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Author Topic: Element of Wind: spell ideas?  (Read 1159 times)
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« on: 13 December 2009, 07:02:55 »

Greetings o' great residents of the magic forum!

I have arrived in Santharia recently, so I am not quite sure where these are supposed to go. They were originally posted in my introductory thread. Might any of these have potential?

I have copied the relevant text below for your convenience:

I thought the most logical thing would be to:
1. Start with sphere-1
2. Choose an element (WIND)
3. And work my way through its list of properties.


  • L1: Feather: Lightness: P: (+): Temporarily reduces the weight of a heavy item
  • L1: Burden: Lightness: P: (-): Temporarily increases the weight of an item
  • L1: Light-headedness: Lightness: P/S?: (+): Induces light-headedness in the target. Stronger mages can also cause dizziness or fainting.
  • L1: Absent-mindedness / Distracted Mind: Lightness: S: (+): Causes the thoughts of the target to become lighter and float away like a feather caught in a morning breeze. Eventually the whole mind becomes as light and fleeting as a puff of air, making the target more likely to drift off to other worlds... As this spiritual form of “lightness” becomes dominant in the carall, the victim starts to forget his duties and gets distracted easily. This may also cause the target to become inattentive to his immediate environs; his thoughts may have wandered off elsewhere...
  • L1: Attentiveness / Focussed Thoughts: Lightness: S: (-): Makes it harder for thoughts to evaporate, causing one to pay attention and to stick to the task at hand. The spell can also be used to ground and focus fleeting thoughts – and indeed to prevent bursts of inspiration from disappearing as breath into the wind. The target may also become harder to distract or avert – quite a serendipitous side-effect!
  • L1: Light-heartedness: Lightness: S: (+): Lightens up the spirit, making the target more light-hearted and carefree. The target enjoys a temporary blitheness, less likely to give much thought to or indeed worry about present troubles and tribulations. A heavy-handed application of the spell may make the target extremely nonchalant - unmoved and unconcerned about potentially grave or dangerous situations.
  • L1: Sombreness / Solemnity: Lightness: S: (-): Induces a dark or gloomy mood in the target. The target’s state of mind grows heavier and his thoughts become grounded in the graveness of present circumstances. The target becomes considerably serious for the duration of the spell and at the higher levels unyielding.

  • L1: Hide: Invisibility: P: (+): Makes the object invisible to the naked-eye. Very useful for temporarily hiding things.  -- already on the site
  • L1: Opaqueness (!?): Invisibility: P: (-): Object becomes easier to discern as its contours gain solidity. The edges become more clear-cut and the object overall becomes more opaque, making it noticeable. Very practical for locating translucent or transparent materials.
  • L1: Concealed Sentiments: Invisibility: S: (+): Renders the target’s thoughts and sentiments invisible to himself, effectively concealing his inner world. It becomes very difficult for the victim to notice his thoughts on a subject or emotional reaction to an incident.
  • L1: Traceable Thoughts: Invisibility: S: (-): Emotions, thoughts and opinions become more observable - often causing one’s outlook on a subject to suddenly become more evident. Also useful for people who wish to discover the uncharted halls of their inner world.

  • L1: Whirling Thoughts: Movement: S: (+): Stirs up the winds of the mind, rousing a whirlwind of thoughts. The target becomes very confused for a short period of time.
  • L1: Subsiding Thoughts: Movement: S: (-): The raging tempests of the mind subside to a gentle breeze. The target experiences a momentary peace of mind; the thoughts have been stilled. Quiet reigns in the halls of the mind.
  • L1: Subliminal Turbulence: Movement: S: (+): Intensifies the inherent movement in/of the subconscious, causing suppressed or long forgotten things to come out into the open. The effects of this spell are very chaotic: sometimes answers the subconscious mind has been working on will be brought to the surface, causing the pieces of the puzzle to suddenly fit together; the location of a lost item will become instantly clear as the lost memories of where the subject placed it become available; the subject will experience an unexpected burst of inspiration as two concepts never associated with one another will be accidentally brought together by the whirling winds; a pleasant memory will once again emerge; and sometimes disturbing thoughts will become all the more apparent or the memory of some traumatic event brought to the surface from the depths it was buried in, causing great discomfort or in some cases even heavy depression in the target. An extremely difficult spell to master, best left for the higher levels for the difficulties in its control.
  • L1: Stillness of Mind: Movement: S: (-): The turbulence of the mind recedes. The air is calm and quiet. (Query to self: How is this different from Subsiding Thoughts?)
  • L1: Mental Ventilation: Movement: S: (+): “Airs” the mind and in doing so rids it of everything stale and mouldy. Solidified beliefs, hackneyed expressions, overused jokes, habits long past their due expiration dates are all “vented out”. The target may temporarily become more flexible in his actions or convictions and may even experience a newfound creativity with all the encumbering weight shed. Targets often also feel refreshed and renewed; sadly, this lasts as long as a breath of wind in a stuffy cave...
  • L1: Stale Mind: Movement: S: (-): TStifles down all the currents airing the mind. Dust and filth soon start to accumulate in the psyche, causing the target mind to feel very demoralized and “unclean”.

  • L1: Silfer's See-through: Clarity: P: (+): The object assumes the wind property of clarity. Solid walls might suddenly become transparent, murky liquids clarified...
  • L1: Murkiness / Murky Substance / Haze (?) : Clarity: P: (-): Especially useful on liquids. The target substance loses all its clarity and obscures the passage of light through itself. Experienced magi can also affect the light in a room, dimming it or conferring upon it a certain gloom or ‘mistiness'
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« Reply #1 on: 13 December 2009, 07:11:02 »

Hi Aos!

As far as magic is concerned, you are in the right place! I think all of the spells you have listed have potential! My advice would be to visit the thread at the very top of this forum (here is a link for your convenience) and follow the template entitled "HOW TO DESIGN NEW SPELLS ACCORDING TO THE XIMAXIAN SYSTEM."

Fill out this template for one of the spells you have in mind (it is best to start with one first!) and then post it in a new thread in this forum. From there, we can help you make sure everything is in place.

As you have already found the spells on the site, and so have some good examples to reference, I will merely point you to the Measures and Weights page on the site. You may find this page helpful in elucidating the details of your spell!

And of course, if you have any questions, simply ask!

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