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Author Topic: The Kuatu - Quest (?)  (Read 2205 times)
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« on: 09 July 2003, 07:51:00 »

This is not finished, and I haven't studied the quest template enough to follow it strictly, but used my own order. I can change this later, as soon as I know, that it is in general possible to do it this way. It is a quest for a very patient player, but he is rewarded accordingly - after the next quest. This poor girl up in the tomb!

Start in room_326_path_under_baychtrees-Special Text-Kuatu

 This doesn‘t have to happen the first time the player enters the room, maybe the second time. If he follows the kuata till the end, he will find the box. If he has the box, and enters this room again, the kuatu could appear in irregular intervals, every second time maybe, but with a chance factor. But he won‘t find anything interesting the following times, just some cones.

Special Texts:

First  encounter with the kuatu

While enjoying the quietness and coolness of the baychtrees you are suddenly disturbed by a horde of kuatu jumping down from the boulders at the north of your path. They chatter and hop around you,  you nearly can‘t go on without stepping on one or tripping over one. Some of them stop running around, sitting back on their haunches, feeding on some fruit or nut  or are eyeing at you as if they want to inspect a strange animal, which you might be to them. As quickly as they came to join you on the path, as quickly they are gone.

Just one is left. It seems smaller  than the rest of the group you have just encountered, as if it doesn‘t get enough food, which can‘t be the case, the pineforest nearby provides it with enough cones and seeds. It has a dark shiny fur where the stripes are nearly invisible, a lovely fluffy tail  and bright eyes. Sitting in the middle of the path it forces you to stop. It seems as if it looks directly at you and shows more intelligence  and awareness in its eyes as an animal of its size should be able to. With its little paws it wipes its eyes and looks then at you as if it expects something.

Second and later encounters with the kuatu

Again the crazy hord of kuatu is crossing your path. you are looking out for your friend, and really he is with them - and again waiting for you!


A: You  continue and choose a way around the kuatu.
B: You have the time and look if you have something in your backbag you could feed to the kuatu.

A: Continue on the path

B1: Unfortunately you don‘t have anything you could feed ot it. --- A:

B2: You have some xxx (dried meldar apples, dochnuts, cooky from Ilbeth, other things as well, which the kuatu doesn‘t like.)in your back bag. What do you want to offer to the animal?

B2a: Dried meldar apples
B2b: Dochnuts
B2c: Ilbeth‘s cooky

Player chooses one item, depends on what he has  

B2.1: It comes slowly nearer, but what you have doesn‘t please it. Do you want to try another food?


B2.2: Seems you don‘t have anything which pleases the kuatu. Maybe you buy some stuff?
Maybe the player could ask a villager in  dialogue  what kuatu like

B2.3: It comes slowly nearer and takes finally one of your hands and vanishes up a tree.

You continue on your path, but it doesn‘t take long and it is back again., seems it wants more food from you.

C1: You have nothing left ---- A:

C2: As B:, but with different B.2.3., here C2.1

C2.1: It takes the food out of your hands and swallows it immediately, then it looks at you, chattering.  Running away a few peds, it returns to you, chattering at you while sitting on its haunches and looking at you again. This is repeated a few times, you can only stand quiet and wonder where you are. Does the kuatu want you to follow?

D1: You are a rational person and tell yourself, that following a kuatu will bring you in the next  establishment (?) for mentally retarded persons. ---A:

D2: You have always been a person who doesn‘t care what others talk about you and decide to follow the kuatu.

Option FOLLOW KUATU brings the player to room 314. I don‘t know how it works now: Does the player see the room description first and then the special texts? (Long description or short if he was already there?)

The kuata is as it seems happily hopping in front of you, sometimes climbing up a tree, but always staying in sight of you and returning now and then.

Room description would fit in here as well

It takes really a long time since you are following the kuatu. It leads you in another part of the forest. You begin to doubt if it is really rational to follow this animal. Who knows what weird Ximax magi has made his experiments with this poor animal. The forest to your right is dense and doesn‘t allow you leave it, to your left you hear the creek murmuring. You stop walking, the kuata watches you. Do you really want to go on?

D_2_1: No
D_2_2: Yes

D_2_1: You are in the baychtree grove and have to decide on your own where to go.


kuata leads player now in room 318

(Introduction skipped)

Long/short description

The kuata is still guiding you, but now you are again doubting your mental saneness, even more as before. A meadow is greeting from the north, in the west the creek promises a cool path, the part of the forest you are about to enter looks not as if you want to go on.

Do you still want to follow the kuatu?

D_2_2_1: No

D_2_2_1: No  -----   back to D_2_1.

D_2_2_2: Yes

kuata leads player now in room 317

Room(long/short) description here

„What the heck wants the kuatu of me?“ you are thinking. It still jumps from tree to tree, sometimes nibbling at a cone, but always coming back to you.

Or room description here

Nearly at the end of the peninsula you are on, the kuatu suddenly sits still and waits for you to close up. Quite a big Sahnrix pine is standing there, around the base of the tree debris carried here during the last flooding by the creek has piled up. Branches mostly, long grasses, some white bones are forming a heap, on top are even some stones, giving witness to the force of the water when carrying things.
You look inquiring at the kuatu: „Was that all you wanted me to show?“ you are asking it, and muttering to yourself: „Now I‘m starting already to talk to animals!“
But then the kuatu  slips into the heap and starts to dig in the ground. But his little paws are not strong enough for the stony ground, and obviously a strong branch is just where it would like to dig.

What are you doing now?

You save you last left sanity and leave the kuatu, going back to fulfil your tasks, if there are any.

You give up your last bit of sanity and help the kuatu digging.

D_2_2_2-1: ---- You are leaving


You are rewarded. You find a bunch of saved cones the kuata has deposited here!


From  here it depends on if the player runs the quest for the first time or later

Second and maybe even later times: The kuatu chatters at you a last time and vanishes.

First time:
The kuata goes on digging.

Do you want to help it further?

D_2_2_2_2_1: No---you are leaving

D_2_2_2_2_2: Yes

You have lost your sanity anyway, so you go on helping. and it doesn‘t take long, and you are feeling something hard under your hands. Digging deeper you find a hard metal box.


The box has a silvery appearance, it is small, a cube, about a handspan in each direction. You can‘t open it, you don‘t even see where it could spring open, only some faint signs engraved on the side are visible.
On the bottom one can find a steel mark, a stylised anvil on a square. The box  is hard, maybe the metal is the famous mithril. You need definitely help here, if you want to know what it hide

I did the description of the two boxes a bit different, to make it not too obvious, that they belong together.

As you look up, the kuatu is gone, you are on your own again.

Maybe this has to be changed, if the player runs more chars.

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« Reply #1 on: 09 July 2003, 11:55:00 »

Hmmm... You're trying to test what Humangus is capable of scripting, eh? :lol  

Well, this all definitely needs a lot of re-thinking and knowing how programmers need to think concerning such matters, it probably isn't all that easy and needs a more precise definition in some ways etc. So give me some time to look it through in a quiet minute on how we could organize that... *scratches head* Well, first I still have to add some more rooms from you, Talia, change the Raven River reference, and the Prosperous Farmhouse needs my attention as well a bit... So one after the other;)   But thanx for posting this detailed ideas!! They are very helpful!

P.S. How's Mimi? Dialogue & pic?

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« Reply #2 on: 09 July 2003, 15:21:00 »

Haven't done anything for the dialogue, wante to finish the room first, pic is on the way, but not as easy to realize as I thought, can post pencil scetch though first

***Astropic of the day***


"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path  that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking,  breathlessly. ~Don Juan"
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