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Author Topic: Waybread  (Read 752 times)
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« on: 10 June 2011, 22:34:54 »

Another blast from the past!

Name of Food or Beverage

Waybread (Yolk-Bread, Wayfarer’s Bread, Travelbread, Seras Loaf)

Waybread is a type of flatbread, sometimes made with eggs, eaten by travellers on the roads throughout Caelereth. The recipe is quite simple, though varies from province to province, and even between continents. The most common is a type of light, airy flat bread, cooked on whatever is handy, be it rock or camp stove.


Many a vagabond has subsisted for days on little but water and waybread, with a daily portion of fruit and cheese. Because waybread keeps so well, it can be carried for long distances. The variations on waybread are numerous. The Eyelians, have been known to use eggs in the waybread, giving a distinct yellow colouration to the bread The Cenotaurians make a particular form of the bread using spices to season it, such as rosemint and basiloc. Because of the unfortunate problems with carrying yeast over long distances in various climates, the bread cannot be baked with yeast and is made flat.

Waybread can be eaten at any time during the day, and is typically prepared at noon. The bread is then eaten for the noon meal and whatever is left over may be eaten while traveling. A second batch is cooked in the embers of the fire that night, and may be eaten then or preserved for eating in the morning. Waybread may also be cut into strips or squares, and wrapped for eating while travelling. Much like jerky, the waybread allows travellers to consume their food while on the move.
Origin of the Food or Beverage

Deep in the nomadic past of the Cenotaurians is said to originate the waybread. With such a mobile culture it is very difficult to carry yeast or cultivate wheat. The simplest thing to do is trade for the flour required and make flat bread. The bread is quite simple to make and does well for large group as it can be made quickly without an oven or a fire depending on the time of day. The bread is usually eaten in the morning when camp is being broken so the men have something to keep their strength up during the day aside from water.

Method of Preparation

Waybread is simple flour and water. The flour and water are mixed to form dough. The dough can be cooked on whatever available hot surface, be it a flat rock, or a makeshift oven, or even a shield, should the sun be kind, or unkind as it were; this method does however take longer. The waybread is left to cook, either in the sun or over a flame for about 20 minutes. After this point the bread may be eaten immediately. Spices may be added to the dough during the mixing process, rosemint and basiloc are quite common, many add cheese on the bread by way of flavoring.

The Eylian "Yolk-bread" is glazed with egg yolk while it bakes, often in an improvised stone oven, and may have berries ground into the dough. This glazing process preserves the bread against moisture, making the crust tough to chew and giving it a distinctive yellow colour.
The Eylians also include what they call "Meatbread" a mixture of dried and ground meat, marrow fat and berries which is then dried for travel. Meatbread has an equally long shelf-life and has found some popularity in being served alongside Yolk-bread.

Halfling "Wayfarer's bread" is often an elaborate affair when properly made, including aged cheese, ground pfepper seeds, garlick, and other sundries depending on the baker. The receipt for traditional Wayfarer's Bread creates a much larger loaf than is typically needed, with the note that the leftovers should be given to neighbours or passerby.  Curiously, the bread is most often used to be made into sandwiches unlike other breads. The "traditional" Wayfarer's Sandwich varies with the Shire. The Helmondsshire variety includes ground meat, cooked on an open stove or slices of smoked roast, lettuce, weeproot slices, cheese and a mithato slice or two, between a sliced open square of Wayfarer's bread. This meal is most often packed into a basket for fishing or mushrooming expeditions.


Waybread is a widespread and incredibly diverse food. It is a staple of any travelling company’s diet due to its ease of production and relative durability as a food. It is believed that many cultures have at one time developed their own version of waybread independently of each other. Variations exist from the Santharian hinterlands to Nybelmar.
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