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Author Topic: Storm of 3 Nights: Not done, get away!  (Read 1181 times)
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« on: 18 July 2008, 10:12:37 »

Only a work in progress, don't come near yet! Don't even have complete sentences :P I just post it as a promise to myself to finish it quickly.  :D

Few can better claim to have felt the sheer power of the stormy seas than those living
during the winter of 1025 a.s. on the eastern coast of Manthria. For three hard days a storm now known as the Storm of Three Nights blasted the coast, ravaging, destroying and demolishing.


31st, Passing Clouds: Dramatic weather changes are certainly not uncommon near the coast of the Adanian Sea, but the suddenness and ferocity of the weather change that took place on this day is positively frightening. Despite a sunny, cloudless day, just before dusk the calm waters took a turn. Storm clouds rolled in like armies overrunning the shore, consuming everything. Just before dark, the sky opened up. The following journal excerpt is a rare account written by a member of the crew that hunted the oldest of the Sea Tartuas. Though he died at sea, lost to the storm, understandable fragments of his last diary entry have survived.

“…our last day hunting… wanted to stay out… long as we could… long since given…hopeless. Heading back towards shore… Strait of Kharamm and we couldn’t see our own hands in the fog. Storm had threatened since dusk, and suddenly… rain, thunder, everybody screaming their blooming arses off. We… told us to leave the sail up... but wind changed direction… blown towards Nightfogs. Sail in tatters, ripped... vang fringed on the block. Wave… 4 overboard. Another… coming we… di-”

Obviously the account was caught off, presumably with the reference to “another” being another, possibly larger wave. A few parts of the ship and, obviously, this journal along with other articles, washed onto shore, but no bodies have been found. It is possible, that a careful search of the seafloor on the shore-side bay in the Nightfog cliffs might render some skeletons, because though the current and winds might have dragged the boat pieces to shore, the crewman would not have been carried thus.

Though journal entries from all the ships out at sea on this fateful night are obviously unavailable it is without a doubt that this was not the only one. Many older children who had last been seen heading out for the Needle’s Eye were later reported lost, most of their bodies lost. Most likely these children attempted to run for shore when the storm hit rather than wait for it to pass in one of the caves on the island. Despite our knowledge of their fate, the quite possibly made the best decision, for the rising water level quickly flushed out any chance of their survival within those tunnels.

For the better part of a few hours, the storm was doing nothing but moving steadily inland. Scattered ship in between Quios and the Mithral coast reported heavy storms, though they felt only the tail end. Most of these upon perceiving the pounding the coastline was receiving made for either Quios or Ciosa to wait out the storm.
Right before late night became early morning, the records of many who were on shore describe the storm making landfall. This next except comes from a teenage girl living on the coastline. Her fate is unknown, though this diary was found lying, very battered but intact, in a ditch along Jamilso’s Bend that kept it drier than many other things left to the mercy of this hurricane.

“Always we have storms in the winter. Heavy rains, thunder cracking, making me lurch in my chair every few seconds; this is a common experience. They blend into a single memory in my mind, arriving suddenly, and without warning. So as I look out my window on a beautiful day turned an ugly night, and the threat of a storm hanging in the air, I cannot understand this feeling. Why, in the pit of my stomach, do I feel a lump? I ate dinner, and it has not passed. Though I have sipped a cup of basiloc tea dry, it will not quit it. It is fear: acting as an ominous sign to me that this dark night will not pass like the others.
“I know that though my fear may be irrational, this storm will not blend like the others. It is not the same. A few minutes ago, as I sat in my room by the candlelight, it began. I watched a sheet of water, spitting into the sea, and then onto the cliffs, and then onto the grass, suddenly crashed over my house. Since then, the incessant pounding of the rain refuses to quiet, its sound dulling the rhythmic beating of my own fearful heart. Never can I remember rain like this; a blanket of water than seems to be trying to drown the house.
I also remember the thunder. In this storm, the crackling lightening always preceded by a bang has abandoned its method. The thunder is continuous. There is no respite from the constant pounding; like war drums upon the horizon. A must be too loud in my quaking, for I hear my mother on the stairs. She is coming to tell me not to fear, to go to bed. She doesn’t understand. I
do fear: I fear what I will wake up to at the dawn. Good night.

Though obviously emotional and plagued with the very accurate fears of a young girl, this account is fairly accurate in the necessities. The storm did indeed roll onto the shore just before the midnight hour, furiously pounding away. It certainly did not abate during the rest of the night. Again, though it is unconfirmed, the girl of this entry may well have awoken to her worst fears.

Hit hardest tonight during the brief period when the storm actually was ashore were the houses, presumably like this girl’s, that were right along the coastline. Port cities such as Nepris and Marduran took a pounding, but are of course more than capable of weathering these first few hours of storminess: as coastal cities, that’s what they were designed to do when built.

1st, Dead Tree: No major changes from previous day, but destruction is becoming widespread. Current death tolls from Nepris, Maduran, Kolbruk, and Starmiran. Other places on the coast did not have recorded death tolls, but numerous deaths and building destruction since discovered. More witness accounts, King tries to send relief. If anything, sky is darker, wind is stronger, and spirits are lower. Coastline is nigh evacuated.
2nd, Dead Tree: Storm penetrates further inland, but is stopped by the Mithral mountains. Rain pours into dwarven aboveground plots. Most are flooded. The peaks of the mountains are covered in clouds. Higher up, the rain becomes an early snowfall, that even the sturdy dwarves have trouble wading through. Dwarves seek refuge far below ground, but they have flooding and a few small tunnel collapses.
3rd Dead Tree: Some the fiercer weather related items subside. (Thunder, hail etc.) The storm is resolving into itself, and becomes no more than a steady rain. (Baveras’ tears?) Emotional witness accounts, widespread destruction, health crisis.


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Then take me disappearin' through the smoke rings of my mind,
Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves,
The haunted, frightened trees, out to the windy beach,
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-Bob Dylan "Mr. Tambourine Man"
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