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Author Topic: A Divine Meeting  (Read 1240 times)
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Azhira Styralias
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« on: 22 December 2009, 07:36:05 »

The grand meeting room of the gods was viewed differently depending on the god who saw it. In general, it was a large space with a long meeting table and twelve chairs centered around it. As each god came into the room, they saw what related to their own element. The fire gods saw a table made of steel, with the room well lit by the Injera itself. The wind gods saw a spacious, yet bleak room with a gentle breeze wafting through. The earth gods saw a plain table and chairs made of solid rock inlaid with beautiful gemstones. The water gods saw a wondrous expanse of ocean and destiny swirling about the room.

As Baveras entered the room, she frowned upon seeing Etherus already seated at the table. The two had conflict for many ages now and she detested his arrogance and destructive ways. She sniffed and moved to the far opposite side of the table to take a seat. Her pale youthful face and brilliant blue eyes turned away from the raging flame that was the sun god.

For his part, Etherus noted the water goddess's disdain. "You again, Baveras?" he asked with a sneer. "Do you volunteer for these meetings just to be in my presence?"

Baveras rolled her eyes. "Hardly, Etherus. Jeyriall detests you as much as I do and you know full well that Seyella never leaves her divination realm. Fortunately, these meetings of ours are rare."

Etherus chuckled softly. "Indeed they are. I was interrupted from my latest..." he paused, a smile slowly creeping over his reddish lips as he cast a lustful gaze at Baveras. "...my latest excess."

"I do not even want to know," Baveras snapped, clearly taken in by Etherus' taunt. "Where are the others already?"

It was then that a black, swirling mass of shadowy robes entered the room. A cold shill permeated the area as the shadows coalesced into a thin, pale looking woman. Black hair cascaded down the woman's bony shoulders and swirled unpredictably about her face. She cast a look first at Etherus and then to Baveras. She tipped her head as her crown flashed a reflected light from the sun god's countenance.

"Queprur, thank Ava you are here," Baveras sighed. The two goddesses shared a mutual respect for each other, albeit a cold respect.

"Ah, Baveras, how goes things under the chill ocean waves?" Queprur asked with a slight hiss. She reached into her robes and produced a scythe black as night which she leaned against the table. She glowered at the fire god seated across the table. "I trust Etherus has been behaving?"

The sun god chuckled. "Joy of joys," he said. "Of all the ones to attend this time, its the two coldest goddesses in all the Disk. You two really must lighten up! Oh yes, I forgot. Dead people don't make love. Neither do water-logged maidens."

Queprur snatched up her scythe and stepped towards Etherus threateningly. The sun god threw his hands up with a mock sign of surrender, all the while grinning like a well satisfied drunken pleasure-seeker.

"Queprur, no. He mocks us and we only feed his childish tactics," Baveras stood to catch the death goddess's shoulder. Her hand came away feeling quite cold to Queprur's touch. "Leave him to his empty words."

The goddess's face furrowed in rage, but she stepped back towards Baveras and visibly tried to calm down. Etherus blinked innocently, enjoying his efforts at antagonizing the two women.

"All we need is the dour Nehtor to complete your triumvirate of those who hate me," Etherus cackled.

A tinkling of chimes and a soft breeze bestowed the arrival of the final elemental god. Through the door walked a youthful man, with clothing as white as a cloud and dressed in a robe as sparkling as new fallen snow. He cast about, noting those present, and nodded approvingly at Etherus. Both Baveras and Queprur glanced at each other and sat down. They both agreed that at least Grothar was not as frustrating to deal with as Etherus, though Baveras would have preferred Eyasha to attend. Nevertheless, all four of the elements were represented and it was time to move the meeting forward.

"Grothar, a pleasant surprise," Etherus beamed. "How rarely you attend such gatherings!"

The god of the weather shook his head. "When I heard you were coming, Etherus, I surely couldn't ask Nehtor or Eyasha to come, no?" He nodded curtly at Queprur, another of Nehtor's adversaries. "For obvious reasons. When it comes to you, Etherus, it seems I am the only one tolerant of you among the wind gods."

"Bah!" Etherus spat, jerking a thumb at the women. "Better me than Armeros. You'd have those who fawning all over that armor clad beast of a warrior! Ha!"

Queprur bolted from her seat, again reaching for her scythe. Baveras hissed and glared at Grothar to do something. The weather god slammed a fist on the table as bolts of lightning crackled around the room to thunderous proclamation.

"Enough!" bellowed Grothar, in a voice seemingly too deep and intimidating coming from such a young looking man. "This bickering gets us nowhere! Be seated, all of you, and enough from you Etherus, or I promise I shall make rain and thunder fall upon every one of your wicked parties from now to eternity!"

The sun god blinked at Grothar's sudden outburst and licked his lips. Backing down under the weather god's gaze, he nodded. The two women likewise seated themselves, each glancing about the room where the lightning struck.

"Now then," Grothar started as he dropped into a chair. "Did anyone bring donuts for this meeting?"

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« Reply #1 on: 22 December 2009, 18:57:21 »

"Now then," Grothar started as he dropped into a chair. "Did anyone bring donuts for this meeting?"


Hmm, don't know where to put that, Azhira, what do you have for plans? A teaser/hint who this story tells would be cool .

Capher had mad a similar attempt long ago, but it got never on the site, can't recall though where the problems were. Thought you might want to know about it.


And yes - some tribes (well, the Shendar, maybe others as well, but not the Eyelians) believe, that Grothar and Baveras are lovers, so the welcome might look a bit different...

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« Reply #2 on: 22 December 2009, 22:38:46 »

Whoo! More fan-fiction! Go Azzy!

Avrah Kehabhra

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