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Author Topic: Northern Sarvonian Bestiary  (Read 4104 times)
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« on: 24 June 2008, 03:36:47 »

The following is a list of all the current Bestiary entries which live, or could be found in Northern Sarvonia. This list will be added to after each site update.

Included in each entry is the name, range, diet, special abilities (if any), and a brief description of uses.

NB. If the main Bestiary entry doesn't specifically mention N. Sarvonia, but suitable conditions for survival can be found there, then the range will be described as "Possible".

For a full description of the animal in question, the reader will have to research the main Bestiary entry.

                     ANIMALS (Domestic)


Baneg Cattle
Range:  Common
Diet:  Grasses
Special Abilities:  Very adaptable
Uses:  Various culinary, clothing, utensils, beast of burden, ploughing

The Furno (Kanapan Bull)
Range:  Kanapan Lands only
Diet:  Grasses & Grains
Special Abilities:  Able to withstand extreme cold
Uses:  Milk & cheese reserved for priesthood. Sacred animal, so no meat is used.

Iceland Wison
Range:  Mainly Icelands Coast, but is migratory
Diet:  Mainly Hrugchuck grass, especially the flowers, but will eat most grasses
Special Abilities:  Strong swimmer, can withstand intense cold
Uses:  Rich & nutitious meat, riding, clothing


Brendolian Cat
Range:  Only seen as companion to travelling Bards/Minstrels, usually in taverns
Diet:  Not hunters, so whatever it is given
Special Abilities:  Very intelligent, easily trained to do tricks. Good sound mimics
Uses:  See Special Abilities 

Wilderon Cat (Remusian Cat)
Range:  In the wild - The Wilderon Plain. Domesticated - common
Diet:  Mice, rabbits, hares, insects, spiders, snakes, lizards
Special Abilities:  Excellent hearing & smell, very stealthy
Uses:  Companion, mouser


Whilst the different breeds of dogs seen throughout the whole of Santharia originate from specific areas, they are often kept as pets and have therefore had their range greatly extended. The breeds presented here are those which are specifically suited for the north, but if you would like to use a breed which is not listed here, I suggest asking our canine expert Garrett Arroway for advice.

Cattrel Dog (various breeds)
Range: Possible in southern regions
Diet: Mostly meat, but enjoys vegetables and grains
Special Abilities: Good stamina, very agile, intelligent, good workers and pets

Iceland Icemut Dog
Range: Mainly the Icelands
Diet: Mainly Icelands
Special Abilities: Very resilient to cold. Good smell/hearing. Can sense approaching storms
Uses: Sled dog

Kardion Hound
Range: Mainly the Lands of the Kanapan
Diet: Meat, bread, grains
Special Abilities: Fast, agile, good hearing/smell
Uses: Hunting/tracking, guard dog

Kodael Dog
Range: Widespread
Diet: Meat
Special Abilities: Agile, determined
Uses: Work dog, guard dog

Horses/Riding Beasts

Sarvonian Carriage Horse
Range: Possible
Diet: Grass, hay, oats, vegetables
Special Abilities: None
Uses: Draught horse, cheese, leather, tail and fur used for decoration, pet food

Centoraurian Horse
Range: Possible (wealthy owners only - very expensive)
Diet: Grass, hay, oats, vegetables
Special Abilities: Speed, beauty
Uses: Racing, war-horse, riding, performing

The Gryph
Range: Possible in high mountain ranges
Diet: Mice, rats, rabbits, pigeons
Special Abilities: Strong, fast, phenomenal eyesight
Uses: Used by Elves and Humans as transport

Kev'lor Horse
Range: Native to Celeste Mt region
Diet: Alth'ho grass, grains/oats
Special Abilities: Excellent war-horse, strength, size, can be trained to kick and bite on command
Uses: War-horse, heavy draught

Kor'och Fey Mologh
Range: Bred by Ice tribes (primarily Remusians), sometimes exported
Diet: Hrugchuck grass, occasionally grains, lichen, moss
Special Abilities: Endurance, strength
Uses: Riding, farming, draught, Remusian war-horse, horse-fighting, alcohol brewed from milk (Yuritz), horse-meat

Landesh Pony
Range: Widespread. Wild in Heaths of Wilderon
Diet: Alth'ho grass, Lythien, Multiweed bush
Special Abilities: Strebgth, endurance, hearing
Uses: Riding, draught, mining, meat, milk/cheese

Rusik Horse
Range: Widespread
Diet: Grasses, grains/oats, vegetables
Special Abilities: Graceful, speed, easily trained
Uses: Light war-horse, draught, messenger/courier horse

Sarvonian Draught Pony
Range: Possible (mainly used by Hobbits)
Diet: Grasses, hay, oats/grains, corn, vegetables
Special Abilities: Immensely strong, sure-footed, willing
Uses: Draught, riding, tricks

Sarvonian Heavy Horse
Range: Widespread
Diet: Alth'ho grass, oats/grains, hay
Special Abilities: Strength, endurance
Uses: Farming, draught, meat, milk/cheese

The Ulgaroth
Range: Widespread
Diet: Alth'ho grass, tubers
Special Abilities: Strength
Uses: Used as transport by the Ash'mari barbarians and Kuglimz

Sheep and Goats

Cuncu Sheep
Range: Widespread, even in extreme north
Diet: Grasses, moss, roots, bark
Special Abilities: None
Uses: Wool making, clothing, bedding

Sawis Sheep
Range: Possible
Diet: Grasses, moss, roots etc
Special Abilities: None
Uses: Clothing, carpets

Cragok Goat
Range: In and around Stone Fields of Peat
Diet: Any kind of vegetation, also clothing, fungi, seeds
Special Abilities: Very thick, warm coat. Gripping hooves. Good jumpers
Uses: Coatused for various kinds of clothing, including hats, glovea and boots. Meat. Milk. Cheese

Domestic Goat
Range: Widespread
Diet: Anything remotely vegetarian
Special Abilities: None
Uses: Wool. Milk. Cheese. Meat

Ho'Loch Goat
Range: Common
Diet: Anything remotely vegetarian. Clothes, jewellry!
Special Abilities: Quick & agile. Can climb trees to eat young leaves
Uses: Clothing. Meat. Milk (also used to make ale)


Iceland Shortsnout
Range: Icelands coast. Peninsula of Iol
Diet: Frozen meat. Wison, Tar'Andus Deer, Cloaked Elk
Special Abilities: Freezing breath. Excellent smell. Good swimmers
Uses: Remusian scouts use them as mounts

Domestic Pig
Range: More common in southern regions. Crossed with Woolly Boar in northern regions
Diet: Anything. Literally.
Special Abilities: Excellent sense of smell. Intelligent. Can sense bad weather
Uses: Meat, Truphull snuffling, Fungi/Tuberoot hunting. Skin used for high-quality shoes, belts and gloves. Bristles used for paintbrushes. Tusks for carved jewellry.

                     ANIMALS  (Flying)


Range: Forests throughout Sarvonia
Diet: Insects, especially flies and beetles
Special Abilities: very soothing and calming voice
 Uses: popular as pets, due to their lovely song

Arrowhead Goose (Brownie Goose, Wood Goose)
Range: Kanapan Peninsula, in the winter months (normally a Southern bird)
Diet: vegetation, preferably water plants
Special Abilities:
Uses: tasty meat, but also used as Brownie steeds

Ash Falcon
Range: Stone Fields of Peat
Diet: meat, especially that of the stone gynnia bird
Special Abilities: sharp eyesight
Uses: --

Blue Glitra
Range:  Northern forest bird, very rare
Diet: Insects, possibly seeds
Special Abilities:  beautiful song, thought to be magical in nature
Uses: --

Corbie (Carrion Crow, Stormcrow, Jav’veir, Hravn, Death Bird or Rogue Bird.)
Range:  All across Sarvonia, North and South
Diet: meat, especially carrion, also fruits, seeds and some greenery
Special Abilities: amazing manoeuvrability and speed in the air
Uses: Plays key role in Kuglim funeral rituals; wingfeathers used as charms; beaks sometimes used as drill bits.

Range: Forests across Sarvonia
Diet: seed, grasses and insects
Special Abilities: none
Uses: feathers prized by amanters

Range:  Across Sarvonia, especially mountain regions
Diet: meat and fish
Special Abilities:
Uses: extraordinary strength and eyesight

Flying Fisherman (Angler Bird)
Range:  all over the shores of Northern Sarvonia, apart from the far north; also found in Southern Sarvonia
Diet: fish, especially barsa;  some seaweed
Special Abilities:  can spit aceed (Anglerspit), used in fighting.
Uses: feathers used by amanters and as quills.

Garthook (large ground bird)
Range:  plains, fields across Sarvonia (Celeste Lowlands, Kanapan)
Diet: insects, seeds, fruits and grasses
Special Abilities:  none
Uses: tasty meat

Common Gull (Vevan’mar, Sky Thief)
Range: coastal regions all across Sarvonia to just below the Icelands
Diet: typically fish, but anything edible will get eaten, they’re NOT picky
Special Abilities:  very intelligent and strong, can fly for great distances
Uses: feathers make good quills, also used by amanters.  Gull droppings also used as high quality fertilizer.  Believed to be lucky.

Gynnia (all varieties)
Range:  all over Northern Sarvonia, depending on variety
Diet: insects, plants, seeds, berries, depending on region
Special Abilities:  clever and fast, well camouflaged.
Uses: tasty meat, good quality down for pillows and beds

Injoh Bird
Range:  Forest bird, may be found in the Hovel Frond woods in summer.
Diet: insects
Special Abilities:  beautiful singing voice
Uses: lovely feathers much in demand by amanters.  Beloved by farmers as they devour ticks and other parasites that plague domestic beasts.

Kanapan Terror (Bat)
Range:   Caves in the Kanapan region
Diet:  fruit, juicy plants, small rodents and birds, insects
Special Abilities:  Powerful sense of smell, great night vision, navigate well by sound
Uses: none

Kingell Bird
Range:  most coastal regions and lakes in Sarvonia, North and South
Diet: fish, molluscs, small amphibians, plants and grains
Special Abilities:  none
Uses: none

Mathmoor Bird
Range:  Northern Sarvonia, not specific
Diet:  meat, especially carrion, small animals, grasses, seeds and insects
Special Abilities:  large enough to be ridden
Uses: used as riding beasts by some people

(Shadow of Death, Darkness Singer, Ghostbird)
Range:  Forests in Northern Sarvonia exclusively
Diet: mostly vinterberries, some seeds and bugs
Special Abilities:  exceptional night sight
Uses: none

Nue’mon (Cicle Bird, Yuliel Bird)
Range:  Northern Sarvonia and Icelands, rarely south of the Tandala Mountains
Diet:  Alth’mon flower nectar, possibly other flowers
Special Abilities:  extremely fast wingbeat (nearly two beats per second) which keeps the bird warm.
Uses: none

Shupsh (Turik Bird)
Range:  Icelands
Diet: fish, seaweed
Special Abilities:  can withstand below freezing temperatures easily
Uses: tasty meat, feathers used for decorative purposes.

Snobyrr (Snoburr, Snowburr, Snowbird, Winter Hawk, Winter Owl or White Ghost.)
Range:  Prominent Mountains and surrounding region
Diet: meat, especially tarepi and gynnia, also fish.
Special Abilities:  very pliable, flexible feathers which overlap to provide protection from the cold.
Uses: feathers used for fletching and decorative purposes.

Taenish Chicken
Range:  throughout most of Sarvonia except Icelands—domestic bird kept by settled peoples
Diet:  grains, insects, food scraps of most types
Special Abilities: 
Uses: provides meat and eggs for many communities.

Wood Owl
Range:  Forest bird, found in wooded areas all across Sarvonia
Diet: meat, usually rodents and small birds
Special Abilities:  silent flier with exceptional vision
Uses: sometimes used as Brownie steed

                     ANIMALS  (Smaller)


Cave Spiders
Range:  Across Caelereth wherever there are caves
Diet: insects, very small rodents (such as mice)
Special Abilities:  they can spin webs as group and not just singly
Uses: none

Spiderturtle (Spiddleshell, Spiddle, Ho’vla’pyr, Mar’thmoc. Kinikraah
Range:  Sea of Tears, Aelyvian Sea, and south
Diet: seaweed, some small fish
Special Abilities:  can survive both on land and in water
Uses: tasty meat

Woolly Cob (Snow Cob)
Range:  Heaths of Wilderon and north, to Icelands
Diet: insects, small rodents, seeds and berries
Special Abilities:  can survive extremely cold temperatures, have intensely painful bite
Uses: fur can be woven into warm fabric; cobs make good pets and are often kept to rid homes of bugs and vermin.


Blue Myrmex
Range:  Icelands, Caaehl'heroth Peninsula
Diet: omnivorous, eat anything 
Special Abilities:  multiple bites are paralysing
Uses: can be eaten, or used as emergency anaesthetic or stitches

Ceruwing Butterfly

Range:  summer in Kuglimz lands
Diet:  exclusively cerubell nectar
Special Abilities:  none
Uses:  people depend on their migration patterns for harvest time

Dalór (Sparker, Aek’oriot) several varieties
Range:  Northern range of  the Caaehl'heroth Peninsula and south
Diet:  pollen, flower nectar
Special Abilities:  can light up their abdomen in blinking flashes
Uses:  none

Dergimar Fly
Range:  almost all of Northern Sarvonia, plains and heaths mostly
Diet:  grasses and mosses/lichens, sometime algae
Special Abilities:  able to survive extreme cold
Uses: none

Feylien Insect

Range:  swampy areas (Aldridge Swamp in Kanapan Peninsula)
Diet: blood
Special Abilities:  none
Uses:  healers use them (in the larval stage) to draw out infected blood from wounds.

Common Fly
Range:  Everywhere on Caelereth
Diet: juices ,blood (some species) liquids of all kinds
Special Abilities: can survive as a species in nearly any conditions
Uses:  none

Flitter-Twitch Butterfly
Range:  Celeste Lowlands in summer
Diet: wildflowers of any sort (prefers bright colours)
Special Abilities: none
Uses: none

Glass-winged Butterfly (Snow Fly)
Range:  Icelands region
Diet: hrugchuck grass blossom nectar
Special Abilities: ability to survive in below freezing temperatures
Uses:  some Icelanders use the wings as wind chimes

Lín’már’jóh (Water Bug, Pyrl’aek)
Range:  Rivers in the Kuglimz territory and south
Diet: rotting debris, algae in the water they live in
Special Abilities: can walk on water surface
Uses:  none

Luan Moth
Range:  Forests in Kanapan Peninsula and mid-Northern Sarvonia
Diet:  eats tree leaves as caterpillar
Special Abilities: spins silk
Uses: cocoon silk used to make silk cloth

Malise (Honeybee)
Range:  Throughout Caelereth
Diet:  they eat the honey they produce from pollen
Special Abilities: making honey
Uses:  often raised to produce honey as a sweetener.  Honeycomb wax used for candles as well.

Common Myrmex
Range: Throughout Caelereth
Diet: omnivorous, eat anything
Special Abilities: varies according to species
Uses:  none

Orm Bug
Range:  Throughout Caelereth
Diet: smaller insects, fruits and plants.  They love anything sweet.
Special Abilities: very strong for their size.
Uses:  can be eaten; have healing properties.

Quilly’Efer worm
Range:  Forests throughout Caelereth
Diet: nectar from flowers, leaves
Special Abilities: glowing
Uses:  Elves use them as light sources

Red Diamond Butterfly
Range:  All over Sarvonia, North and South
Diet: pollen from flowers
Special Abilities: none
Uses:  none

Seean Beetle (Scarlet, Green and Purple varieties, also known as “Luck Bug”)
Range:  various regions across the North
Diet: insects, especially crop pests
Special Abilities:
Uses:  Farmers spread them through their crops to protect against other bugs.

White Spiral Butterfly (Aek’miev, Quillyia, Little White)
Range:  across most of Northern Sarvonia
Diet: plants, especially beans
Special Abilities: none
Uses: none


City Rat
Range:  Throughout Sarvonia
Diet: anything edible
Special Abilities: none
Uses: Riding animal for Rat Brownies

Field Mouse
Range:  Throughout Sarvonia
Diet: anything edible--scavenger
Special Abilities:  exceptionally intelligent
Uses: none

Range:  Kuglimz and Kanapan lands
Diet: seeds and grains, fruits, some insects
Special Abilities:  opposable thumbs
Uses: pets

Range:  all over Northern Sarvonia, especially Celeste Lowlands
Diet: redberries, guiro, lythbels, doridel
Special Abilities: can dig very fast
Uses:  fur used for clothing, bones used to make tools

Hrugchuck Mouse
Range:  Icelands, wherever the hrugchuck grass grows
Diet:  hrugchuck grass, seeds, grains, grasses
Special Abilities:  can “sing”
Uses: fur used for baby clothes

Kuatu (Quirrl, Treejumper, Squirrel, Ku’errel)
Range:  across Sarvonia
Diet: pine nuts, acorns, baychnuts, succulent plants, fruit, bread, etc.
Special Abilities: highly “talkative”
Uses: none

Leveret (three varieties)
Range:  Northern Sarvonia to the Icelands
Diet: goldenbell seeds/leaves, mutnut leaves, wild carrots, alth’ho grass, etc.
Special Abilities:  able to withstand extremely cold temperatures
Uses:  pelts valued by northern peoples, meat is tasty and the animals make good pets

Lín'aoél (Fairy Mouse)
Range:  Kuglimz and Kanapan lands
Diet:  almost anything
Special Abilities:  very clever
Uses: used by Brownies as guard animal, kept by human children as pets.

Minchwrat (Minch, Mincher, Minchin)
Range:  Upper reaches of the Imlith Mountains
Diet:  omnivorous, eats almost everything
Special Abilities: exceptionally persistent keen sense of smell
Uses: none

Snow Rat
Range:  Throughout Northern Sarvonia, especially Icelands
Diet:  omnivorous
Special Abilities: acute hearing
Uses: fur good for small garments, mittens, footwarmers.

Northern Ricco (Curi’sar, Yilthrog, JiiHok, Porkprickle, Prickly Pig)
Range: Hovel Fronds Forest to the Heath of Wilderon—mostly forested areas
Diet:  twigs, leaves, fruits and vegetables.  They love salt
Special Abilities:
Uses: tasty meat, good pets, quill often used in decorations

Stone Mouse
Range:  Stone Fields of Peat region,
Diet:  grass, seeds, nuts
Special Abilities: slightly sticky feet, which allows them to climb more easily.
Uses: none

Range:  Kuglimz lands and south
Diet:  grass, twigs, bark, fruit
Special Abilities: leaps and hops instead of running
Uses: tasty meat, warm and decorative fur, also make good pets


Cheerk Worm
Range: Across Caelereth
Diet: soil particles
Special Abilities: mild venom
Uses:  some orc tribes use the venom as headache cure.  Generally worm perceived as dreadful pest.

Etherus Worm
Range:  Forests across Sarvonia
Diet: nutrients is soil, also rotted plants/corpses
Special Abilities:  produces mucusy substances, that when specially treated, will harden and can be used a fabric (etherflake)
Uses:  (see above)

Range: Shaded Forest (Silvermarshes in the South)
Diet: decaying flesh
Special Abilities:
Uses: used by healers to consume decaying or gangrenous flesh in severely infected patients.  Northern fleshworms preferred.

Grass Snake (four types; Green, Gold, Bronze and Black)
Range: Except for Gold Snake, plains and fields throughout Northern Sarvonia
Diet:  small rodents and insects, birds eggs
Special Abilities:
Uses: sometimes used to rid areas of mice

Range:  throughout Sarvonia
Diet: sick and weakened animals,
Special Abilities:  venom detoxifies mammalian flesh
Uses:  used by healers

                     ANIMALS  (Wild)


Argrothin Black Bear
Range: Kuglimz lands and Prominent Mountains
Diet: fruits, plants, small game and fish
Special Abilities:
Uses: edible meat, warm thick fur

Blood Bear
Range:  Shaded Forest, Prominent Mountains
Diet:  meat and blood
Special Abilities:

Cartashian Bear
Range:  mostly Cartash region, in Northern Sarvonia
Diet: plants, berries, honey, fish, sometimes small animals
Special Abilities:  incredibly strong
Uses:  warm pelt

Moss Bear
Range:  Shaded Forest
Diet:  plants and insects, fruits
Special Abilities:
Uses:  fine fur (spun into yarn by Injeran elves,) and tasty meat

White Bear
Range:  Icelands
Diet:  fish, pinnips
Special Abilities: exceptional swimmers
Uses: warm pelts


Shir (Grey/Raoshir and Winter/Wynshir Foxes)
Range: Kuglimz lands to Icelands
Diet:  small rodents, birds, insects, frogs, fruits
Special Abilities:
Uses:  beautiful pelts are much in demand

Eanian Warg (White Warg)
Range: Icelands
Diet:  northern deer or wison, pinnip,  fish, even blue myrmex queens
Special Abilities: excellent swimmer
Uses:  edible meat, warm pelts, teeth and claws in demand by ice tribe peoples

Range:  Kuglimz territory and east
Diet:  meat
Special Abilities: amazing sense of smell and overwhelming stamina
Uses:  used by the Northern orcs as steeds, sometimes eaten, milk used to make cheese (orcish)

Ashmari wolf (Ash wolf, Mari)
Range: Tandala Mountains to Imlith Mountains
Diet:  meat, from rats to deer
Special Abilities: very stealthy powerful sense of smell
Uses:  pelts are very warm and beautiful


Range: Icelands coast and east of the Imlith Mountains
Diet:  deer, goat, thunderfoot, wison, woolly boar—whatever meat is available
Special Abilities: amazing eyesight, hearing and sense of smell
Uses:  pelts, meat, fangs and claws used by orcs—Ice Tribes will not touch this creature

Nor’sidian Lingradau (Cor’vir, MarzeShir, Shimlinwerwyn)
Range: most northern forests
Diet:  mostly deer and elk, also fish and smaller mammals
Special Abilities: very fast, great eyesight
Uses:  pelt highly valued, teeth and claws used for weapon points, internal organs used in some medicines

Uncil Cat (Ghost of the Mountains)
Range:  Prominent and Imlith Mountain ranges
Diet:  primarily goats and sheep, also leverets and small mammals
Special Abilities:  highly agile, incredible balance and jumping ability
Uses:  fur very valuable, Sometimes tamed as hunting animals.


Goats and Sheep




Wild Horses




Demon Lords

High Demons

Lesser Demons


Mythical Dragons

Great Drakes

Lesser Drakes

Dracoid Beasts

                      MAGICAL BEASTS

                      MONSTERS  (Flying)

                      MONSTERS  (Land)

                      MONSTERS  (Water)

                      MYTHICAL BEASTS

                      SENTIENT BEASTS

                      WATER CREATURES




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