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Author Topic: The Nature of the Body  (Read 1429 times)
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« on: 06 November 2010, 00:58:17 »

Comments and suggestions are welcome, but please refrain from extensive reviewing, et cetera, until the piece is finished.

ATTENTION! I'm putting this project on hiatus until I can figure a few things out.





How the cutting of the skin provides insight into the workings of organs, providing efficiency in killing and healing simultaneously: why the methods of cutting discussed within are a horror of great controversy to behold.

by Aimen Skangarris.


In the year 1651, the gnomish scholar (Fjorek) Olf Kjorskun of Marcogg brought together the sons and fathers of many wealthy families in a demonstration of an extremely controversial nature.

This document was written by Aimen Skangarris, who attended on behalf of his father, Skeijorn Ancolm Skangarris. It details the methods of “cutting” that the gnome had invented along with use of extremely potent lesrin’mar to effectively place a patient under something like paralysis.

The greatest controversy (detailed in the document) is the use of human subjects who are still alive. It is unknown how many bodies that Olf used, but it can only be hoped that they had all died first.

It is also unknown as to how Olf convinced a living man to undergo the trials. A year and a half later, Olf Kjorskun was found dead in his home in Marcogg. His body was cut in the fashion that he taught, but no conclusive evidence was found as to his death.

Aimen Skangarris wrote this piece in 1654 after he found out about the death of his greatest and worst teacher.

An Introduction to my Purpose in Writing, and a Note on Lesrin'mar.

My father, Skeijorn Ancolm Skangarris made his wealth in trading poisons, venoms, toxins, and anything else that could go by a similar name. One of his favourites to trade was the mixture called Lesrin’mar. He did not make a great deal of wealth from it, but he tells me that it was where his trade began, and it held a fond place in his heart.
My father loved Lesrin’mar. It was what made him. He was a good father, but he never cared for my mother or me the way that he cared for his trade. We gave him love, but his trade, in particular Lesrin’mar, brought him life.
That was the way that he viewed it. Still, I do not resent him for that. He taught me much in my life, so, I suppose, without Lesrin’mar, I would not be what I am today either.

The mixture numbs the body, putting the skin to sleep. Once, when our boat gave me a splinter, my father gave me an extremely weak, diluted draught and pulled the splinter with the tip of his knife. I felt nothing. The numbness did not last long for me.
It was around this time last year that my father died. The numbness lasted forever for him. He had a growth on his head; it gave him migraines and his nose would often bleed uncontrollably for hours. I do not know how, in his weak state, he made the concoction, but he took an extremely strong draught.
He died without pain, and for that, I am glad.

The last nice thing my father did for me was send me to a seminar by Olf Kjorskun. He was supposed to attend with me, but he had fallen ill the day before. I suppose that was the beginning of my father’s sickness and the beginning of my life.
I had always lived in the lap of luxury thanks to my father’s accomplishments. With the knowledge I gained from the seminar, I was to be able to have my own accomplishments. It is three years since that seminar, and finally I write this book; finally, I make my accomplishment.

Olf Kjorskun died three weeks ago as of the time that I write this. I am glad for his death. Though he used Lesrin’mar in his own trade, it did not hold the place in his mind that it held in my father’s heart. They say that Olf died with quite a large amount of pain.

I say that he brought it upon himself.

At his seminar, I witnessed him slice a dead man apart. I watched as he peeled flesh from a man’s face and I saw the mixed expressions of distaste, disgust, and glee on the faces of the other members of the wealthier families in Marcogg.
I, like many others, lost my appetite for weeks after. Far worse, however, than the dead victim was the live one. There is no rational theory for where Olf Kjorskun received a willing volunteer for what was to happen to them. I suppose that he might have lied to the man who entered the theatre then, but he did not seem like the kind of man to lie for his trade.
No, Olf Kjorskun was too proud for that. The man who walked in was quite old, but looked the epitome of health. By the end of the day, he did not look quite so good, and I feared for his soul.
I hope that this man was the first living victim Fjorek Olf had experimented on. I have nightmares in which I am once more in that theatre and the collective heartbeat of every living victim of Olf Kjorskun causes my ears to explode.

Three months after the first seminar in Marcogg, I followed Fjorek Olf to Santhala, where I was unable to get inside to view his second seminar. I have heard that he was ridiculed in Santhala afterwards, and his planned trip to the city of Ximax never happened.
For that, I can only hope that he never got the chance to cut up another living being.

Of the twenty three men who attended the seminar, only I willingly remember Olf Kjorskun for his aberration. Not a single other person would talk to me when I visited them. I will not name them within this document. Their silence then and their silence now should be shame enough.
I, however, am proud to say that I stand against Olf Kjorskun’s “medical arts”, as he called them.

As a final note to this introduction, I warn that the scenes I remember will stir graphic reactions in the stomach. They are also not in the order that they happened. I have, in fact, split the seminar up to make reading a little easier.

I only hope that those who read this work will understand that these horrors should be abolished as soon as practiced.

The Opening of the Chest, and How This Allows the Viewing of a Still-Beating Heart.

The Revelation of the Head, the Man's Jaw, and the Preservation of the Skull.

The Splaying of the Fingers and the Bleeding of the Subject's Wrist.

The Cutting of the Foot.

Author's Notes
-For the title, I used some inspiration from John Hale’s “A Modest Enquiry into the Nature of Witchcraft” which he wrote after the Salem Witch Trials. I still want to read it.
-For the purpose of suitability to the Santharian environment, I kept the methods quite primitive and often useless (such as “the revelation of the head”).
-Question: On the Library Menu, under “Authors,” would I be listed, or would Aimen Skangarris?
-As above, so below, please don't do any extensive reviewing until I finish writing the piece.
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« Reply #1 on: 06 November 2010, 03:16:58 »

A thing I stumbled upon: "gnomish scholar (Fjorek) Olf Kjorskun". That name is very unlikely I'd say. Olf Kjorskun is a typical Avennorian name - however, Avennorians are a human tribe, and gnomes usually stick to their gnomish names. The Racial Corssbreeding entry also makes it clear that humans and gnomes are highly unlikely to marry. So I'd say a gnome living in Marcogg might perhaps have the Avennorian title, but not an Avennorian name.

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« Reply #2 on: 06 November 2010, 03:33:47 »

Thanks for that, Art. I wasn't too sure of that, but the entry on Daran Gnomes said they take names that are common to the place they live in. I was sure it did, at least... I can't find that bit now...

I'll make a note of it, though, and I'll give him a new name when I have my next session of work on this.

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« Reply #3 on: 06 November 2010, 05:10:50 »

Have you seen this entry?

No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith. And that, I fear, for any reasoning, conscious being, would be the cruelest trick of all.
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a cruciform kaleidoscope

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« Reply #4 on: 06 November 2010, 05:56:29 »

I had not. I'll make sure I refer to it when I continue. This piece was to be about the use of Lesrin'mar to dissect a still-live body and the controversy related to that. Thanks for the link, though.

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