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Author Topic: Whitewater Castle, Province of Mathria  (Read 879 times)
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« on: 12 June 2011, 07:33:33 »

Whitewater Keep

In the introduction and general overview you give a general description of the place. A few items should be included, such as geographical position (in what continent, what province/kingdom the place is located), inhabitants and maybe a particular item of history or legend which the town, kingdom, mountain etc. is famous for. The introduction represents a short overview for a quick reader, who only wishes to know the general things about the place.

In this part you describe the place itself. What's in it, who lives there, what the functions of the town, kingdom etc. are. Try at least to mention the following things:
- landscape
- general purpose
- description of houses, natural surroundings

Other items you could discuss (depends of course on what you describe):
- religions of relevance at this location
Anything can be in here if it relates to the place specifically.

Purpose of this section is to describe the exact location of the place, including kingdom and continent, with adjacent places like towns and forests and possibly kingdom borders or tribes or special landscape objects. Included could be a map cut from the main map showing the place and it's surrounding area, but this is Artimidor's work.

What kind of people/tribes inhabit the region? And approximately how many? In which part of the region do they settle and why?

Coat of Arms (optional)
If the place is a city or tower or a place similar to that, you should as well describe a coat of arms for it. The symbols and drawings on it should somehow describe the place or its attitude. If the description is done well, one of our artists may draw it for real to accompagny your entry in the Compendium. So make sure that this description is as detailed as possible.

Climate (optional)
It's always good to know how the weather conditions are in the region you describe (you don't have to describe the climate for buildings of course *hehe*): When does it rain in this region? And how often? Is there snow in winter? Is it stormy all day long? Are there good conditions for crops to grow? And so on. You get the idea, right?

Mythology (optional)
Often places have legends telling how the place was created or founded. To be original is sometimes difficult here, but a legend of a city can range from a city built on the fundaments of an ancient wizard's tower, the battle that was won at that spot, two heroes who met there etc.

Flora (optional)
Plants, herbs, trees - put in details here! Not always required to add, e.g. if you're working on a town or village. But always good to have, though.

Fauna (optional)
Animals, beasts, monsters - put in details here! Same here as at Flora. Not necessary, but nice to have.

Resources (optional)
Describe natural resources and geological conditions here: Can there be found minerals in this region? Or do the inhabitants depend on fish they catch? etc.

Myth/Lore (optional)
If you can think of a story or two about this place/region you describe or about sayings, proverbs associated with it, here you go!

History (optional)
From the day the place was created to the day it was destroyed or to the present, a general outline of all events happening in between should be given here. It's recommended to make some sort of table for the History and you should follow this scheme:

Date (e.g. 10.000 b.S.), Caption (e.g. Battle at XYZ), Description (What exactly happened in this battle)

Whitewater Castle, built over 200 (up to 400) years ago, has never served as a military stronghold.  Instead, it was built as a testament to love by (insert title here) Arasmis Cahoulin to his wife, Lady Bryannha.  Unfortunately, the Lady died during the birth of their second child, when she was informed that on that very night, he was killed in a shipwreck off the castles shores (this is where the name Whitewater Castle came from).

Tragedy turned to the supernatural, as in years hence, Lady Bryannha has been spotted walking the ramparts or the shores of the sea as a White Lady.  As well, in storms, a ship can be seen off shore, floundering.

The spectre of the Lady seems to be a benign entity, casting a calm if sorrowful aura, while the shipwreck is more malevolent, with rumours of the dead crew coming ashore during storms and dragging victims back to their watery graves.

In the intervening years, the Cahoulin family has ruled Whitewater Castle, and divides the populace into two main factions.  Many look upon the family as victims, and in response to the White Lady, have established festivals marking the anniversary of her death, where the Castle is decorated and is filled with happy festival goers.  The others, many of whom have lost loved ones to the denizens of the shipwreck crew, blame the Cahoulin family.  Over the years, there have been attempts on members of the Cahoulin family, a few being successful assassinations.  Still, nothing has stopped the ghostly crew.

My entry will then form a juxtaposition between a love lost romantic tale, and a more sinister supernatural event.
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