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Author Topic: Inventory of Nepris Items - updated with descriptions  (Read 5802 times)
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« on: 24 July 2003, 08:10:00 »

This is a Word table which has been 'dumped' in here and isn't formatted, of course, but enough to get the right idea.  I haven't had the temerity to describe weapons  - as I believe someone else is working on that in another thread? - or clothing, but that can come next.  Also I need prices, but until we have the more exotic items added (like specialty weapons, potions, etc.) I won't be sure what my range will need to be.  Hopefully the magic-users can check the Spells and Magic section and add some ideas!

For the Knowledge and Lore stuff, is it possible to make a 'link' within the game so that when a player clicks on the book, it 'opens' and the info can be read, just as if he/she were browsing in the compedium?  Imagine not only how much fun it would be but how much information the player could gain if he/she were to read through the Santharian Primer, for example!  A quest could very well depend upon the information found in one of the books - which might endear them to Humangus somewhat, or at least help to reconcile him to their inclusion!  :lol  


Items Inventory for Nepris RPG

Weapons & Utensils

Eating Knife                
Fighting Axe                
Fish Scaling Knife                
Large Shield                
Long Sword                
Medium Shield                
Short Sword                
Silver Spoon                  
Small Shield                
Throwing Axes                
Throwing Knives                
Tin Spoon                
Two-Handed Sword                
Wood Axe                
Wooden Spoon                

Clothing & Armour

Canvas Hood                
Cave Drell Belt                
Chain Mail Gauntlets                
Cloth Cap                
Cloth Tunic                
Cuncu Fleece Vest                
Drell Leather Boots                
High Leather Boots                
Leather Belt                
Leather Breastplate                
Leather Gauntlets                
Leather Gloves                
Leather Helm                
Leather Tunic                
Light Linen Cloak                
Linen Breeches                
Low Leather Boots                
Metal Helmet                
Metal-Reinforced Breastplate                
Sawis Fleece Jacket                
Tarep Fur Cloak                
Waterproofed Canvas Boots                
Wolverine Fur-Trimmed Leather Hood                
Wool Breeches                
Wool Cloak                

Healing Items, Herbs & Potables

As’en-soor’an Pastilles        These little minty candies are made to an elven recipe from Icemilk sap and Mahood-Euwen spores and are very soothing to an irritated throat
Baian Cha Tea         A small sack of golden tea leaves
Beer        A jack (leather bottle) of dark beer, holding about 3 mugs or one firkin of liquid        
Brandy        This glass bottle has been wrapped in leather to reduce any chance of breakage or waste of spirits        
Cow’s Milk             A heavy little firkin of white creamy milk        
Goat’s Milk         A waterproofed pouch of thick, aromatic milk        
Maid’s Ease Tea        A small sack of brownish-green dried leaves, good brewed as a tea for reducing muscular aches                          
Miyu Paste        Do NOT ingest this brownish paste made from Miyuestiac Beans, but smear it on your skin to numb small cuts, stings, and other external injuries        
Odea Powder        Even this tiny bag of what appears to be greenish dust is frightfully expensive due to its powerful healing qualities.          
Ormelin Fluid        A small green bottle holds a sticky translucent brown liquid made partly from preserved orms, good for inexpensively healing bruises and aches.        
Willowbark Tablets        Compounded by gnomish chemists from the bark of the willow tree, the bitter whitish tablets will effectively relieve muscular pains and headaches        
Wine        An inexpensive but flavorful vintage of wine fills this firkin, a sampling cup fastened to its neck        
Yahrle Ointment        This pungent yellow ointment will stop even severe bleeding as long as pressure is also applied around the wound site, and aids rapid healing        

Jewelry & Valuables

Pins & Brooches                

Travel Gear

Backpack  (20 items)        This backpack is made of offcuts of leather, with two sturdy straps to fasten it on one’s back, and will hold about twenty items for a traveller        
Beeswax Candle        A thick, honey-scented candle made from beeswax is long-burning and bright        
Candlebush Wax Candle        This sweetly aromatic candle is made from the natural waxes of the candlebush
Carpenter’s Saw           Singlehandled, about a fore’s length, forged and crimped toothed blade        
Carry Sack ( 10 items)        This canvas sack can hold about ten items, its single strap looping over the shoulder
Firestarter Kit           Waterproofed leather pouch containing a candle stub and a flint, steel, and dry tinder        
Fish Net         A small-weave fish net with side weights is designed for use in streams and rivers        
Forester’s  Saw           Doublehandled, about a ped’s length, this saw is a two-man version for cutting down trees        
Glass Lantern        Framed in tin with glass panes, this lantern casts a lot of light and keeps one’s candle from blowing out in sudden gusts                  
Hay Twists        Tightly twisted hay has been well-dried and can be used as animal feed, pillow stuffing, kindling, or even a light source in a pinch if dipped in oil        
Pannier  (30 items)        A large pannier woven of wicker lined with canvas, and with an adjustable leather harness attached will fit most beasts of burden and carry up to thirty travel items.        
Pick         One dwarvenforged pickaxe with a wooden helve and a steel blade is good for chipping away at clay, rocks, or even the hardest granite        
Rope        A tightly braided rope, about ten peds in length,  of a soft grayish colour with a coarse texture        
Shovel         One steelbladed, woodenhandled shovel, good for digging sand or dirt        
Stone Chisel        A large metal chisel with a mushroomed top, designed for carving or chipping rock        
Tallow Candle        Made from animal fats, this candle is about a handslength and smells quite greasy when burnt
Tin Lantern        Made of tin with pierced tin panes, this lantern is cheap but must be protected from wind                
Torch        One prepared split of wood, bound with tarred straw and ready to ignite, which burns reliably for about half an hour        
Twine        A neat ball of twine the size of a man’s fist will come in useful for many things        
Wood Chisel        A small chisel with a steel blade and a flat top, used for carving and shaving hardwoods        

Knowledge & Learning

Children’s Rhymes        Someone has carefully illustrated this thick-paged book of children’s rhymes with engaging pictures and fanciful initial letters        
Cookery Book        Written by the well-known Dame Sausade, this cook book contains a number of useful and delicious receipts from across the continent        
Herbal Dictionary        That strange plant might be tasty or deadly in your stewpot – check it with this dictionary        
Local Lore and Wisdom of Nepris        A little hand-scribed booklet contains a number of local sayings and stories about the fisher town        
Parchment of Incantation        This roll of parchment is sealed with a wax emblem which warns that it contains a spell          
Poetry Tome        This famous tome is a collection of popular poems and stories from Santharian history        
Santharian Primer        Marvelous woodcuts illustrate this compendium of Santharian items from Adlemir to Zyloth, delighting and educating both children and adults        
Spellbook of Level One        Bound in some dark fabric which resists stains, this book holds a number of elementary spells        
Spellbook of Level Three        A black hartskin-bound spellbook warns on its cover that powerful enchantments lurk therein        
Spellbook of Level Two        This calfskin-covered book is full of second-level incantations and reagent lists        
The Tale of Katya Dragonseeker        Renowned historical novel telling the story of the village girl who would become Queen of Voldar and defeat a terrible dragon on the way        


Bacon        A flitch of bacon, the fat nicely yellowed and the meat a dark pink colour, ready to slice and grill        
Bardavos Grapes        Small basket of fresh purple grapes
Barley Bread        Heavy and sustaining, this loaf of blackish barley bread will keep you going all day        
Butter        Creamy yellow butter is carefully sealed inside this little clay pot, keeping it fresh and cool        
Cloewen Honey        Simply sealed inside its original honeycomb, this delicious dark honey can be drizzled on bread or added to drinks for its sweet energy        
Dochnuts        One bag of crunchy, addictive round nuts with a salty aftertaste and a buttery flavour        
Dried Apples             A short length of twine has been threaded through a handful of  dried apple rings to hold them tightly        
Dried Barsa Fish          One forelength fish, shriveled and grey
Fresh Apples        This is a small basket of ripe apples, their skins glistening scarlet and flushed with gold        
Fresh Sunset Fish        Two unscaled fillets, boned and wrapped in leaves        
Fresh Yellowtail Fish          One forelength fish, ungutted and unscaled        
Golden Rain Bread        The expensive grain bakes up into a full, round loaf with a golden crust and a white, airy interior
Grain, wheat        
Grain, oats        
Grain, barley        
Grain, rye                        A sack of rough cloth about the size of a woman’s head is just tightly woven enough to keep the grain kernels inside from falling through – your horse will really appreciate a feed of these        
Herb Cheese          A soft curded cheese, crusted with herbs on the outside and just barely moist on the inside
KaoKao Bar        A sweet chocolate slab of confectionary                        
Pickled Eggs        These five Taenish eggs have been peeled and soaked in apple vinegar, pepper, and seasalt until they are thoroughly pickled        
Raisins        One scup of dried Bardavos grapes, sweet        
Redberries        A dipper of tart scarlet berries, very flavorful        
Roast Beef        A thick slab of beef cut off the rare end of the roast, still juicy with a rich salty aroma        
Roast Garthook        One nicely-browned piece of poultry
Roast Taenish        One well-cooked chicken carcass
Smoked Bonehead Fish          Twelve brownish fillets, smoked over oak wood        
Sun Cheese        One rondel of a bright yellow cheese, dipped in beeswax to protect it        
Sunseeds        One bag of salty, tiny, grayish nuts        
Taenish Eggs        Wrapped in a quickly-braided twist of straw, these five eggs are fresh and ready to be cooked        
Tarep Haunch        A roasted leg of wild Sarvonian rabbit
Trysters        A nice bag of still-damp, salt-smelling mollusks with triparate shells        
Waterberries         A dipperful of sweet blue berries, each about the size of a child’s fingernail, plump with juice        
Wheat Bread        One loaf of a dark wheat bread, its grainy aroma rising from its speckled crust        

Edited by: Artimidor Federkiel at: 7/24/03 21:25

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« Reply #1 on: 24 July 2003, 11:50:00 »

Looks like a magnificent list already, Judy:D  At some items we might consider having more versions of the like e.g. Wooden Medium Shield, Metallic Medium Shield, Metallic Spiked Shield (e.g. for additional damage-making). But in general that's just what we need.

Now we'd only need

- a few lines of descriptions for each item (no novels necessary, just 2-3 sentences; special items of course can have more text as well)
- a price of course (assume we just have to take the "san" as the standard coin: items will cost 12, 23, 567, 6273 sans, so no Haks, Waers, Silverbards for now - let's keep it simple for now)
- and some statistics at the weapons/armours etc.

As for the latter: I'll need to look that up at the LT Editor what we need precisely.

Prices can also be rough estimations for now and we can adjust them later when we have more items done to compare them.

So basically descriptions are necessary for now. Note that once a description to the item is done, we can place these items everywhere we need them and decorate the whole world with them:D  

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« Reply #2 on: 25 July 2003, 14:24:00 »

...and the Bard strikes again! :D

Very good, this is exceptionally helpful to place various items already in the whole Nepris area... Cool... Ilbeth can definitely need some of these items already in her kitchen:D

Don't know about e.g. backpacks etc. - if Humangus can/will realize such things in the game, but it's a good thought as well.

As for the Compendium entries you mentioned... I'm not sure if Humangus hasn't mentioned something similar in this context already, but this is something we could consider as well in the long run. It's possible for example to open a browser box within an application (at least in Visual Basic for example), and to display a webpage there. Which means: If connected to the internet the game could have direct access to the most recent versions of the Santharian pages, and have the whole Compendium (at least theoretically) at hand to learn more about Santharia. At least this sounds like  a cool possibility and would make the game extremely rich and detailed if workable.

The Santharian Dream Webmaster - Let Fantasy Dreams come true!
World Development Admin - The Forum where Worlds are born...


"Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a mediator, and this must be the heart." -- Maria (Metropolis)
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