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Author Topic: Heraldic Nyermersys  (Read 1739 times)
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Koldar Mondrakken
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« on: 05 April 2001, 09:31:00 »

Me stupid guy just wrote the development of the CoA of Nyermersys which is somewhat chaotic due to the many events that had happened to this town (rising from a simple border village to a province's capital).

I don't hope that I'll have to make all CoA of Nyermersys! Please not, Art!!!! :.(

Coat of Arms of Nyermersys: To describe the complete history of the banner of Nyermersys, you’ll need a whole book full of heroic deeds, unbelieveable stories and unforeseen events.
To explain this further. The main problem of Nyermesysis  that such a vast number of symbols were added to the banner in its long history of a border fortress that you’ll find dozens of important moments of the Nyermersys and Santharian history remembered here.
But here is the shortest description:
In ancient times when the “Northern Marks” were established three insignia were chosen to identify them among the big army parade of Epheronia. A tower, wall or castle on blue ground representing the guard of the Teiphra and the burning crown of Erpheronia to represent their status to be only responsible to the king himself.
In the same way the “Eastern Marks” combine similar symbols on a red green or brown ground with the Erpheronian crown.
The CoA of Thevelin(Nyermersys) were two black towers guarding the bridge over the Teiphra beneath the full white moon.

Later additions were made. The first was the rising of the Lord of Nyermersys to the “Protector of the holy well of Queprur”. A cup representing the “Soul-cup of  Queprur” defended by a sword was added.
Then in SWI one Queprur’s second symbol, the scythe, found its way onto the shield when the temple guards of the Goddess of Death swore loyality to the castle Lord as they refused to help citizens that fled into the Nekropolis during heavy fighting which led to serious conflicts between the clerics and the king.
Aftwe SWII and the battle that caused the renaming of Thevelin into Nyermersys two red swords were added to the CoA representing the successful defense of the bridge and the town.
When Thar the Great was buried here the castle’s Lord became also the “Protector of the royal sepulchre of Erpheronia” the silver crown was added under the bridge. In SWIII finally the seven stars of the “Fallen” appeared around Thar’s crown marking the heros that had fallen in one of the bloodiest sieges of history.

Needless to say that the offical Nyermersys CoA looks very crowded today and so Nyermersys is one of the few towns having five different banners to mark different  units in this town.
The town itself holds the simple CoA, very similar to the original one of Thevelin. Only the crown of Thar was added right above the burning crown of Erpheronia.
The army units stationed in the notorious fortress of “AAAAAAAA” have the crossed red  swords guarding the bridge, the guards of the High Temple of Queprur the Scythe and the Cup instead.
The famous “Fallen Legion” has a completely new own banner. A red-blue cripple-squared ground  with the broken sword of the Fallen and the burning crown of Erpheronia.
Only the Lord himself and his most trustworthy advisors are left with the full banner, all its historical symbols and famous deeds, now even added is the red-green shield of the Eastern Marks and the blue-green colors of Voldar showing their close alignment to each other.

Well, corrections and additions to the Nyermersys' history will be next! ;)

Bye, Koldar

Artimidor Federkiel

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« Reply #1 on: 05 April 2001, 12:04:00 »

*hehe* Well, you've put quite a lot in here, and that's fine. The more background the better. We really gather lots of information already in the north, ranging from Milkengrad, Voldar, Nyermersys, Erpheronia in general till Ephirn's Lake. That's pretty fine. I can also do the Thaelon sooner or later. The more we elaborare a certain region (and it's logical that we concentrate on ancient Erpheronia) the better.

I see no problems with your concept, so I'd say just integrate it into your description. And of course we need the COA sooner or later... Or two, or three or four... *hehehe*

Edited by: Artimidor Federkiel at: 4/5/01 11:24:23 am

"Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a mediator, and this must be the heart." -- Maria (Metropolis)
Gean Firefeet
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« Reply #2 on: 20 April 2001, 11:59:00 »

Yeah, why indeed not mroe than one? There could be developement of the CoA, resulting in the end into the ultimate CoA. Of course there's only one person able to do these CoAs ;)  


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