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Author Topic: City of Ximax: Discussion  (Read 59275 times)
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« Reply #255 on: 25 April 2011, 07:51:49 »

Wavewand was a placeholder, but since I suggested the river initially I thought I'd better provide nomenclature for convenience if nothing else!   If someone has a better idea, suggest away.  It might have elided to "Wavand River" over time, for example....

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« Reply #256 on: 03 May 2011, 22:40:21 »

Here goes then ... I decided to take the initiative and write up general descriptions of the inner and outer boroughs of Ximax. Who knows, this might even provide Rayne with the opportunity to return to us ... no matter how briefly.

Inner Boroughs:
Surrounding the Market Square at the centre of Ximax are the six inner buroughs of the magic City. As with the outer buroughs, each inner borough has a specific purpose and unique character to it and each contributes to the wider Ximaxian community in different ways. A brief discussion of the six inner boroughs follow.

Aferburgh, home to the most renowned jewelry shops in Ximax, has also attracted clothing and accessory stores of various kinds to fulfill the needs of the clientele found in this part of the city. Additionally, those who have dealings with the Jeweler's or Artificer's Guilds will find the guild halls here. A third guild hall, the Innkeeper's Guild is found in neighbouring Hollyale. This burough is home to a high proportion of taverns and inns of various kinds and quality. Also in this borough is a Temple of Jeyriall, a refuge to pregnant women, regardless of station or support. Two additional temples are located in Dukesbury, the next borough in our tour of the inner city of Ximax. These temples are in honour of Armeros and Foiros. The Bankers' and the Librarians' Guild is also located in this borough. Governance Square, located in the heart of Dukesbury, is the seat of municipal and provincial governance in Ximax. As well as housing the Thane's Palace, the highest ranking bureaucrats have their homes here.

Most of the middle and upper classes of Ximax live in Middleton, a walled and gated community that have houses built in the Centoraurian style with Helcrani influences. An infirmary, a coffee house, a music hall and the Dancers' Guild are all located within Middleton. The infirmary is part of the Temple of Nehtor built by the residents of this borough to care for their fellow citizens. In a similar vein, Maejsend, previously Mage's End, has a temple, this one is to the worship of Eyasha. Once part of old Ximax, this bourough caters to the magically inclined and hosts the Mage Guild Hall. Magical, reagent and potion shops populate Maejsend and rumours persist of hidden and forbidden groups in operation in this borough. The last of the inner boroughs, Tymeside, brings us back to Aferburgh and is home to the clockmakers and watchmakers of Ximax. Tymeside is home to the Clockmakers' Guild as well as jeweler shops and magic shops.

This is but a brief description of the sights of these parts of Ximax and it is strongly encouraged that interested people should travel to Ximax and get a first hand account of the inner boroughs of the capital of Xaramon Province.

Outer Boroughs:
Surrounding the six inner boroughs of Ximax City are the outer boroughs. There are six outer boroughs as well, and as is the case with those closer to the market square of the city, each of these add a unique flavour and flair to the city.

Ettinsburgh houses the largest proportion of dwarves anywhere in Ximax city, due to the masons and Masons' Guild being located in this borough. As a result of the high proportion of dwarves, statues and monuments to Trum-Baroll fill Ettinsburgh. Dwarven celebrations of CorunvilDen are observed monthly, and the rhythmic sounds of hammer striking stone is replaced by laughter and good cheer. The neighbouring borough of Gate Side is the main thoroughfare for people entering and leaving the city. Stables, blacksmiths and general merchandise stores are all located here. The Ximaxian Militia are headquartered here, located within a temple to the fire god, Armeros. Nearby Underside houses a shrine to Queprur, which includes a large morgue. Rumoured to also house criminal elements of various kinds, only the most hardened people dare to set foot in this borough. Even the militia of Ximax refuse to go into the underbelly of Ximax, unless there's a major disturbance. A Thieves' Guild and a Necromancers' Guild are rumoured to exist here, but these are rumours, and no one has confirmed it.

Very much in existence in the neighbouring borough of Homestead is Boyzinna Fellowship Hall, sports fields, a recreational hall, a small infirmary and an Arvinswood, sacred to Arvins, god of the hunt. Adjacent Hallowhall has a small temple dedicated to Aniyla Everbright. The borough with the closest connection to the Magic Academy, Hallowhall has infamous taverns such as the 'Wasted Wizard' in its streets. Together with Hallowhall, Feldstone is one of two boroughs still in use after the explosion of 1482 a.S. Architects are in abundance in Feldstone and they work with masons from neighbouring Ettinsburgh on building projects. The needs of the architects are met by the Architects' Guild located within this borough.

As with the inner boroughs, the outer boroughs of Ximax City are best experienced in person and it is hoped that all will visit the cosmopolitan capital of Xaramon Province in Santharia.

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Deklitch Hardin
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« Reply #257 on: 22 May 2011, 17:41:59 »

I've also now written up a general description for outside and under the city. Hopefully this'll be fine, I am happy to change it if deemed necessary. Is there anything else I can do for the time being with regards to Ximax City?

Outside and Under the City: General Description
The famed magical academy of Ximax, once at the very heart of Ximax city is now a few minutes walk south west of the outer borough of Hollowell. The twelve towers of the best known magical school in Southern Sarvonia is seen for strals as one approaches Ximax from the north, or from the peaks of the nearby rugged ranges of the Magic Sickle and the Zirkumire Mountains. Between Ximax and the Ximax academy are the remnants of old Ximax city, the parts of the city destroyed by the 1482 a.S. explosion. Some of these remnants have become pastures, and in other parts of this area, the buildings have been left to fall into ruin, the various plants that have taken root and are growing over the buildings that once were houses, shops and other facilities are rumoured to hold treasures and secrets that attract adventurers.

Another attraction to those of the adventurous or curious bent are the sewers of Ximax. As with the remnants, these are said to hold treasures and secrets, but they are also said to hold dangers to trap the unwary. Rat Brownies live in the sewers, according to the noted Rat Brownie researcher <> <> and the sewers are also rumoured to be home to gangs from the outer borough called Underside. These sewers run under all the boroughs of Ximax. On the outskirts of the city, close to the borough of Homestead is the cemetary known as Cold Earth. Most of the citizens are buried or cremated here. Finally, the Wavewand River, which flows rather close to Underbelly and Homestead boroughs, is home to Tanners' Bend, where the members of the Tanners' Guild ply their trade.i
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"And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space, because there's none at all down here on Earth." - Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
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« Reply #258 on: 23 May 2011, 12:11:35 »

A proposed Coat of Arms, if no one minds my taking that liberty.
The original (and massive) post notes "twelve pointed star, sickle"

The original (on-site) version
Ximax's coat of arms consists of two concentric circles. The outer is split into white, black, red, blue, brown, and grey, representing the six chief forces of the cár'áll (the four elements, xeuá and ecuá). The center is transparent, with an eleven-pointed star laid over it.

Since the whole, blowing up the academy thing, the concentric circles seems a little off. That CoA looks like it belongs with the academy itself,  rather than the city itself, so I've gone with the suggestion listed in the earlier post.

The Ximaxian Coat of Arms was changed, following the magical explosion of 1480 a.S. to reflect the changes in the city. The current coat of arms is divided into quadrants by a silver cross. The upper right and lower left quadrants are yellow, while the opposite are a dark green. The upper ight quadrant contains a sickle with a black handle in upper right quadrant. Opposite is a xaxure twelve pointed star In the lower right quadrant, lies the oremark of the Zirghurim dwarves. In the lower left quadrant, is a black X before a flame, the coat of arms of the Volkek-Oshra. At the intersection of the cross is the symbol of the linked hands.

An explanation: The split marks the separation between the city and academy of Ximax, while acknowledging that they share the same space. The sickle represents the Magic Sickle, while the black handle remembers the lives lost in the explosion (Queprur's Sickle). The star marks the Magical Academy and it's former archmage, while the Volkek and Zirghurim symbols acknowledge the significant work by those tribes in and around the city. The symbol of Linked Hands marks it as a capital.

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