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Author Topic: Ciosa's Rest (Deep Julin Barrows)  (Read 917 times)
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Arin Woodwealth
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« on: 03 January 2008, 05:45:19 »

Some ideas for the area...if these are deemed OK I'll begin to write a version of the actually entry.

Ciosa's Rest (Deep Julin Barrows)


-Depends what is written in other areas.

-Stony area
-Little vegetation
-Named after Troi Ciosa, founder of Ciosa and general Avennorian hero.
-”Proud, but scarcely ornamented stone mausoleum. “
-Mausoleum described as in Quellion #509 (If no one else is using it).
-Most graves plain, few are more decorative.
-Graves closest to Ciosa tend to be family/friends.


-Base of Mount Evermourn, part of the Caeythrian Mountains


-None inhabit the local area.


-Temperate, experiences pleasant rainfall (Misty Rainful of small drops) as opposed to storms.


- Fewer than most places, mostly hardy mosses and other mountain/rocky region plants.


-Birds nesting in trees, occasional other creatures.
-Lack of Fauna due to lack of Flora.

-See Mount Evermourn (This is a Grave/Barrows, not a mountain/plain etc.) -Even if there was anything in the area, it is unlikely (Out of respect) it would be harvested.

-Possible Spirits (Large amount of graves), though probably friendly (Eg. Are a good omen)


11320 b.s – Death of Troi Ciosa – Troi Ciosa dies, and he is buried in the area.
(Is there much else to put in here? Should I leave it in the above format (Date/Caption/Info) or should I make it story-like (In the year 11320 b.s, the Avennorian Leader Troi Ciosa dies, and is buried here etc.). Maybe I should make up some events (Famed Avennorian Merchant xxxxx xxxxx is buried here, in response to his lifetime deeds to the Avennorian people.).

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Artimidor Federkiel

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« Reply #1 on: 04 January 2008, 03:11:30 »

Ok, some comments:

- Your concept looks quite ok. In general make sure to follow the outline I provided in the short description:
Ciosa's Rest is an enormous stone covered area to the south of the Caeythrian Mountains at the east coast of the Manthrian province in central Santharia. The region was named after Troi Ciosa, one of the famous Glandorian captains, who led his people from the north until Gebl's Nose Cape. There you can find today the port called "Ciosa", one of the first settlements of the tribe we know today as the Avennorians. Ciosa was interred at the foot of Mount Evermourn in a proud, but scarcely ornamented stone mausoleum, far away actually from the town which bears his name. However, his resting place in this practically deserted area also stands for Ciosa's strong will and determination to master the odds and venture forth into inhospitable no-man's-land, which led the former Glandorians to a new home and undescribable wealth. At Ciosa's side a series of barrows was erected in the course of time, harbouring the remains of his successors and the most wealthy or famous Avennorians, who earned great merits for their people.

Also have a look at the Mount Evermourn description to get an idea of the whole thing, this might alos be important to describe it properly. Or to perhaps continue later with another entry, making things complete in this region:

Mount Evermourn, along with the mountains of the Mithral, the Sentinels and the Griffin's Marl, is one of the highest mountains in the Santharian province of Manthria. It is located at the east coast, between the two largest cities of the province, Marcogg and Ciosa, and its highest peak, the Kilmaen, is supposed to reach more than 4.000 peds in height. Mount Evermourn is said to stand guard to the Deep Julin Barrows (Ciosa's Rest), where among many others the legendary Glandorian and first Avennorian settler Troi Ciosa, was buried, thus the mountain received its name.

Mount Evermourn however is more than that: Though most of the crystals in the mountain have already been mined, you can still find many interconnected stalactite caves and a gigantic underground sea, Lake Glandolan, in Mount Evermourn, with an isle of stone on it. There the ancient Avennorians erected the sparkling self-illuminating underground citadel Ciosastran out of the most valuable materials available and they built magnificent golden bridges to reach the isle from all sides. At Ciosastran the leaders of the Avennorians met to discuss important matters, and during the time of the Vardýnnian atonement the stalactite caves even became home to many people who believed that remaining in the eternal night outside would be their doom.

Since then Ciosastran is more than just an official meeting place, but has developed to a location for people who seek the different. In the expanded Ciosastran citadel you will now find alchemists, spell shops for Xeuátans, some of the most famous smiths and mapmakers, who can endow you with cartographic details from all parts of the known world.

- Picture: While the clothing section of the Avennorians and the detail of warrior clothing isn't properly defined yet, this could work for Ciosa. It's a bit on the conquering side and therefore probably more Erpheronian, but ok, I'd sayl et's use it!

- History: Well, the History section as such should only contain dates and events (in case there are major ones worth mentioning in a time table for this entry), the section shouldn't be too detailed and story-like. You might however consider for example to make a Myth/Lore section and describe there (e.g. by quoting some Avennorian annals) the death of Troi Ciosa and what happened afterwards etc.

- Try to write it as an atmospheric place, something that leaves a memorable impression, graveyards and tombs of heroes are fascinating stuff! :)

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