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Author Topic: Sor'inytian Language  (Read 3306 times)
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« on: 16 January 2002, 14:42:00 »

i am posting this so that others, if for some reason they need to say something in Sor'inytian :   , they can look up words and put it all together in some correct fashion. also might help if someone would like to see how i translated the two sagas "the or'ia" and "the saga and choas of the twins".


The Sor’inytian language is said by some to be “general and overly basic”. While this may be- it suites their needs and successfully divides the tribe further from the surrounding communities. Within the spoken language, there are many similar loud vowel sounds and swallowed consonants. This combination makes it hard for a stranger, who might only have a basic knowledge of Sor’inytian, to follow the speech patterns -as sometimes only a slight hint of a consonant makes all the difference.

NOTE: all lists of miscellaneous nouns, verbs, colors, adjectives, etc are in progress works.

  Basic Pronouns

I = ki
You [familiar/singular] = na
She [familiar] = pai
Us/We = na’roo
You/She [Plural/Formal] = popai
[note: “popai” is similar in meaning to the French “vous”.]
They = doa
It = lac
Her = pet
He = lopei
Him/His = lope
[note: Because of the unstable role of men in the tribe- these last two forms are interchangeable. It is common for a Sor’inyt to use “lopei” for “him” or “his” and “lope” for “he”.]

  Basic Verb Conjugation

[Note: “ta’od” is the verb “to be”.]

There are two sets of verb endings, which allow for distinction of rank etc when the language is spoken. “a” is added to the end of the verb if the subject is “familiar/singular” and “i” is added to the end of the verb if the subject is “formal/plural”.

For Example:
In Tharian one would say: “I am.” While in Sor’inytian one would say: “ki ta’oda.”

Present “ta’od” Conjugation
Ki ta’oda
Na ta’oda
Pai ta’oda
Na’roo ta’odi
Popai ta’odi
Doa Ta’odi
Lope ta’oda

To make a statement in the past, an “a” is placed before the verb.

For Example:
In Tharian one would say: “I was.” The Sor’inytian equivalent is “ki a ta’oda.”

Note that the verb endings are still present.

Past “ta’od” Conjugation
Ki a ta’oda
Na a ta’oda
Pai a ta’oda
Na’roo a ta’odi
Popai a ta’odi
Doa a Ta’odi
Lope a ta’oda

To make a statement about the future, an “o”, similar to the “a” in the past form, is placed before the verb.

For Example:
In Tharian one would say: “I will be.” The Sor’inytian equivalent is “ki o ta’oda.”

Note that the verb endings are still present.

Future “ta’od” Conjugation
Ki o ta’oda
Na o ta’oda
Pai o ta’oda
Na’roo o ta’odi
Popai o ta’odi
Doa o Ta’odi
Lope o ta’oda

To make a statement negative, an “n” (or a “ne” in the present case) is placed before the verb and/or the preceding tense indicator.

For Example:
In Tharian one would say: “I am not.” The Sor’inytian equivalent is “ki ne ta’oda.”
In Tharian one would say: “I never was” or “I was not.” The Sor’inytian equivalent is “ki na ta’oda.”
In Tharian one would say: “I will not be.” The Sor’inytian equivalent is “ki no ta’oda.”

Note again that the verb endings are still present. Note also that “n/ne” stands for ALL extremes of the negative connotation. It can be never, not, no, etc...

Negative “ta’od” Conjugations
Ki ne ta’oda
Na ne ta’oda
Pai ne ta’oda
Na’roo ne ta’odi
Popai ne ta’odi
Doa ne Ta’odi
Lope ne ta’oda

Ki na ta’oda
Na na ta’oda
Pai na ta’oda
Na’roo na ta’odi
Popai na ta’odi
Doa na Ta’odi
Lope na ta’oda

Ki no ta’oda
Na no ta’oda
Pai no ta’oda
Na’roo no ta’odi
Popai no ta’odi
Doa no Ta’odi
Lope no ta’oda

End Notes
Every verb conjugation is the same in the Sor’inytian language. There are NO exceptions. Since the language is simple, certain emphasizes are put on pronunciation, pitch, and facial expressions.

  Basic Colors
Black = botuk
Blue = matket
Brown = ces’dy’io
Gold = g’o’den
Green = rani
Grey = hjiu
Orange = riqi’ty
Purple = as’deg
Red = vina
Silver = kor’tek
Turquoise = tra’er
White = blerh
Yellow = faerio

  Number System
0 = s’qu
1 = pa
2 = eu
3 = man
4 = doiset
5 = doises
6 = iox
7 = ken
8 = barn
9 = peio

To count double digits, “rien” is used. Rien means “_0”. For example:
10 = pa rien
11 = pa rien pa
20 =  eu rien
27 = eu rien ken

To count triple digits, “fip” is used. Fip means “_00”. For example:
100 = pa fip
122 = pa fip eu rien eu

To count quadruple digits, “gee” is used. Gee means “_000”. For example:
1000 = pa gee
2045 = eu gee doiset rien doises
7893 = ken gee barn fip peio rien man

To count higher, combinations are used:
20304 = eu rien gee man fip doiset
450092 = doiset fip doises rien gee peio rien eu

  Directional Nouns and Adjectives
Back = hor
East = gan
Forward = nor
Left = fru
North = duud
Right = gru
South = nork’u
West = ran

  Miscellaneous Verbs

To Affect/be sick (bodily) = boff
To Be = ta’od
To Be able to (can) = bode
To Be drunk = canp
To Be far (away) = fara
To Be marked = want’ipo
To Be Skilled (at) = hj’ip
To Be Wife (of) = deea (only used in reverence to past important members of tribe)
To Be Wife (of) = fio’v (derogatory term)
To Bear = car’dat
To Bless/give blessing = ga’fon
To Bring = hav’i
To Boil = alder
To Carry = caph
To Catch = acet
To Climb = dkit
To Crash/fall = uinu
To Cry/weep/call out = doul’eu
To Die = poiu
To Drown =mav’har’it
To Fear/be afraid of = rander
To Fear (for) = randem
To Flee = corr
To Give = aret or gen
To Gleam/shine = gortu
To Go/do/make = kontro
To Go (away) = wef’va
To Have = vetoa
To Kill/murder/slay = har’it
To Know/understand = luk’en
To Land = ktand
To Lead = mart’k
To Lesson = asfh
To Let = puk
To Lose/be lost = hold’erne
To Love = emma
To March/walk = martu
To Mount/ride = hori
To Near = botka
To Overturn = corpea
To Pass (time) = grew’a
To Push = nat’ui
To Put = set
To Raise/rise = mart
To Resist/defy = ston’ra
To Roar/yell/scream = carr’n
To Sail/swim = eua
To See = potre
To Set/go down (sun) = ment’ik
To Shine = lim’ia
To Spark = lu’jr
To Steal = we’ip
To Sweep = jakn
To Take/trade/get = sonk
To Talk/speak/ask = sonk
To Teach = qu’ith
To Tend/serve = kontra
To Thunder = roned
To Trample = vaten
To Travel = hu’yn
To Trudge = we’op
To Wander = flo’a
To Watch = die’f
To Wave = mavt
To Welcome = goy’ti
To Work = plou

  Miscellaneous Nouns and Adjectives
Aboard = darb
Angry = nat’oo
Armor = kap’ti
Army = yatik
Arrival = hifre
Arrow = rewet
Art = sia
Ashore = akami
Away = gip’by
Banner/symbol = lorta
Beach = bre’lig
Behind = dorin
Bleak = lakel
Blessing (a) = ga’fona
Body = phi
Bone = bar’ige
Bow = rea’ir
Bright = foiw
Brother = lopa
Bush/plant/shrub = tot’k
Chain = sha’l
Challenge = d’iragh
Children = peipei
Clothes/garments = gorm
Cloud = flurin
Clutches (of) = coreth
Cold = bur
Consort = cor’esit
Courage = tyn’mal
Crews (male, never female)= lopeia
Curse = xay
Dark = dotuk
Dark = werfv
Daughter = gien
Day = morn’u
Death = poto
Deep = najig
Downcast = sowa
Evening/dusk = t’mor
Exile = goada
Eye(s) = wanta
Eyes = ert’f
Fair (to be fair) = do’rw
Fair = gle’eft
Far = faraa
Farmers = swille
Father = du’gen
Fear/terror = djec (note different from verb)
Few = di’yu
Fierce = d’qui
Fight = geft
Fire = cord
First = prem
Flimsey/weak = seyif or kawe
Forlorn = dog’ito
Friend = yotia
Fury = lok
Gleam(ing) = gor’ku
Gods = E’lumi (always capitalized)
Goodbye/ Farewell = tol’wenna
Great = sup
Hair = civb’m
Hands = finga
Happiness/joy/love(of life) = emmti
Hard = ard
Hate = mor’e
Heart = ji’po
Hearth = wanp
Heat = cang
Herder = sale
High = skia
Horizon = ji’ion
Horse/steed = horisen
Hot = aut
Hot = gidw
Husband = da’gen
Ill = dio
Imbecile/bastard/ass/etc = popa’ti
Infinite = hiy’a
Journey = ka’doma
Land = kamd
Light = foi
Lightning = jiha
Long = pol’ad
Lost = vigo
Lover = manti
Luck = fortuni
Meal/food = carn
Men = da’gen
Mercenary/hired fighter = nedua (also implies tribal cast-out)
Mind = cencept
Morning/dawn = d’mor
Mother = da’gien
Mountains = polentia
Night = mor’na
Pike/javelin = pork or por’ki
Powerful = s’fgij
Rock/rocky = kok’ya
Rotten = rota
Sand = inyt
Ships/sailing vessel = loa’ita
Shore = kam
Sister = ma’gien(familiar) or Sor(formal)
Slowly = lan’gid
Soul = ska’ji
Steel = ha’rnd
Storm = mag’le
Strong = ku’ytre
Sun = for’I
Surface = ponte
Swift = ast
Sword = ranou
Terror = rande
Terror/fear = djec (note different from verb)
Time = hous
Timid = qui’t
To’ba = attack
Towards = doore
Tribe/Clan = vigt’e
Valley = lay’t
Violent = neg’luen
Virtuous/Virtue = corpa
Wake (in) = dapt’u
War = kor’eic
Water = loa’ut
Waves = hori’loa
Weapons/Arms = flag’utes
Wearily = ragit’op
Wife = manta
Wild = kita
Without help = res’it
Women = da’gien
Wood = for’in

  Miscellaneous Sentence Necessities
  Including: Articles, Conjunctions, and other Pronouns not otherwise mentioned
A = e or es
Above = elun
Always = guyr
And = te
As = sa
At = ta
Both = parc
But = up
From = gyt
For = ref
In = mo
Now = bui
Of =da
Of my/of mine/belonging to me = dae
On = ke
Our = miu
Over = return
Over = se
That = lac
The =luc
Their = hu
To = t or t’I
Together = kil
Until = parki
When = cor
Where = ton
With = du
Your = viu

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« Reply #1 on: 16 January 2002, 16:15:00 »

Oh dear... lots of stuff here... *grin* Hmmm... Not sure now how I should put that all on the site in an entry, cause I don't want to do 52 pages of vocabulary currently. Well, I'll put it on my do-when-I-have-a-bit-more-time list. But good to see that you think on all the details, Anaea! Nice work:)  

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« Reply #2 on: 16 January 2002, 16:23:00 »

no art- i wasn't exactly looking for an entry here. just wanted to provide clarification if anyone needed it. :)  

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« Reply #3 on: 16 January 2002, 23:58:00 »

Really nice sounding language, Anea!

Very organized too. I like how you used the infinitive forms of verbs in your list....it looks better. I'm going to change my own list now (when I have time) in  this way.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" ;)

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« Reply #4 on: 17 January 2002, 10:46:00 »

*Jaw drops open stupidly, walks away shaking head, muttering to himself.*  Now there is another genius in this land. "Why can't I do something like that?" Answer, "Because you are not a genius,like her and Bard Judith that's why. Face it. You are just an average old guy, trying to compete with people who are much smarter than you."

"Yes, that may be true, but at least I have more gray hair."

Great job, Anaea. It blows my mind away, and makes me proud that you are part of the team. Also makes me wonder why I am? but that is for another time and place.

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« Reply #5 on: 17 January 2002, 16:11:00 »

*haha* You're much too humble, Capher! You're here, because you also have a lot of creativity, write good stories, moderate a forum and have developed to a wonderful team member in general... It's that simple;)  You're always welcome!

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"Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a mediator, and this must be the heart." -- Maria (Metropolis)
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