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Author Topic: The 'Mech' Krath Diaries  (Read 1056 times)
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« on: 29 August 2009, 01:02:23 »

As part of a compilation of different sources to further our understanding of the concept of Mechkanika, we find ourselves looking into the detailed and intricate Diaries of Angor 'Mech' Krath. Small leather bound books these scriptures were updated regularly by their owner, noting down anything ranging from simple reminders to himself, down to the thinking behind some of his most fascinating and intricate designs and inventions. After the death of the Master Mechkanikan, the diaries were preserved in the library of his Academy in _____, where they can be studied to date in order to gain understanding or to complete some of the wonders which the master himself was unable to complete.

Next to the countless desgins found in these tomes, we also find an intriguing description of the many encounters Mech Krath had with different races. In his diary he describes with great passion, the work and efforts he went through, in order to gain audiences with the leaders of the different races in order to present to them and promote his ideal of Mechkanika.


The following extracts relate to Mech Krath's encounter with the Brownies

Day 1
New Santhala

True to the elder Brownie’s word, two days later the <wood>en stances which made up the little men’s “<shop name>” was set up once more. Overflowing with all of its ingenious trinkets and fine craft, I’d seen all of this before though.

Any mechkanist who wishes to be taken seriously must have some form of admiration for the Brownie’s precise and fine craftwork. In fact if I remember correctly, one of the designs I recently drew up for an order from the Compendium involves Brownie precision crafting. Known for their skilful fabrication of beads, I am hoping to solicit the help of the _______ Brownies to produce some specifically crafted beads for my turning chair. (See page xxx of Diary) But anyhow, back to the fact of the matter: There was however one item which caught my attention in particular. I remember the moment as if had been yesterday; It lay casually on the table, not noticeably separated or distinguishably announced. Yet I knew, the minute I laid eyes on it that this was something special, something different. Within me a flame arose, like the spirit of a young school lad.

In this item I saw not only a trinket of awe-inspiring Mechkanika craftwork, but in an immaterial way this trinket, or more appropriately put the correct appreciation of this item could become a key into the trust and friendship of the Brownie population. With it would come access to some fabled and worldwide admired Mechkanika feats.

Gaining the trust of the Brownies is paramount to this cause I tell you! While being at the shop I have experienced many a man be rejected and wordlessly black-listed. Though their representative, good old mister _____, never shows an expression… as any professional merchant would… if you keep an eye on the Brownies on the shelf behind him, they can be seen plotting. Their wee faces contort to ugly little wrinkled grimaces*, and though they resort to Browniin, the name Keekoo keeps on popping up… I remember the name from my research on Brownies. Any and every research tome written about them for humans contains the name of the Brownie Hero Keekoo as a word of warning about the natural mistrust every Brownie has for humans.

Considering the tale is about the little lad saving the Brownies from being owned as pets, it isn’t difficult to gather what the little angry fellas in the back were arguing about. This delicate situation, I gathered, could be avoided by showing a professional knowledge and respect for engineering. The whole thing had to be approached correctly…

*Is that too much emotion for a Brownie?

… So I left

Was I afraid that the trinket would disappear over the course of the day? No, not at all. To the new santhala commoner the trinket would look like a simple decoration, the untrained eye could not pick out the fine engravings along its edges, the typical key holes and structurally perfect build. I was certain that no man* would lay a finger on the <nickname of trinket>, as I had come to call it.

*Being a tough-bread blacksmith and crafter, I think it’d be out of character if I didn’t make Angus Mech Krath a little macho. After all I do assume that the art of Blacksmithing is still predominantly a male occupation?

Day 2
New Santhala

Today, and for the next couple of days I intend to visit the Brownie’s stall. Each time, elder <name> or his son <name> greet me in a friendly manner, characteristic of Brownies**, but also of any merchant with some wit about him… Each time I browse the wares with genuine interest, but it is the <trinket> which my eager eyes wander to. Each time I spend no longer that a regular commoner would on it.

**Am I right in saying this?

After each visit I travel to the “<inn>” Tavern. A quiet place, desolate and almost forgotten by time. Just because of this though, it is the place to have quiet drink and think. Similarly the large empty tables mean that some amateur writers and artists drop in the establishment. Though I have kept my eyes open for fellow mechkanics, but have yet to meet one.

Saying that though, there was a fellow today who I suppose is worth noting down here. The young lad’s name was <name>. He first caught my attention in the little establishment because he was neither drunk or intoxicated, but feverishly working away into a fair pile of parchments. His fingers were dark with the remnants of his charcoal pencil. Regardless of his sloppy demeanour though, the lad’s drawings were clear, accurate and held an artistic simplicity which I could appreciate.

He had few fancy artistic traits: A virtue which can not often be found in artists in these times. One of the great difficulties I find myself facing is commissioning artists who will not go overboard with what they call ‘their personal style’. Mechkanika though is a craft, nay an art or precision and efficiency! Though some of our greatest achievements are considered pieces of art, in first line they are devices of successful aid and efficiency.

In our quest to spread this knowledge to aid all we can not afford to make our schemes and illustrations ambiguous and confusing with wishy washy arty stuff.

And so I note the young lad’s name: <name>

Back to the actual reason I found myself here though: After each visit to the Brownie stalls, after each glimpse of this fascinating trinket I found myself here, scheming out plans from observation, plans, guesses, estimates as to how the gadget could work. Before I can engage Elder <name> in conversation about the <trinket> I need to have a clear understanding of how it works, after all I wish to gain their trust and prove to them my expertise in Mechkanika and crafting. Other than through their trust I do not see another way of gaining access to the Vale of the Brownies, with my proposal to promote a global Library of Mechkanican  knowledge  & expertise.

Day 4

With every sketch I make I feel I am coming closer to solving this intricate trinket. However time is running short, in two days the Brownies will be leaving New Santhala to resupply in the Vale. All this point I fear I could loose the trinket and the opportunity attached to it…


Day 8

Ah, I cannot describe in writing the joy I feel inside. It’s as if the sun inside. It’s as if the sun itself were in me, radiating warmth with every pulse of my heart.

As planned, I approached the Brownie stall on the New Santhala market once more. This time though, I struck conversation. We are on a first name basis by now. This time though the trinket was our focus and I can only describe <elder brownie>’s expression as ‘joyfully bedazzled’ about my knowledge about the trinket. Recognising my knowledge as skill, they posed no objection when I cunningly steered the conversation to mirror my desires to investigate and record Brownie achievements. Indirectly I asked <name> and <name> to request an audience and visit to the Vale of the Brownies, to which they agreed freely. I now remain in <town>, yearning for their return.

Having become quite acquainted to <name> and his son <name> I can say that they perceived and truly appreciated the spirit of the concept of Mechkanika, I only hope the Vale and their elders think the same way…

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