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Author Topic: Santharian History: 100 to 200 a.S.  (Read 12640 times)
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« Reply #30 on: 21 June 2011, 05:50:27 »

I've come not very far year wise, but I'll post what I have so far. And will love to go on, though I think the later parts were fine, if I remember right. But tomorrow I have my nephew here and we will spend some days with him, mostly in the garden, but visiting stuff also - if it is not raining toooo hard.

I think I made a mistake when noting, that the halflings are missing in that early paragraph, there the three main races might have been  the only ones. I coloured it. I will look for an exact date of the coronation when doing the moon entry.

And yes, it is a proposal :)

(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)

50 b.S. Stormcloak Port at Shan'Furionis
Years of good relations with the people of Shan'Furionis create the chance of getting their own piece of the port. Of course, they are quick to the opportunity and now have their relations.

47 b.S. Birth of Marzevash's son Raegash
The Tharanian Prince Marzevash has a third son: Raegash. His wife Kattaira dies during the childbirth.

46 b.S. Prince Marzevash marries Valferia, Birth of Syveric
Prince Marzevach marries one of his previous mistresses, Valferia. A few months later already a fourth son is born, Syveric.

45 b.S. Birth of Santhros Salazath
A son is born to the Erpheronian nobleman Aelric of House Salazath, who should bear the name Santhros. Aelric is a highly respected member of the Voldarian council, his family having earned his name from the victorious battle of the Erpheronians fending off the Caltharians in 822 b.S. at the Battle of Salazar.

42 b.S. Aelric Salazath becomes Human Ambassador to the Alliance
The Sarvonian Alliance, a union of the human, elven, dwarven and halfing races, which was created in order to protect Sarvonian lands from the dark elven lord, the Móch'rónn, Saban Blackcloak, welcomes Aelric Salazath as the new human Ambassador. Aelric's goal is to build further links between the races and thus strengthen Tharania's bond with forces that are not directly under the king's control.
34 b.S. Marzevash "the Adamantly" is crowned King of Tharania
Following the death of his father Sorodin, Marzevash is crowned King of Tharania. Initally he is perceived as a positive, straightforward and inspiring figure throughout the kingdom, but his ambitions will soon get the better of him and he earns the byname "the Adamantly" due to his persistence to achieve his goals, regardless of the costs. Marzevash works diligently on strengthening the ties with the Sarvonian Alliance and brings unforeseen wealth to the kingdom.
30 b.S. Death of the King's Son Armeric
The secondborn son of the Tharanian King Marzevash, Armeric, dies as one of the knights in a battle to recapture the dungeon Hegedorn from the claws of the Móh'rónn. He was only 18 cycles of age.

18 b.S. Santhros Salazath marries the Caltharian Duchess Cara'Jeshanneh
Santhros Salazath, son of the human Ambassador to the Alliance, Aelric Salazath, is married to the Caltharian Ahreng Cara'Jeshanneh. Ahreng is the fourth daughter of a respected southern Caltharian Duke.
15 b.S. Death of the second King's Son Marzevash II.
The Tharanian King's firstborn, Marzevash, dies in a hunting accident.

14 b.S. Birth of Santhros Salazath's first Son Laenthris
The first son of Santhros Salazath and Cara'Jeshanneh is born and is named Laenthris.
13 b.S. Assassination of the Human Ambassador to the Alliance, Aelric Salazath
The Tharanian King Marzevash "the Adamant" fears to lose his powers and supposedly plots an assassination of the highly respected Ambassador to the Alliance, Aelric Salazath. While Marzevash is a prominent figure in the Alliance between the races, the face of the kingdom to the elves, dwarves and halflings is Aelric, who helps to negotiate between the races. The alleged plot to kill Marzevash's internal foe succeeds, but several representatives from other races are killed as well unintentionally during the ambush near Salsair. This causes a part of the plot to be uncovered, linking the assassination to Marzevash. However, Marzevash's guilt or innocence can never be proven in its entirety.

12 b.S. The Tharian King Marzevash Abdicates and Flees
Marzevash, in the eyes of many people directly linked to the assassinantion of ambassador Aelric, is eventually forced to abdicate in order to satisfy the growing unrest in the populace. He flees to the island of Narvoss, taking with him his son Syveric, and instates his son Raegash as the new King of Tharania.

12 b.S.
to 10 b.S. The "Unwilling" Tharanian King: Marzevash's Son Raegash
While his father Marzevash fled to escape the resentments towards him, Raegash's popularity is not overwhelming either. After a few months he decides to renounce the throne and following his wish for seclusion he retreats to a monastery and refrain from politics. As his follower he suggests his friend and comrade at the Order of Armeros, Santhros of the House of Salazath, to the council of elders. Long discussions ensue, so that it lasts over a year until a decision is made, but finally Santhros is accepted.

Marzevash's reaction from his self-declared exile arrives promptly: He denounces Raegash as true heir to the Tharanian throne and declares Syveric his rightful successor. But his hands are bound, as he has no support anymore in the capital of the realm, Voldar.

10 b.S. First Kasumarii student at Ximax
The Academy of Ximax receives its first Kasumarii student, a Darkpriest by the name of Turya Firebane. Despite an incident with some of her classmates (a Volkek-Oshra, the hatred of orcs ran deep in Turya) she proves an avid student.

10 b.S. Santhros Salazath becomes Tharanian King
In his 35th cycle Santhros Salazath, son of the assassinated human Ambassador to the Alliance of the races, Aelric Salazath, is confirmed by the council of elders as the new King of Tharania. The decision is supported by several influential highly ranked nobles and Orders like the Order of the Fallen or the White Knights, due to the fact that a better understanding between the races seems crucial in times of trouble like these. Santhros, who assisted his father in many of his travels to negotiate with elves, dwarves and halflings, is considered as the ideal candidate, as he has many sympathies all around the former Erpheronian, Caltharian, Kyranian and Centoraurian lands. The symbol of the „Oath of the Young“ is burned into his chest the evening before his coronation.

9 b.S. Birth of Santhros' second son, Thaelnoric
Santhros' wife Ahreng Cara'Jeshanneh gives birth to another son, who they name Thaelnoric. He will later receive the name „the Loyal“, for his commitment in the service for his father, the King.
8 b.S. Serpheloria seeks affiliation with Tharania

Seeing how the North florishes under Santhros‘ reign, Avennoria accosts Santhros, the Tharanian king and seeks affiliation with Tharania, which is granted. A political united Southern Sarvonia is suddenly a goal not impossible to reach. Many see similarities to the formation of the Tharanian Kingdom some 500 years ago.
Santhros sends out secret emissaries to test the ground.

4 b.S. - Birth of Santhros' daughter, Shaelriga

3 b.S. Stratania enters a tight contract with Tharania

Strata and Thalambath agree to strong ties with Tharania. Thalambath gets the secret covenant to become the  capital of a future province which will be named Truban. Strata, nearly destroyed by the past wars, gets the promise of massive funds for rebuilding and reestablishing of their trading fleet. Only Varcopas disagrees.

1 b.S. Eyelia agrees to join a future Santharia

Santhros finally gets the last remaining tribe to join a future united kingdom by promising to establish his new capital in Eyelian territory.

1 b.S. Varcopas joins the future kingdom

Varcopas finally gives up its resistance, but not without having been granded the status of a Free Town.

0 Santhros crowned as King of the United Kingdom of Santharia

It is a historical fact that the coronation of Santhros to the Santharian throne is the direct continuation to the strictly confidental Sarvonian Alliance between the leaders of all three main races of the southern Sarvonian continent, humans, elves and dwarves. This alliance already exists for several years in order to hinder the endeavour of the dark elven lord, the Móch'rónn, Saban Blackcloak, who descended the Hèckranian volcano in order to topple the Earthen Titan from his throne in the depths of the dungeon Hegedorn.

The secret Sarvonian Alliance between the leaders of all three main races of the southern Sarvonian continent, humans, elves and dwarves,  which had been formed to repel the Saban Blackcloak has brought forward a then not expected fruit: The birth of a new kingdom, Santharia. And as fate would have it - there is the right man to ascend to the new throne: Santhros the Wise, a man not only loved by his people, but capable of governing such a huge kingdom well, a man with initiative and new ideas.  

The coronation takes place in Quia'antá, the new capital.

With the creation of the Santharian kingdom an essential counterpart is formed in southern Sarvonia to the barbarians and the orcish cultures developing in the Northlands. But not only this: The new kingdom also brings peace to the many disputes among the races which still reign the lands. Therefore it is indeed justified that all historical incidents taking place after Santhros' ascension to the throne are measured after the new Santharian Calendar.

Quia'antá (the later Santhala) becomes the Capital of the new Kingdom
The former Eyelian town of Quia'antá which was used already in the past for important gatherings by Santhros' father Aelric is chosen as the new Santharian capital. The town lies embedded in the central to Santharian, in the midst of the Rimmerins Ring and features multiple tribes living already in harmony together.

Inner-Santharian Trade Flourishes under the new Ruler
The unified government of all Southern Sarvonian human tribes brings many changes and also a good deal of scepticism to the inhabitants of the newly formed kingdom. Yet the new king makes sure that the progress he says he stands for becomes apparent to his people as soon as possible.

Santhros immediately makes sure that new trading relations are established within the kingdom, that tribes and regions are revived with new impulses. Committees to discuss new cooperations and reorganization between races and regions produce first remarkable results. After only a few months sceptism takes the back seat and prospects and hopes dominate large parts of Santharia.

The Halflings join Santharia
All the tribes of Southern Sarvonian halflings agree to become part of the Santharian alliance along with elves, dwarves, and men. Though the alliance proves to be shaky at first, the halfling shires are eventually able to return to a peaceful state, and begin to experience a new time of great growth.

Establishing of the Coat of Arms

The formerly secret Sarvonian Alliance of the three races becomes now a symbol for the unification of the four races, the Coat of Arms is established, called the „Linked Hands“ and becomes with Santhros also a sign of transperancy between the races.

Stratania becomes part of the United Kingdom of Santharia
The Santharian King Santhros grants the city of Strata more funds to regain power. Restoration and buildings continue but at slow speed due to the large demolishing activities that have to be performed first. Many of the old buildings are unrepairably damaged by the teeth of time and are pulled down.


1 Defeat of a renegade Avennorian Baron
While whole Southern Sarvonian joins the United Kingdom, they still have to deal with a renegade Avennorian Baron in Dasai, who opposes a unified Santharia. From his fortified town he conducts sever acts of piracy on the traderoutes in the Herringbay.

Santhros starts a small military campaign already in the first year of his reign. Led by the Stratanians and backed up up by some Avennorian and Serphelorian troops, the rogue baron is successfully ousted and imprisoned. The mere amount of ships and land troops showing up to represent the king's determination is argument enough to get rid of the baron with practically no bloodshed at all - thus a huge bonus is earned for the king in the southern parts of the kingdom.

As Uderza is a mainly Shendar town where a 'baron' could not have acted on his own in this way, I changed this to Dasai.

5 Thaehavos declared Free Town and renamed to "Bardavos"
Bardavos, the former Thaehavos, with the ascension of Santhros the Wise to the Santharian throne is officially declared a "Free Town of Bards" and thus renamed to Bardavos.

9 Petition to Santhros Frees Marduran
The Port town Marduran is freed from the often tyrannical rule of its Lord Enforcers by Santhros' decree after he hears of the town’s unique situation. Having outwardly become quite different from the lawless people they had been 800 years ago, the people of Marduran become great supporters of the Santharian province of Manthria and Santhros. In a town meeting after the jeering eviction of the final Lord Enforcer, the town's first communal action is to knock down the imprisoning walls. This is done with great enthusiasm, although it wanes fairly quickly as more essential tasks beckon. No section of the wall is left untouched, but great parts of it are left standing and degrade naturally over time or are, in later years, incorporated into new buildings.
10b.S. Reorganisation of the Unitied Kingdom of Santharia into new formed provinces
Reorganisation of the Unitied Kingdom of Santharia into new formed provinces is completed. The eight provinces are intentionally not based on the borders of the former kingdoms, but on regions which exist aside from the political borders. The introduction of new provinces instead maintaining the kingdom scheme by the king and his advisors is a bit problematic at the beginning as people from different kingdoms suddenly are ruled by an idependent count, who is installed by the king himself. But in the course of time the decision of Santhros proves to be a wise one as the new administration finally leads to better understanding among the people and also among the various different races.
(from the Santharia entry)

14 Death of the First Wife of the Santharian Prince Laenthris
A great tragedy befalls the royal household: Merella, the first wife of the Santharian King's son, Laenthris Salazath, dies during childbirth. The long awaited heir also cannot be saved.

21 Second Marriage of the Santharian Prince Laenthris to Veldosla of Carmalad
After seven years of grieving over the death of his wife and son, Laenthris finally marries the daughter of a highly respected Caltharian count, Veldosla of Carmalad. While during that time mainly seen as a political marriage in order to strengthen ties with other tribes, Veldosla would give birth to no less than five children within the next ten years. Yet Laenthris long-awaited male heir is not among them - all their children are girls.

27 Death of the Santharian King Santhros the Wise
The Santharian King Santhros the Wise, also known as the "King of Charity", dies peacefully at the age of 72 in is sleep. A highly influential figure, Santhros not only made history in Southern Sarvonia with the unification of several kingdoms, but has also always been in high esteem among his people, regardless of tribe, helping to unite and to come together.

At Santhros' funeral thousands of people stream into the capital of Quia'antá (the later Santhala), among them elven, dwarven and hobbit delegations, there renewing their vows to continue following the ideals of the deceased king.

Laenthris follows his Father on the Santharian Throne
Laenthris Salazath, firstborn, yet still childless heir of Santhros becomes King of the United Kingdom of Santharia. He is aged 41 when he claims the throne.

33 Birth of Staranos, Son of the Santharian Prince Thaelnoric the Loyal
The secondborn Prince of Santharia, Thaelnoric, becomes father of a son he names Staranos.

46 The "Curse" of the Santharian Queen Veldosla
Twentyfive years after their marriage and after having given birth to five daughters in the first ten years, Princess Veldosla bears another child to her husband and King Laenthris Salazath - it is a male heir, yet it is born sick. While the healers are hopeful and the celebrations are already started, the life of the young Erthis ends already at his second night.

Queen Veldosla, a loving, yet frail woman, is ashamed of her inability to provide a male heir to her husband. She hears the "Cursed!" shouts of the populace when the death of young Erthis is announced to end the premature festivities and is unable to cope with them. She leaves the court, entering a White Knights monastery on the Isle of Hope, far away from her former husband, making way for another woman. Three years later she dies. Her death is barely noticed in the realms capital.

The Santharian King Laenthris marries the Erpheronian Duchess Phelossa
Only a few weeks after his first wife Veldosla left King Laenthris to conclude her life in a monastery, he marries again, this time a still very young Erpheronian duchess, Phelossa of Weyring.

56 Kar-ii Turya Archmage of the Black Tower
The Kasumarii Turya ascends to the position of Archmage of the Black Tower, Kasumarii establish further relations with Ximax. Kasumarii also now known to most Sarvonian magi, knowledge spreads.
57.a.S. Rumours arise, that the Queen might be barren
As there is no heir in sight, elven years after the marriage of King Laenthris with Phelossa, rumors suddenly are spread, that she is barren. They seem to have originated in the Duchee which belongs to Thaelnoric the Loyal, Santhros‘ second son. Thaelnoric is killed not much later in a surprise attack of outlaws while passing the Shivering Woods. Staranos, who has accompanoed his father, proves himself, earns merits with wiping out the criminals who had terrorisized the nearby Horth for years.

59 The Oltgyr Vradvo (Mitharim Hundred Year Pilgrimage)
Every hundred years or so, starting from the first Santharian decades the Mitharim dwarves make a pilgrimage to the island Denilou to pay homage to the statue of Brok Strongarm. This usually takes place in a year ending with 9 (such as 1509, 1619) in the dwarven month of Anurilos (Sapphire, the fourth month, which is associated with water). A human ship is retained for this voyage, which begins at the port of Ciosa, hugs the shore of Doranthakar, and then cuts east-nor’east across the open waters of the Adanian Sea for the island of Denilou. Since we know that the densely-boned dwarves generally abhor water in larger quantities than their bathpools, and are very poor swimmers, we can perhaps appreciate the significance of this pilgrimage to the Mitharim.

60 Birth of Mantheros, the long-awaited Heir to the Santharian Throne
Fourteen years after Laenthris' marriage to Phelossa and with fears mounting that she might actually be barren, Queen Phelossa finally gives birth to a healthy male child, Mantheros.

Big celebrations ensue, as the line of Santhros seems to be finally secured with a male heir. This seems to guarantee security not only for the royal family, but also for the populace, who wants continuity with the path chosen by Santhros the Wise and followed by his son Laenthris. Queen Phelossa is named "the Lucky", yet her luck would soon be over.

The Santharian Queen Phelossa is crippled in an Accident
Only a few months after giving birth to her son Mantheros, the carriage of Queen Phelossa, in which her staff and her son were travelling in with her, overturns for unknown reasons. While the driver and a maid die, baby Mantheros survives miraculously. The Queen survives as well, but is badly hurt and remains crippled for the rest of her life.

Instantly suspicions arise as to whether the incident was accidental or not. Protection for the child is stepped up drastically. Rumour has it meanwhile that the grandson of Santhros' second son Thaelnoric, the battletrained Staranos, has ambitions to claim the throne for himself should the time arrive, and that the accident might have been instigated by him.

I hope you like it! Do you think the transformation into the new provinces takes less or more than 10 years? Probably the king had to conciliate adversaries during this process. Just wandered, where ther could have been battles with whom, so that Staranos got battleprooved. There are troops near the Heckra, but elsewhere?

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« Reply #31 on: 22 June 2011, 05:00:12 »

Changes are fine, Talia - will see to put it all in for the next update! :)  thumbup

One thing I discovered myself: I've given Sirthala the title "the Firm", only to realize that once upon a time - I guess it was probably me as well - selected King Laenthris to be "the Firm" (see Royal Lines table)... Seems to be based on the desire to find something short, yet precise to go with the king's/queen's name... So: Any idea perhaps for changing Sirthala's name addition?

The forming of the provinces could last a while, ten years might be a good time. I assume that troubles could arise at the southern provinces/older kingdoms (Eyelia, Avennoria, Stratania), where some gravens, barons etc. fear to lose their power due to the fact that new borders are introduced. So there might be some smaller revolts here and there, attempts to stay independent from the kingdom (obviously doomed to fail however), maybe to sabotage things here and there, maybe even an assassination attempt. Such things could still be added.

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« Reply #32 on: 22 June 2011, 05:39:34 »

some options for changing 'firm' (all synonyms of firm)
(I have ignored the synonyms for firm as a noun ... I didn't think you were meaning that she was a business, Artimidor) :D

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« Reply #33 on: 22 June 2011, 05:54:03 »

Immutable (!)
"the Granite"

Or just allow them to have the same title and draw comparisons between them in their respective entries, eg, "A was called this for X, whereas the other monarch, B, known as the Firm was granted her title for Y"

Or some such thing.


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« Reply #34 on: 25 June 2011, 16:39:38 »

Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I'll go for "Unwavering", that sounds quite like a good statement to be made :)

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