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Author Topic: The Golden Age of Kings - a Synopsis  (Read 7585 times)
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« on: 18 March 2013, 07:56:08 »

Still not finished,  a lot of names need to be invented, some formulations replaced (the underlined parts), not checked for commas etc.. but as Easter approaches, children coming home etc, holidays ....  I thought I post what I have so far.

Please, just a quick content-check!

The Golden Age of Kings
A Historical Synopsis (Abstract?) --> Abriß?


The Golden Age of Kings is an era in Santharian history which is characterised as a time of  YXCV and peace.  Though starting out with beguilement and  ending in a catastrophe it was nevertheless a period of wealth and prosperity over nearly 400 years, with no major wars and a growth of business, art, and craftsmanship  the following years of anarchy could not make undone.

There are detailed accounts about the three great rulers of this time, Santhran Dagolth Hammersfeld ,the Liberator‘ as the first of the Santhrans, Santhran Lysarian Hammersfeld ,the Great‘  who gave the already thriving economy another great burst by enforcing his ideas, and Santhran Sanaerrin the Magnificent, who lead the kingdom to unprecedented glory, but was the tool of its destruction also.

This abstract shall cover the whole time and give a short insight in the personalities of each Santhran and his Santhranna, mention otherwise forgotten children, show the political intertwining (? within the nobility) and tell some widespread rumours also.

172 to 201 a.S.
Santhran Dagolth "the Liberator"  (150 - 201 a.S.)
/Santhranna Shawaldah, Caltharian (152 -
Marriage 171 a.S.
Children: Twins Dagrin and Dagmin (174 - 201), Calron (175 ), daughter Elinnija (177 - )

The first Santhran of this era has been one of the three great rulers mentioned above. However, the way he came to be the first Santhran in history was through beguilement and bribery. Newly found documents (1) prove that his father, the influential Count Dekem, had arranged a swapping of newborns: his own child which had died during birth with the living and healthy heir of King Thaenos and his Queen Mererra. Not much later King Thaenos died and Dagolth Hammersfeld was elected Santharian King by the Council of Linked Hands. That bribery helped his cause is more than likely.
We do not know, how much the new king knew about the machinations of his father. He turned out as an honorable man later who not only honoured the previous line of kings with introducing the title "Santhran" signifying the Santharian king after the founder of the Santharian Kingdom, Santhros the Wise, but furthered the welfare of the whole country.

Dagolth would gain his byname "The Liberator" after the defeat of the corrupted elf and Móh'rónn, Saban Blackcloak. He is also known for tigthening the kingdom's governmental organization, regulation of taxation, improving the messenging system throughout the lands, standardizing uniforms, reviving the Armerenda feast as an incentive for soldiers and many other things. A more thorough account can be found in his person‘s entry, visible in the Great Library, Section People of Caelereth, Aristocracy.

Santhranna Shawaldah, Caltharian of origin, has not been very happy with advancing to Santhranna. She has been a loving wife and caring mother, politics in general did not interest her though and often she showed a fundametal lack of knowledge what Santharian geography concerned. The noble contacts she had to associate with often looked down at her because of her lower birth, and the way she dressed in bright colours, the accents she had. She was well aware of the fact, that the royal court often sneered at her behind her back. To ease her live and give her time away from the court, Santhran Dagolth ordered to build Mahood Castle as a family retreat, about a hour ride away from Santhala to the west in the foothills of the Rimmerins.  There she spent many happy hours with her family, watched her children grow up, and become formidable adults.

Dagmin and Dagrin, the firstborn twins, were Shawaldah‘s most loved children, though she never admitted that she had preferences. The birth of her sons commanded more respect for her from the side of the nobility and the young princes were just adorable, quick of mind, with a body agile, strong and good to look at at the same time, and of friendly character. As it was not known who of the two was the firstborne, no one was preferred to the other. They grew up and were thought to once be the best successors to the throne as one could imagine.

Calron was a more quiet child, more interested in reading and dreaming than riding and learning swordplay. He spent his time with his younger sister Elinnaja who shared his interests. They were often seen riding out and spending a whole day at a remote place, where they read poems at each other, painted the beautiful landscape the surrounding of Mahood Castle offered or just  lay in the grass watching the clouds traveling the sky. It was Elinnja who introduced him to Majida of Bardavos, the adopted daugther of the Thane of Bardavos, xxXX. Calron, only 18 at that time, fell immediatly in love with this beautiful girl with the red lips and dark tresses. In his eyes every single movement of her was enchanting, not only when she was dancing and singing. As he was not the heir of the throne and his mother Shawaldah was glad that the girl was as she had been not of high nobility, he was allowed to marry Maijda.

This changed

(Sons: twins Dagmin and Dagrin, Calron; Daughter: Elinnaja)

Santhran Calron "the Weak" Hammersfeld/Santhranna Majida
(Son: Lysarian; daughter: Liorathsa)

to 267
Santhran "the Long-lived" Lysarian Hammersfeld/Santhranna Ithvinna, Mariama (by 230), Asriyah Altara (by 277)
(Sons: Kijolf, Leifring with Ithvinna, Lysander with Mariama; Daughters: Skavinna, Udrike, Hjaveig with Ithvinna, Myrissa with Mariama)

267 - 299 a.S
Santhran Lysmarin Eymacor Hammersfeld of Thyslan (228 - 299 a.S.)
/Santhranna Elphrioria (Eloria) Tarjuvarn, Serphelorian
Marriage 253 a.S.
Sons:  Brugley (254 a.S. - unknown) , Calem (261 - missing 298 a.S. ); Daughter Querithia (258 a.S. - vanished 275 a.S.)

Born 228 a.S. , Lysmarin ascended the throne aged 39. As he had helped his father with his royal duties, he was well prepared when he came into power and still young enough to be a good leader. No great new initiatives were seen during his regency, but he pursued and preserved well what his father had started. He strived his whole lifetime to be as well loved and respected as his father was, but as he was born illegitimate, he always lacked the self assurance to tread into Lysarian’s footsteps. He relied much on his Santhranna Eloria who, being of Sephelorian origin, knew how to deal with political power also and supported Lysmarin in every possible way.

Lysmarin and Eloria were a lucky match and for a long time the royal couple was seen as a role model for a happy family. They had met at the funeral of the Santhranna Maijda where Elphrioria had the approached the lost youth who mourned his grandmother, consoling him, and from that day on Lysmarin loved his future wife. They married in 253 a.S. and a year later the heir to the throne was born, their first son, Brugley. The joy was great, as four years later a daugther saw the light of the world, they named her Querithia. She was a very musical little girl and everybody compared her with her grand-grandmother Maijda. Finally Prince Calem was born 261 a.S., the family was complete. Several years later, 267 a.S. Santhran Lysarian died and Lysmarin inherited the throne.

The country was in peace and prospering, but trouble arose when the beloved princess Querithia vanished 274 a.S., just seventeen years old. Despite every endeavour had been made by the royal forces, she was not found. That threw Lysmarin in a depression the former jovial man never overcame, though he knew how to hide it. Many rumours spread, that she had joined the Fymbel Association incognito and had become a puppeteer, others that she was the famous singer Rithia Tarvan and worse, that she had become a witch.

Calem, the second son,  worked for the crown as explorer,  messenger and diplomat. He never overcame the loss of the sister. It is said, that he traveled so extensively not only on behalf of his father and his royal duties, but that his true goal had been to find his Queri. We do not know, if he has been successful nor if  Rithia Tarvan of Bardavos was his lover or maybe his sister. He did not return from  a mission to Aeruillin where he should establish new contacts 298 a.S.   

The loss of his second child may well be one of the reasons for Santhran Lysmarin’s death. His first son, Brugley, meant to be his successor, had always been very reclusive and though he had the education to fill out the position of the ruler he had early communicated, that he would prefer that his younger brother would relieve him of the burden to rule a country. Lysmarin was well aware of the problem and as his wife Eloria died an unexpected death due to a pneumonia, he started to drown his sorrow in a good red wine. The exact circumstances of his death  early in 299 a.S. are not known.

299 a.S.
Reign of the Council

The nation was shocked as Prince Brugley refused to ascend the throne. He had already joined secretly  the Clerics of Seyella, taken his oaths and presented his people  with an accomplished fact. His decision to reject the throne surprised everybody. The Council of the Linked Hands was forced to search for new candidate.

The choice fell on Skeijorn Arnkje Nikolfskjun, Veior Ithvinna Rigvildskan‘s eldest grandson, the firstborn of her daughter Skavinna Hammersfeld and her husband  Jorn Arnloff Nikolfskjun (married 242 a.S.).

300 -  306 a.S.
Santhran Arnkje Jepperth Calron Nikolfskjun ‘the Rich’ (245 - 306 a.S.)
/Santhranna Fjanre Heighrin of House Fjorveig (257 - 341a.S.)
Son: Terring, (290 - 231 a.S.); Daughters: Fjatha, Ithrike, Jarulas, Mesja, (born 274, 277, 280, and 281 a.S.)

As Santhranna Ithvinna Rigvildskan divorced her husband, Santhran Lysarian, she retreated to her estates at the Pearl Coast, taking her three daughters with her. So it was not remarkable, that her oldest daughter married an Avenorrian noble. An Avenorrian saying goes: “The more gold you have, the more you will come to you” and this was the case with this marriage. Skavinna’s husband was of great wealth also, as his title ‘Jorn’ showed. The two married 242 a.S. ; they welcomed their first child Arnkje 245 a.S. When Prince Brugley refused to become Santhran, Arnkje was probably the richest man in the whole kingdom, earning his title Skeijorn rightly. He possessed vast stretches of land not only in Avennoria, but in the whole kingdom. His warehouses held goods of immense worth, it could only be guessed, how much it would be in goldsans.

Evil tongues say, he bought himself in the position, but as the eldest male heir from the Lysarian line, this can only be seen as defamation. In contrary, as the descendant of famous lineage, the Nikolfskjun (Nikolf had been the friend and adviser of Ciosa) he was predestinated to become the ruler of the kingdom. He ascended the throne aged 54 and had, what might have been important for the choice of the Council, an heir, Terring, though the boy was only ten years old, being the youngest of Arnkje’s five children.

Arnkje has been a portly man who loved to enjoy life, who had reigned his merchant empire more with genius than with hard work. The new tasks as a Santhran were different and overwhelmed him. He had enough staff who supported him, but in the end the he felt, that he was not up to the task and neglected his duties, ignored the problems brought before him and filled his day with eating, drinking and short walks in the gardens. He died six years after his coronation, his reign had been short enough to not hurt the general economy of the kingdom though. 

306 - 231 a.S
Santhran Terring Ekjolv Johlsund Nikolfskjiun  ,the Artist’ (290 - 231 a.S.)
/ Santhranna Skjaanra Heitha (of House) Hjaghrinskjan (286 - 369 a.S.)
Marriage 310 a.S.
Daughter: Hjanarike (311 - 369 a.S.)

Prince Terring was only 16 when his father died and too young to ascend the throne. So the Council gave him three advisers with whom he should confer in the important matters of the kingdom until he would come of age. However, they never played an important role, as somebody stepped in who had not attracted much attention on the political scale (level??) so far: Santhranna Fjanre Heighrin Fjorveig, his mother.

Fjanre had not been very pleased, when her husband was chosen to become the Santhran, but unlike him, she coped very well with the new situation. She had been the only daughter of a rich Avennorian noble and had been introduced by her father into his business. When she was married to Arnkje, she used her skill to help her husband to foster their wealth. Often it had been she, who made the appointments and met important merchants. Her husband Arnkej had decided on a big scale, what to buy and sell, she had looked after the smaller things. Her business did not deter her from being a good mother though. She had a good relation to her four daughters. Terring, as a latecomer, had always been her ‘baby’, loved and spoiled. This changed, as it was clear, that the boy would once be santhran, but not to an extent which really made a difference. So the young king, though in an age where children tend to loosen the closeness to their parents, Terring adored his mother. Only his teachers, servants and advisers had to suffer under his juvenile defiance. Santhranna Fjanre took over the tasks of the santhran, unofficially, but not less effective.   

When Terring was 18, his coronation took place and he was now the santhran with all the responsibility which comes with the title. However, not much changed, for Santhran Terring was unfit to rule. He had always been a dreamer, a songwriter, an artist, a dancer. Though his educators tried hard to make a responsible person out of him, they never succeeded. He had always been a very affable person with an amiable character and people loved him because he was so friendly to them. But he was very unorganised, often lost in thought and did not get to the place he wanted to go. But that did not really matter, for there was his mother who pulled the strings and whom he obeyed unconditionally. This went so far, that he accepted his mother’s choice when it came to find and choose a wife.

310 a.S., 20 years old,  he was marrried to Skjaanra Heitha  Hjaghrinskjan, a woman four years older than he was, again of Avennorian origin. They had only one child, a daughter, Hjanarike, born 311a.S. His Santhranna has been a strong woman as his mother was and as the two worked well together, the kingdom flowered. Due to the skill and knowledge of Fjanre and Skaanra, buissiness was strong during the reign of Terring, but Santharia had seen so many good years by now, only seldom disrupted by a draught, a flooding or another natural catastrophe, that no ruler after Dagolth and Lysarian got merits for a working economy. What he is remembered for is his support of the arts of every kind, be it on a high level as the competitions for master artist he funded or the introduction of a guild for ‘letter-bards’, who were payed by the crown to travel from village to village and instill not only the production and use of basic music instruments into interested children, but to teach them the beginnings of writing and calculating. Being musical gifted was suddenly not only something which was nice for noble ladies, everybody who was not totally ignorant concerning the fine arts either played an instrument or tried his hands at painting or sculpting. House facades became suddenly some colour, wooden door frames were carved and towns competed who had the most elaborated pattern on their market places.

Unfortunately Santhran Terring managed to kill himself while trying out a new kind of bright paint. It is not known anymore, if the fumes which evaporated hurt his lung or the paint itself was so poisonous that when he absently chewed on his brush he took in so much that it was lethal, or the combination of the two. He died only three weeks after he had started with his experiments, probably though inner bleedings, aged only 41.

He was mourned deeply and the funeral was attended by thousands of mourning citizens. But as soon as he was buried, unrest stirred. He had not sired a son, just a daughter and though in fact his mother and wife had reigned all the time, calls were heard,  especially from the northern part of the kingdom that it was time for the country to be ruled by a strong man again. XXYYY was presented, an Erpherorian nobleman who claimed to be a direct descendant of Lysarian’s sister Liorathsa Hammersfeld and therefore of the first Santhran Dagolth also. Obviously resentment had grown in the North over a long time against the prevalence of the Avennorian succession on the throne. But the schemer had not anticipated that princess  Hjanarike, though only 20 years old, knew very well what she wanted and had somehow foreseen the events after her father’s death. When the Council met, she stepped forward and delivered a speech which left the attending persons flabbergasted. She pointed out, that she would  not be the first Santhranna who reigned in her own right, but that Sirthala, grand-granddaughter of Santhran the Wise had been ruler of the kingdom also.  As many nobles supported Hjanarike, especially those who were related with her (now it payed of, that her father Terring had had four older  sisters who were all married of throughout the country), the question who should ascend the throne was soon abandoned and the princess enthroned.

331 - 369 a.S.
Santhranna Hjanarike Sirthala Nikolfskjiun (311 - 369 a.S.)
/Consort Drafas the Cute of Strata ( 298 - 345 a.S. ), /Consort Syvrin Vcxy ‘the Wild’ of Astralan ( 317 - 350 a. S.)
Marriages: Drafas the Cute of Strata (by 341), Syvrin the Wild of Astralan (by 347)
Sons Drageir (342 - 356 a.S. drowned in flood ), Tristvild (344 - 400 a.S.)

With Santhranna Hjanarike ascending the throne a decade started which should later be called the ‘Reign of the Three Women’: mother, wife and daughter of Santhran Terring the Artist. It was regarded as the best time since Lysarian, because many things initiated already under Fjanra came to fruit now: The ‘Great Royal Highway’ was finished, a paved road which lead from Bardavos up to Nyermersys and was guarded on the whole length by royal troops who secured it  to make travel and trade safer. This way merchants only needed to look for guards if they left this road, which was only a short way in comparison. Travel stations were built, the messaging system improved, and a minimum wage for day-taler introduced.  A matter that was near Hjanarike’s heart was a new law, which allowed women to appeal to a judge if she felt wrongly treated by her husband. Daughters obtained  - theoretical - the right to be treated equally as their brothers, especially what education concerned, but that matter was hard to enforce and soon abandonned again after her death.

As successful as she was as Santhranna, so unlucky she has been with the choice of her consorts. As the whole kingdom was watching whom she would give her hand and as resentment against another Avennorian tribe member was big, she decided to make a political choice and married a Stratanian noble with a great name: Drafas xy of Strata, with the byname ‘the Cute’.

Drafas was an intelligent man of excellent manners, good looking with a tall frame, tanned skin and dark curls. He had been in a leading position in Strata and well versed in many areas of knowledge. What he was not used to  the stricter way of life in the Northern capital, were the people had no time for each other, for a chat when meeting casually, a cup of tea in the afternoon or a good glass of vine in the evening; at least this was his impression he wrote down in a letter to his sister XYC who still lived in Strata. Life which had seemed to be so easy in Strata suddenly became stressing and tiring. So it is assumed, that it was pure fatigue which let him loose the control over vcxy. He was hurt severely in this accident and died a few days later. Hjanarike had, though maybe not loved, but valued her husband and so she had been quite distressed about his death. 

Two years later, 247 a.S. another wedding was celebrated. Santhranna Hjanarike had offered her hand to a noble from the North,  Syvrin Vcxy ‘the Wild’ of Astralan. It is much debated, if this was a political move or if she had been fallen in love with him when she visited Nyermersys a year after her first husband’s death. Syvrin was, as his byname indicates, of an entirely different nature than Drafas. Very tall, broad shouldered and of a rough appearance he always was a bit outstanding at ceremonies or any other gatherings at the court. He loved riding , hunting and swordplay and was known to be quite impolite to his subjects at times. Many Santhalian nobles looked down on him and did not hide their antipathy. Santhranna Hjanarike soon became pregnant. However, she lost the child in mid-pregnancy and many claim, that it was the frustration and anger about her husband. Syvrin had, while his wife was suffering the initial nausea which comes with many pregnancies, sought out other beds and betrayed his wife openly. Hjanarike did not allow him in her bed again after those incidents. After three years of marriage he was one day found murdered in a dark corner in a less noble part of Santhala.

356 a.S a dangerous flood occurred in Santhala. ….
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« Reply #1 on: 19 March 2013, 05:18:47 »

Sounds like a good idea to make an entry on the Golden Age of Kings to have the key players and their accomplishments all in one place, Talia :) I would advise however to keep the entry's focus pretty much on the merits of these kings, so that the topic is served, which is "The Golden Age of Kings". At the moment it looks like you're also dealing with marriages, children etc. and this leads quite a bit away from that. Looks more like a Dagolth entry already with that many details included.

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« Reply #2 on: 19 March 2013, 05:28:33 »

That's a good point actually.

EDIT: Although, not being a lover of history, I have to profess to looking forward more to a Dagolth entry with its marriages, and children, and love and loss, than to "The Golden Age of Kings", which, humans being humans, is likely about which king had the biggest sword and the meanest mind.
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« Reply #3 on: 19 March 2013, 07:19:21 »

Oh well, I'll write just on and on and we will see, what will come out and what to keep and what not. However, I wondered myself, why I'm writing so much about a time which is already covered...

Coren, don't worry, there is enough stuff already in the making you will like.

There is no entry about Dagolth yet, somebody has to write it. :D

I'll do the last king and it is so much more fun than Lysarian. Drama! Be careful, I'm about to get evil, I find pleasure in torturing my characters!

Art, this is an entry about the age, not specifically the kings/santhrans. Women are always playing an important role   grin

"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path  that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking,  breathlessly. ~Don Juan"
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« Reply #4 on: 20 March 2013, 07:14:54 »

Some gossip added for Coren :)

"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path  that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking,  breathlessly. ~Don Juan"
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« Reply #5 on: 24 March 2013, 21:54:34 »

More stuff added, not finished though, not ready for an uri-check.

"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path  that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking,  breathlessly. ~Don Juan"
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