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Author Topic: Gut Remedies  (Read 793 times)
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« on: 10 May 2007, 06:05:31 »

  Next in the line of herbal remedies...


Anemonel Flower (Aelvásh Merín)
Raw Anemonel is poisonous, and accidental ingestion often leads to headache, fever, loose watery stool, stomach cramps, and may even cause death.  The Injerín elves have mastered preparation of Anemonel for medicinal use, carefully guarding this secret from anyone else.  In elven culture, the Anemonel is associated with positive and magical, even mysterious, properties.  To the orcs, however, this flower represents disease and death because of the poison of the living plant and the pale pink color of the flower which mirrors the pallor of death.

Dried Anemonel leaves are crushed, soaked with Anemonel petals, then mixed with other herbs that help neutralize the poison in Anemonel to produce Aelvásh’már.

  • Reverses effects of other natural poisons, including its own.
  • Assuages stomach cramps.

Anemonel flowers are found in forested regions of Northern Sarvonia.

Burntrock (Falserock)
The Falserock is a small plant, a variety of a cacti actually, that actually looks more like a stone than a living thing.  Hiding as it does among the pebbles in the Ráhaz-Dáth Desert, with its gray and brown exterior Falserock has the perfect disguise.  Falserock comes in three varieties - Common Falserock, Painrock and Burntrock.  Burntrock is found near the Norong‘sorno, and named so because of its already burnt colouring. It appears blackened with small lumps upon it that look like cooled lava bubbles having a slight shine to them.

The plant is washed and slow-roasted, then the husk is removed and the "meat" inside is eaten.

  • Good for ridding the body of toxins and belly ache.

The burntrock variety of falserock is found near the Norong‘sorno in the Ráhaz-Dáth desert.

Cinnabark Pine
The Cinnabark Pine is a giant conifer, between 35 and 50 peds in height, with turquoise needles and shaggy red-brown bark with a delicately fragrant spicy scent. Its bark is used as a sweet spice to flavor many foods.  These trees are found mainly in tropical regions of the world, especially in the southern parts of the Continent of Nybelmar, but also in the forest of Vóhol'caór in the southeast of Denilou and in the Sharadon Forests cultivated by the Maeverhim elves.

Cinnasticks (shaved tree bark) are brewed into a tea.

  • Soothes stomach and bowel problems.

Cinnabark pine trees are found in southern Nybelmar, the forest of Vóhol'caór in Denilou, and in the Sharadon Forests.

Common Basiloc
Basiloc is a small herb that grows abundantly in Southern Sarvonia. It has commonly been described as a small leafy bush with tiny flowers in the summer. There are two different kinds of Basiloc; Asén (meaning "sweet") Basiloc is used in cooking and fragrances, while Common Basiloc is used in tea to help calm an upset stomach.

Leaves are harvested just before the flowers bloom.  The freshly picked leaves may be chewed for modest effect.  Dried leaves are more commonly used, and can make a more potent cha.  Tied into bunches and hung upside down, these will dry within a month.  To prepare cha of Basiloc, crush two or three leaves into a cup of boiling water and stir.

  • Tea soothes upset stomach.

The Basiloc herb is found in Southern Sarvonia, particularly central Southern Sarvonia.

Fragrans Tree
Fragrans Trees are tall, slim trees roughly 8 peds in height with reddish brown bark and black leaves with small purple spots. The tree's bark may be used to produce a tea with an earthy, pleasant taste which quiets stomach upset.  The bark is rough, as if the tree were covered with small sharp grains.

Tree bark may be shaved off, but one should not shave down to the trunk itself, lest damage befall the tree.  The bark is grated and steeped in boiling water to produce tea.

  • The tea staves off nausea.

Fragrans trees are found throughout Santharia; optimal conditions are rich soil, good water, and plenty of sun exposure.

Khmeen Plant
Two varieties of Khmeen plant are known, Black Khmeen and the more aromatic, though less common, Maiden's Breath.  Both begin life as carrot-appearing roots, and within one or two years these put out seed-producing flowers.  These seeds are the essential part of medicinal extractions from the Khmeen plant.

The seeds themselves may be chewed to derive medicinal benefit.  As well, the seeds may be ground and pressed to release the oils contained within.

  • Aid good digestion, rids halitosis.

The Khmeen plant is found in southern Elverground, Narfost Plain, and northern Nybelmar.

Mil'no Plant
The Mil'no Plant is a desert plant with light pink to blue blooms used for hygienic, cosmetic, medical and other purposes due to its strong scent. Mil'no grows in bulks on solitary stalks with silvery-green leaves and can be found in abundance in half arid conditions, but can exist in drier regions also. Mil'no is up to two peds high with green soft, hand sized leaves on single stalks, growing in bulks. Its intense scent serves as a defence against herbivorous animals and sucking insects. Mil'no is mainly used by the Shendar, who need not only greater amounts of the leaves for their toilet, but use all its parts for different purposes.

The long stems are filled with liquid, akin to tree sap.  This sap is diluted to the desired potency.

  • Sap may be ingested to treat fluxes.

Mil'no plants are found in parts of Sarvonia with half arid, hot conditions with lots of sunshine, particularly Stratania.

Waterstar (Bavera's Gift)
Also known as Már'miés'efér in Styrash, this lovely waterplant with its white petals grows just on the surface of sweet water rivers and lakes, and a variant plant grows in the seas as well.  It produces fruits known as Starberries.  Huge patches are found on the open sea, looking like an island from afar when flowering. The Waterstar is dedicated to the Goddess of Water, Baveras, and seen as her favourite flower. A few medical usages, all connected with the water in some way, is reason for the other name it is known for, Baveras Gift. In rare cases it can be mistaken from a distance for the tyrscaru.

The leaves are most efficacious when eaten raw, but are also effective if dried, steeped to make tea, pressed into juice, or dried and pulverized.

  • Salad removes any poisonous substances out of the body, is a laxative, and rids bowels of worms.
  • Tea helps with both flux and obstruction by regulating the bowels.

The waterstar flower is found in rivers, lakes and open water around Sarvonia.

Yrom Shrub (Heather)
The Yrom is a family of altitude loving evergreen shrubs of Sarvonia, carrying small flowers.  It is found from the very tip of Northern Sarvonia to the southern Mithral Mountains.  Yrom is the Styrásh term for the plant, which is also in common use by other races.  The Tharian word for the same plant is Heather, though it is only in use in the Northern Sarvonia provinces of Vardýnn and Nermeran.  Yrom is commonplace on the Steppelands of Southern Sarvonia and is an important plant of highland regions, but it is also found on the lowland moors of Northern Sarvonia.

Fresh tree twigs may be chewed raw.

  • Treatment for upset stomach, indigestion, other bowel problems.

Yrom is found throughout Sarvonia in most heath, moor and highland areas of the continent as well as populating poor soils around coastal and bog areas.
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