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Author Topic: The Current King and Queen - Brainstorming-General  (Read 2885 times)
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Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels
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Shendar, Shen-D'auras

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« on: 19 July 2005, 03:36:00 »

OK, again - this is not an entry yet, but a brainstorming.
Judy and I decided to do this together when we approached slowly the check-in point at Munich airport. Judy is not available yet, so I will put on, what I remember, more is comming later.

Please, but your proposals under the fitting thread below - I made different ones, to make life easier.
So now, some general things - that is not yet formulated, just written down quickly! That takes not the posts below into account, it is just a repost, no idea ,why ezboard thought I have html comments.



Name will come later!
I will call him for now CuKing.

Born 1625a.S. (or 1620??)
Ascension to the throne with 25 - 1650 (1645)

Give a general overview on the person on top. When you look at this overview you should see at once

- who this person is/was
- what he/she did
- where this all happened
- and why there is a Compendium entry for this person.

Important: Don't forget the exact life dates (e.g. 456 b.S.-398 b.S.)!

Overview will come later

Appearance, Personality

Appearance will come later - well, he is a tall, a goodlooking guy who wins every female heart, his inner strength and dedication  is a bit hiding behind his good look.. but what impresses more is of course his personality, his presence if he enters a room... like every great ruler has to have, though this might with him be not so obvious at the first glance than later, if you know him better.

Well, in our opinion, he has to be the greatest king ever. We are curently living in a blessed area , with peace throuout the country , economy florishing, arts thriving, inventions made every day. A kind of Elisabethean age, even greater. This demands a king, who is able to do this, who fits to this age. So, let‘s propose a personality - and because we are doing Santhros at the same time, set the two a bit apart.

He is strong, strongminded, knows what he wants, and is able to guarantee, that his wishes are fulfilled. However, he does it  , though authoritative , in a friendly way, so that people love to fulfil his wishes and do it out of their own will. some may misjudge him, because of his friendly way to deal with people.
His dedication and firm mind is not visible at the first glance, for as, said before, he is a friendly, just , benevolent person.

The people love him dearly , at least the lower ranks, though he is not the type present all time and mixing himself at audiences under the people. He is in the inner a reserved person, just that his duty doesn‘t him allow to be alone too often. Maybe he would prefer to have a more scholarly life, but his position doesn#t allow this.

He loves the arts, has talents and knowledge in most of them, knows how to play the harp, has a good voice, even did some drawings in his youth etc..- no time however for this activities, maybe he plays the harp now and then in privacy.

He doesn‘t like to attend or even take part into knightgames, or too much sportive activity aside from riding and walking, maybe swimming, but of course he had to do his knightly training, did ot exaggerate there, but was modestly good, until he was in a position he didn‘t have to go on with this. He was never really interested in competive sports, was more must for him.
(That could have caused problems with his father...)

He enjoys the power he has and uses it wisely, but more often, he would be content with a position in the great library.


Extra thread!!!!

Write in detail where the person grew up, which education he/she got etc. Just mention all important incidents in the persons life, and as often as possible: Try to add dates which make the entry more accurate from the historical point of view.

Born 1620a.S. in?

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Importance (Achievements

Extra thread!!!!

At the final section of the entry you can/should try to talk a bit about the general importance of the celebrity, e.g. if you describe a king you can describe how his people liked him, which impact all the things he did were for later generation he did, if there exist some kind of lore or anecdotes etc.

Will be drawn by Faugar :)
Background maybe him standing before a big map of whole Caelereth (without Yamalqua

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"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path  that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking,  breathlessly. ~Don Juan"
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Alysse the Likely
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« Reply #1 on: 19 July 2005, 13:51:00 »

@Talia:  On the plane, Judy and I worked out a rough draft of the family tree based on our discussion with you, and filled in some of the possible names for characters.  Unfortunately she, not I, has that information and she is not only bereft of the internet, but is rather ill right now (some sort of stomach flu) so may not be able to get down here to post.  Poor Bard.  I will try to pass on what I can.  Hopefully she will feel better soon and able to work on this with you.

Alysse the Likely


Alysse the Likely
Rayne (Alýr)
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« Reply #2 on: 19 July 2005, 17:05:00 »

The reign of our current monarch should be one filled with accomplishment worthy for this flourish period in history. I would propose...

1. a graduated tax (do we have taxes? Does the king control them to any certain degree?) so that the rich are taxed more than the poor, and this helps keep the wealthy from getting too wealthy.

2. More money to scholarly establishments: obviously for the compendium and perhaps to Ximax and other schools. Marie Curie said that you can tell how good a government is based on how much money they put into education!

3. Perhaps more money to hospitals and maybe monestaries that do charitable work, such as establishing shelter for the homeless, feeding the hungry, etc.

Obviously, having a king who wasn't so high on his horse (figure of speech) to feel he was too above his citizens to walk amongst them might be cool. He could be a man who enjoys just walking through the town (perhaps disquised) and visits with the townfolk to see how they're doing.

You mention wives. Does the king have to have multiple wives? Maybe that "wives" was suppose to be "children"? I would love to do an entry on a daughter, if possible.


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Lucius Helvil
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« Reply #3 on: 19 July 2005, 17:24:00 »

Or it could be a bad as in weak king.

Tolkien in his books does this thing quite alot. That the olden days were much better. Like weathertop how that was once glorious, but that is gone. Also how the cities of Gondor were taken and destoryed. It gives you such a sense of emotion. So sad that how everything is not as good as it once was.

Fluffy Ramblers

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« Reply #4 on: 19 July 2005, 22:26:00 »

Lucius, those are symbol used by Tolkien (as I guess) to represent his views or feelings - which is probably more precise - on modern society. Santharia is a pseudo-realistic model, this limits the use of the symbols to a certain extent.

Now to the king. Since, as I mentioned, Santharia is a model of society, we should look for periods and persons in our earthly history that resemble the current time and the current king. I would say: Renaissance, Italy, Florence, Venice and other major cities. I guess, the king is someone, who is not opposed to progress, who spends some money to support the arts and the science, but who isn't very interestend in lower classes. Instead he probably seeks allies among wealthy traders by selling them the noble titles and tries not to make too many enemies in the rows of aristocracy.

And to your proposals, Rayne.

1. There should be taxes in Santharia, but probably not the tax you mentioned. This concept seems way too modern to me, I'm not sure how it could be applied to the feudal system.

2. I agree. But I guess, there won't be too many offsprings of poor families in the schools, Ximax excluded.

3. Charity in the middle-ages was mostly coming from the Church, so, adopting this to Santharia, we could have the king spend some money to support the temples of the gods.

I like the nice king you portrayed, but, I think this description would better fit a duke or a prince. And, hey, my Underground has to have something to rebel against. *smiles*

The mouse flies!

Ta`lia of the Seven Jewels
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« Reply #5 on: 19 July 2005, 23:38:00 »


This is the wrong place for the discussion, could you please move this thread to the "Southern Sarvonia Forum"? :)

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"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path   that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly. ~Don Juan"


"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path  that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking,  breathlessly. ~Don Juan"
***Astropicture of the Day***Talia's Long, Long List***
Gean Firefeet
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« Reply #6 on: 23 August 2005, 13:15:00 »

Seems this discussion has died down a little, let's light it up a bit, shan't we?

year 1660 after centuries of work

This quote was taken from the entry on The Santharian Compendium. Now with this in mind, the current king should not be the first strong king to come. On the contrary, if we have a compendium being worked on for centuries, that means that we've had generations of strong and powerful leaders which had the possibilities to fund a project of the size the Santharian compendium is.

This fact should be noted in the entry on the current king. Still, I think he doesn't have to have a completely 'happy time' with only 'happy people'. If his family has had control of the complete southern part of the continent (I have no clue on the history of Northern Sarvonia, so I'm totally oblivious to the relationships between these two parts of the continent) for centuries, they need to have been threatened and troubled by something over the course of time, which can continue up to these days or can show up for another time during the reign of the current king. However, he's got control of the situation, it isn't the first time they had troubles in the land, he'll handle it like it was handled before. But we should have revolts/invaders/famines/pestilence/earthquakes/plagues/civil war/you name it during these centuries and the current reign, although within reasonable limits of this typical strong reign (as Fluffy proposed in this or another thread). The Roman Empire, one of the few empires which really stayed afloat century after century, also had to deal with trouble along Hadrian's Wall, Julius Civilis leading a civil uprising, defeat in the woods of Bavaria, trouble along the Danube in the northeast and prophets in Juda.

Another thing we should keep in mind and could really help us out to 'get the picture clear', is how the government works exactly. Does each Santharian province have a duke? A council? A representative at Court in New Santhala, or does the king travel around? Do we have a uniform governmental system in the continent, or is each province government still based on the principles handed down from generations of ancient tribal influence? This affects what the daily of the king consists of (does he stay at the court, does he need to travel around, will he hunt with his nobles to have informal meetings or send diplomats and play the harp in his own quarters), the possibilities of Court intrigue etc. so we should discuss this as well.

[edit]not to mention the racial details. My knowledge is really outdated, but do we have mixed marriages, do we have elven blood in the royal line? What are the relations with the dwarves and elves, do we co-exist peacefully, do we mind eachother's business or don't we, will the elves fight for their own realm, or will the dwarves? etc. etc.

040705-110705. My Inspiration.
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