fruits and various other vegetables and plants to grow quicker than normal, thus allowing them to be picked earlier than the harvest. Very useful to farmers and the like)
3) Deteriorate (decreases the duration of a spell effect, thus, making it wear off quicker than normal)
4) Weaken (increases the growth rate of a person’s muscles, to the state of an old man, thus decreasing the strength provided by those now weak muscles)
5) Strengthen (causes muscles to grow in size, and revert back to the time of youth, when they are strong and powerful, so that a person’s strength increases)
6) Speed Wound (causes a wound to speed in its natural healing processes, causing the tissue and such to grow and become strong again)
7) Slow Wound (opposite of Speed Wound, causes a wound to slow in its natural healing processes, causing the tissue and such to slow growing and take longer time in becoming strong)


Spiritual Representation, Spell Class 3: Mental Augmentation

This class of spells causes someone to feel like they are older or younger, and decreases or increases the duration of spiritual spells. Spells like this could cause a person to be decripified, feeling as if they are nothing more than an old man, and thus move slow and painfully.  

Spell examples:
1) Strip Barrier (strips a spiritual barrier off of an individual by decreasing its duration, making it fade quicker than it should. The spiritual side to Deteriorate)
2) Enhance Warding (Enhances the protection of a mental ward, increasing its duration so that it lasts longer, and increasing its protective power)
3) Decrepify (causes a person to believe they have aged to the years of an old man, when in reality they have not, and thus feel they can not make the moves or actions of their youth)
4) Exhaust (increases the age of a person’s lungs to that of the elderly, making them weak and unable to breathe as fast as they did in youth)
5) Revitalize (decreases the age of a person’s lungs to that of the youth, making them strong and able to breathe with the strength of the young)


Well... there's we go... :

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