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Author Topic: Infection Cures  (Read 1624 times)
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« on: 30 July 2010, 04:20:40 »

Shutting down the old Herbal Preparations for Surgical Treatments and organizing the treatments in Pain Remedies, Blood-Loss Management and Infection Cures.  Historically (on earth) advancement in these areas significantly improved mortality rates in medical and surgical treatments.  The European middle ages were not very advanced in these areas, thus we had lots of death.  I think we will find we in Santharia are somewhat more advanced (at least in New-Santhala) but then again we have magic and various races to pull from.

Oftentimes on the battlefield a small wound to the leg or the arm if ignored will begin to fester, causing puss and fluid to excrete, and will generally refuse to heal.  In many cases the tissue begins to die in and around the wound slowly enveloping the appendage in death.  If action is not taken, the wounded warrior usually dies.  Some of the less advanced tribes attribute this affect to the supposed evil present in their enemy’s blades.  Others believe that Armeros or Queprur is punishing them for waging war without just cause.  More advance healers simply recognize that a warblade and the conditions on a battlefield lead to dirty or poisoned wounds.   Healers have named this phenomenon “infection” and it must be dealt with by a healer to increase the likelihood of the patient’s survival.  For certain, infection is not relegated to the battlefield, in fact infection can invade any wound and, along with blood-loss, is the cause of many deaths all over Caelereth.  Infection is still a great mystery to most healers however a few somewhat affective methods have been discovered by various tribes to cure infection:

Mil'no Plant Sap
The Mil'no plant is a desert plant found in parts of Sarvonia with half arid, hot conditions with lots of sunshine, particularly Stratania. It has light pink to blue blooms used for hygienic, cosmetic, medical and other purposes due to its strong scent. Mil'no grows in bulks on solitary stalks with silvery-green leaves and can be found in abundance in half arid conditions, but can exist in drier regions also. Mil'no grows up to two peds high with green, soft, hand-sized leaves on single stalks, growing in bulks. Its intense scent serves as a defense against herbivorous animals and sucking insects. Mil'no is mainly used by the Shendar, who need not only greater amounts of the leaves for their toilet, but use all its parts for different purposes.  Sap is extracted from a freshly-reaped mil'no plant, then diluted to the desired potency.  Applied externally to rid open skin wounds of contagion.  The mil'no plant is widely used to provide a fresh scent to the Shendar toilet. However, the reader is advised not to overlook the potent cleansing and preserving qualities of the mil'no sap, as this can prevent grave infirmity resulting from contamination of an otherwise nonfatal wound.

Ormelin (Redberry Bush juice)
The redberry is a common, medium-sized bush that can be found throughout most of Caelereth (with the exception of southern Nybelmar and Aeruillin). Each bush produces many small, tart, red berries, useful for cooking as well as being a primary ingredient of ormelin (orm conservation fluid).  The fruit juice of redberries is one of the main ingredients in ORMELIN (orm conservation fluid).
Ormelin fluid ingredients (makes about 2 mugs):
1) Orms; more orms make the fluid stronger. Any orm is suitable.
For moderate strength, it is common to use about 200 orms.
2) Powdered lotann leaves, about 3 ladles.
3) Fresh alth’ho roots, about 15. (other grasses may be substituted)
4) Sunflower petals, about 8-10.
5) Redberry juice, about a sip.
6) Water, about 3 mugs.
7) A pinch of iron (rust is suitable) or other metals.
8) Icemilk, about 3 sips of their sap.
9) Mil'no, about 5 leaves.
Boil the water in an iron pot. When it's boiling, add the lotann leaves, the alth’ho roots, the sunflower petals, the icemilk sap and the mil'no leaves. Put a lid in the pot and let it boil for 35 minutes. Make sure that leaves and roots are cooked asunder. If not, squash them with a fork, and boil 5 minutes more. Then add the redberry juice and the pinch of iron. Let it boil for 20 minutes and add the orms. After boiling for another 10-15 minutes let it cool down, and pour it into a glass flask.

The alchemical genius of ormelin is obvious even to the unstudied herbalist. The method of brightening the Foiroan constituent (ichor) and at the same time amplifiying the sanguine constituent re-establishes a balance between the body’s passionate and cerebral influences. The fluid is used as a cure-all elixir and significantly aids in the healing of wounds and blood-loss recovery as well as healing infection.

Totit Bush lotion

Coming almost to the knee of most adult humans, standing about one half ped in height, thetotit bush has been used by the tribes of east Aeruillin for generations as both a food source and a medication. Numerous small almond-shaped green leaves cover the plant, giving the surrounding pale sands a green shade of life. A large pink or orange blossom blooms twice a year, sending the miniscule seeds everywhere on the harsh desert winds. Despite its generous numbers, the tribes have not been able to domesticate the plant or grow it in easily harvestable fields. The dried blossoms are collected and ground to a fine powder. When combined with oil, this makes a lotion which prevents contagion from entering a wound. The people of Aeruillin often use oils from cactus flowers, such as the Agisuhlt and Sepulchura, thus adding a soft, sweet bouquet to the lotion. Another use for the plant is to dig up the totit roots, soak them in boiling water for 3 days, and pound them to separate out the long fibers. These fibers are spun into fine threads, then woven into a soft cloth the Sor'inyt call Yuatu’way. The lotion of the totit blooms are effective at keeping contagion out of wounds. This author uses Yuatu'way fiber as a suture thread when soft thread of one single fiber is beneficial, such as for mending muscles.  The totit, hailing from a hot, dry locale, drinks in the warmth of the sun, basking in the midday light. Having such a strong reserve of heat thus acts to sear away contagion, preventing spoilage of the sanguine constituent.
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« Reply #1 on: 30 July 2010, 10:08:56 »

The use of Magic to stave off infection is not common or widespread.  However there is one Xeua spell called the close wound spell that is specifically for this purpose.  The spell will close a gaping wound, rendering it resistant to infection and generally making it heal faster. However, this spell does not heal the wound and an unlucky hit on the newly closed wound may rip it open again. Therefore Close Wound is mainly used as a first aid after combat before further healing is applied.

Would you mind removing this section?

The spell you reference is extremely out of date and may not even exist after Xeua is reworked

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« Reply #2 on: 30 July 2010, 12:02:52 »

sure thing, your the magic boss.  thumbup

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« Reply #3 on: 01 October 2010, 10:25:42 »

Just trying to resurrect this old thread.  You should mention the use of maggots to eat rotting flesh.  That's an ancient RL technique (look up "Maggot therapy" if you don't believe me) It's such a cool concept, it would be perfect for Santharia.

I've been doing some research on herbal healing methods and I'd like to use some of these in Santharia, but I'll need to check out whether we need to develop some new plants as well.  That's likely.  I'm hoping to get some more medicinal information and techniques on the site, so thought I'd pull this thread and see what unraveled.


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« Reply #4 on: 01 October 2010, 11:14:01 »

Ancient and still practiced I might add. Maggots are used in cases where flesh has been necrotized since they'll just eat away the affected flesh, leaving a rather clean wound. Though they are gross little things.  undecided

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