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Author Topic: Kuglimz History Part I  (Read 1162 times)
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« on: 09 January 2002, 19:06:00 »

This is the History of the Ancestors of the Kuglimz, the Mynians.  From the Time of beginning, till the fall of the Mynian empire during the Year of Darkness.  I still have a little work to do, covering about a hundred years.  Just wanted to put most of it up for your guys' view.  Let me know what you all think.

Kuglimz History

Age of Silence(Unknown – 2400 b.s.)        Only fragments and oral traditions tell of this ancient time.  Cataclysmic wars, forced migrations, and time have destroyed all other records.

The Great Sundering(11900 b.s. --11750 b.s.)        After the destruction of Fa’av’ca’lar, and the ravaging of the lands, the races saw that there was naught left for them and went their separate ways.  This was a time of vast migrations, the splitting of peoples, and the population of large areas.    

Seperation of Humans(11895 b.s.)        The human army split into several different groups and went their own way.  Minar, the head of the human army’s cavalry took his troops, camp followers, and all who would go with him south of Fa’av’ca’lar.

Foundation of Hate(11894b.s.)        While traveling South along the coast, the Mynians, as they were now calling themselves, came upon a delta that had been settled and fortified by a band of orcs.  Knowing there was only death behind them and the Prominent mountains, impassible to them during winter and on horse, they asked to be let through the encampment so they could continue South.  The orcs refused passage and opted for battle instead.  During the course of battle, Minar’s only son Liben was killed.  This caused the Mynians great grief as they had loved him dearly.  Fueled by grief and rage, they decimated the orcish army and burned the town after they had passed through.  The orcs fled North to the Wilshirer Heath, where they would wait and remember.  Liben was buried where he fell, laid upon the weapons of those he had slain, and the Delta was re-named for him.

Settling(11890 b.s.)        Minar and his people settle in a fork of the Liben River, below the Shaded Forest.  They set Minar up as their leader.  

Neighbors(11881 b.s.)        A large group of elves wander into the area and take up residence in the Shaded Forest.  Friendly, yet distant relationship is set up between them and the Mynian people.

First Attack(11873 b.s.)        A band of orcs from the Wilshirer Heath, known to the Mynians simply as the Heath Orcs, attack and burn some Northern outposts.  Retaliation was swift, and the orcs were quickly dealt with.  Small raids would be conducted back and forth between them for years.

Minar’s Death(11856 b.s.)        Minar dies of old age.  By now his people had spread along the coast, and covered the plains.  As there is no son, and daughters could not rule, people begin squabbling over leadership, until finally a civil war erupted.

Tribal System(11852 b.s.)        There is no decisive victory to the long civil war, and the people break up into separate tribes.  Though they still consider themselves Mynians, they take new names for each tribe.  They will not be united again for hundreds of years, and their history becomes lost, except for large events that were recorded by others.

Battle of Goiyar’s Gap(9413 b.s.)        During the beginning of the War of the Chosen, the Mynians tried to stay out of the conflict.  Then an Archmage sent an army of orcs South to hamstring the unprepared Mynians.  Once reaching Goiyar’s Gap, so named for the tribe who lived in the area, they fell upon the tribe and all but decimated them.  News of this reached the other tribes and for the most part they all pulled together and routed the orcish army.

Alliance(9412 b.s.)        Seeing that they could no longer stay out of the matters, the different tribes all formed alliances with each other.  They were not united under one leader, but rather each chieftan was considered equal to another.  At this same time the elves of the Shaded forest made alliance with the Mynian people.

Battle of the Winds(9023 b.s.)        The final battle of the War of the Chosen in the North, the Mynians along with many others marched North, where the armies of both side met and were killed.  Neither side completely won, though the White mages seemed to have come out ahead.  Not many of those who headed North returned.

Years of Cleansing(9023 b.s. – 9000 b.s.)        With the death of the Archmages at the Battle of Winds, this made it much easier for the combined races to throw off their shackles of servitude and “cleanse” the land of the remaining acolytes of human magic, and the last armies of the Archmages.  These years were marked by the use of Elven “life” magic, to heal the wounds the Archmages had created.  The Mynians had little to do with these efforts, as they were busy recuperating from the Centuries of nearly constant war.

Age of Myths(3400 b.s. – 1655 b.s.)        A time of seemingly mythical creations, the writing of the histories of the Gods, and a time of enlightenment
The Great Peace Pact(3000 b.s. and 2097 b.s.)        The elves of the Shaded Forest sign a peace pact with the humans that are living across the banks of Liben river.  These are the descendants of Mynar.  Three years later the dwarves of the Prominent Mountains, the Kurakim, are accepted into this agreement as well.  There is a unity between these three races for the first time since the necessary unity during the Years of Cleansing.

Birth of Vortyr(2066 b.s.)        Vortyr was born.  He was the son of the chieftain of the most powerful Mynian tribe, the Morta.  

Mynian Kingdom(2040 b.s.)        Upon the death of his father, Vortyr takes his place as chieftan.  He then re-names himself Minar II and proclaims himself king of a new Mynian kingdom, by being of Minar’s blood through Minar’s daughter Ylletoi.  Many of the tribes and their leaders flock to him, those that opposed him were conquered within the year and made his subjects.

Reaffirmation of Faith(2039 b.s.)        One of the first thing’s that Minar II did, was personally visit the elves of the Shaded Forest and the Dwarves of the Prominent Mountains.  The elves instantly loved him for his reason and love of nature, and even the stubborn dwarves found themselves swayed by his consuming charisma.  The Thus the alliance was made even stronger.

Building of Vermoth(2038 b.s.)        Realizing that to keep his kingdom whole, he would need a central seat of power and government, Minar II commenced the first building of Vermoth the capital city of the Mynian Kingdom be done.  Over the city’s history it became the tradition for a new king to add a wall or tower.  It soon became a massive city and was called Vermoth the Many Towered.  It was a conglomeration of architecture as both elven growers and dwarf masons were used along with human builders.  It is said that some of the towers were so tall, that one could see from one end of the kingdom to another, though this must be an exaggeration as the kingdom stretched in the hundreds of miles.

Official Historian(2036 b.s.)        Minar II lamented one day that there was little or no knowledge of his people, and he feared that one day he and his people would be completely forgotten.  So, he established the rank of historian for his court.  Arguran was the first to hold this post.

Birth of Riton(2035 b.s.)        Minar II firstborn arrives, he is named Riton and an immense festival is held.  One of the largest gatherings recorded came together.  Elves, dwarves, and men feasted in joyous celebration.  Many gifts were brought and given.  From the elves, gorgeous manuscript in gold ink so he might have knowledge, and a budding sapling so he might have love of nature.  The dwarves brought precious gems, so he might have riches, and a magnificent ax, so he might have prowess in battle.  The king gave his son a song, so that he might always be remembered, and finally a horse was given, so he might always know whence the power and pride of his people came.  The celebrations lasted for one full week, and help tie the realms even closer together.

Three Bridges(2032 b.s.)        With the finishing of Vermoth, Minar II commissions three bridges to be built, so that all may have access to the great capital.  One was built on each side of the fork of the Liben River; the third was built near the mouth of one of the tributaries that flowed into the Aelyvian Sea.  

Courier System(2018 b.s.)        Minar II institutes a royal courier system.  This allowed all-important documents to reach their destinations much faster.  These same couriers were also used doubly as informants.  They would keep an eye on people and places he couldn’t get to, or he couldn’t find the time to see.

Ascension of Riton(2015 b.s.)        Minar II, steps down as king and hands the throne over to his son Riton.  
Political Changes(2011 b.s.)        Riton works closely with his father and several chieftains to change governmental procedure.  No long do the separate tribes need to be watched closely.  All have fully integrated into the kingdom, and love both Riton, and Minar II.   Thus, a few of the old chieftains, and several new are put together into a council to help the king watch over the kingdom and give advice on matters of state.

Garrik and Kressin(2008 b.s.)        Riton’s wife gives birth to twins, Garrik and Kressin.

Death of Minar II(2001 b.s.)        Minar II dies of old age.  The Mynians, elves, and dwarves build a large tomb in co-operation, as they all loved him.

Stable Currency(2000 b.s.)        Due to increased trade with the other races, a stable currency was needed.  In following of the dwarf tradition, a coin was used.  On one side was stamped the face of Riton, and on the obverse the tomb of Minar II.

First Sea Port(1997 b.s.)        With the success of the coinage and trade with other races, Riton builds a large port on the Aelyvian Sea.  He has a difficult time convincing any of the Mynians to learn to sail the ships that he has had built.  With reluctance he realizes that they are a land-based people, and he puts off any further attempts at trade or travel by sea.

Ascension of Garrik(1980 b.s.)        Amidst much debate, Riton steps down as king and hands over the throne to his son Garrik.  This enraged Kressin, as he had always wanted the throne and felt it his right, as he was firstborn.  Garrik had tried to abdicate, but his father would not allow it.

Riton Sets Sail(1978 b.s.)        Riton, still harboring a love of the sea and convinced that the Mynians can sail just as well as they ride, sets sail from the harbor he had built.  Not too far off of the coast, his ship hit’s a rock and sinks.  All hands on board die.  The harbor is then abandoned, but Garrik leaves some people there to keep it as a shrine to his father.

Kressin Joins Council(1977 b.s.)        Kressin is acclaimed chieftain of his mother’s tribe, and takes a place on the council.  He becomes a powerful member and wins support of some of the more minor members.  

Birth of Axtell(1970 b.s.)        Garrik has a son, though he is sickly.  His wife had two miscarriages, and the realm wonders if this one will survive, or if Kressin is destined to become king.

Kressin Leaves Council(1969 b.s.)        After several months Axtell, is healthy.  In a fit of rage Kressin leaves the council, several of the other members leave with him.  

Axtell Killed(1968 b.s.)        A servant in the royal palace killed Axtell; he then jumped from a window and fell to his death.  Kressin was thought to have a hand in the death.  Garrik sends out troops to apprehend Kressin, but they are unsuccessful as Kressin goes into hiding.

King’s Guard(1968 b.s.)        After the death of his son, Riton established the King’s Guard to protect himself and his family from any assassination attempts.

Kressin’s War(1967 b.s.)        Kressin, along with some of the tribes that he had befriended rose up and claimed Kressin as king.  As Garrik no longer had an heir and Kressin now did, this split the people.  A civil war had begun.  The elves and dwarves stayed out of the war, as they felt it was an internal problem that the Mynians had to work out themselves.

Birth of Raskin(1966 b.s.)        A little over a year into the war Garrik’s wife bore him another heir.  His name was Raskin.  This swayed many of the people to switch sides over to Garrik’s side.  It was too late for Kressin though it was the beginning of the end for his claim.

Kressin’s End(1965 b.s.)        In a final battle at Kressin’s stronghold in the foothills of the Prominent Mountains, his fortress was stormed and both he and his heir were captured.  Both were killed, so as to insure that the war would not be restarted. The tribes that had sided with Kressin yielded to Garrik and acknowledged his sole kingship.  The price for their lives, were to send their eldest born son to live at the palace as hostages.

Death of Garrik(1950 b.s.)        Garrik dies peacefully in his sleep, his sixteen-year-old son Raskin ascends the throne.
Crack in the Treaty(1946 b.s.)        Having become a man in his people’s eyes, and harboring a long time grudge against the elves and the dwarves for not joining on his father’s side.  Raskin dismissed the two races’ envoys back to their own lands.  He sent letter’s saying the treaty was still intact, though he felt aggrieved by their ill faith by them.

Birth of Buitre(1937 b.s.)        Raskin’s son Buitre is born.  It is rumored that his wife gave birth to twins, and he had the one that came out second killed.  Though the commoners whispered this, none dared say it to him, for he was a hard man that still felt wronged by past events.

Buitre’s Ascension(1917 b.s.)        Upon Buitre’s twentieth birthday, the people clamored to have him take the throne, as he seemed a kinder man then his father.  For several months Raskin ignored the murmurs of dissension.  Then he began hearing cries of putting Buitre on the throne by force.  Fearing another civil war, Raskin finally stepped down.  Within days, he had hung himself.

Time of Calm(1917 b.s. – 1865 b.s.)        The time of Buitre’s rule is known as the Time of Calm.  His reign was spent concentrating on repairing the damages of both the civil war of his grandfather’s rule, and the unrest of his father’s rule.

Birth of Diedre(1914 b.s.)        Diedre was born to Buitre’s wife.

Relief for Farmers(1906 b.s.)        The most thing that helped contribute to this period of calm and confidence was Buitre’s decision to cut the taxes on farmers’ so that they might be able to better recover from past damages.  This helped make him a very popular king in the peasant’s eyes.

Birth of Tormac(1884 b.s.)        Diedre’s wife bore him a son named Tormac.  His grandfather Buitre quickly fell in love with him, and the two became close.

Death of Buitre(1865 b.s.)        Buitre passes away due to old age.

Ascension of Tormac(1865 b.s.)        Diedre abdicates the throne in favor of his son Tormac.  This pleases the people, and Diedre as well.  Diedre asks his son to name him court historian, and it is granted.

Colonization(1863 b.s.)        Tormac realizes that with the growth of his people, he would need to expand his kingdom.  Thus he decides to further his Northeastern border.  He allows the younger son of a chieftain of a loyal tribe to gather people and settle in the area beyond Goiyar’s Gap.

Birth of Weil(1860 b.s.)        Tormac’s wife gives birth to Weil.

Birth of Nigor(1855 b.s.)        Tormac’s wife gives birth to Nigor.  This causes some concern for the people, as there has not been a second son born in several generations.  They become worried what will happen when they both come of age.

Expansion(1847 b.s.)        Expansion continues, the settlements outside Goiyar’s Gap have done well, and they have further grown to include Liben’s Delta.  This area is now simply called Liben.

Ascension of Weil(1840 b.s.)        Feeling his work is done, and intent on going to the far reaches of the kingdom and helping expand first handedly, Tormac steps down and appoints Weil to the throne.

Granting of Lands(1834 b.s.)        The brother’s Weil and Nigor, ever close companions made the people concerns over problems between them non-existent.  In fact Weil even granted Nigor his own lands around the Luquador River.

Birth of Heiron(1833 b.s.)        Weil’s first son was born.

Death of Tormac(1831 b.s.)        Tormac dies in a tragic hunting accident near the Liben Delta.  He is interred in a tomb upon the spot where he died.  

Attack on Liben(1827 b.s.)        A group of Heath orcs attacks the settlements in Liben massacring all inhabitants they find.  They also burned the tomb of Tormac.

Birth of Jurgen(1826 b.s.)        Jurgen was born while his father Weil marched North to deal with the attack of the Heath orcs.

Battle of Liben(1825 b.s.)        After months of minor battles and long chases, a final battle was given at the burned husk of Tormac’s tomb.  There was no doubt as to the possible victor.  The Mynians had maneuvered the orcs into this position, and the sight of the burnt tomb gave added strength to the Mynian troops.

Wider Crack in Treaty(1824 b.s.)        On his way back to Vermoth, Weil encountered a joined army of dwarves and elves.  They had heard of the problems and came in response.  This only angered Weil, as they had been too late.  He said they hadn’t seemed to be able to help the Mynians once since the treaty had begun.  There were then harsh words between the dwarves and the humans.  All parted with the treaty intact, mostly due to the efforts of the aged Diedre, but with hostility on all sides.

Death of Diedre(1823 b.s.)        Diedre dies of extreme age, and his grandson has an immense library built in his memory.

Rebuilding of Liben(1822 b.s.)        Using money from the royal treasury, Weil and the Mynians begin rebuilding Liben.  This time it is made even greater, with stonewalls to protect it.

Standing Army(1820 b.s.)        A commissioned army, that is always on duty is first established in the area of Liben to protect from further incursions of the Heath orcs.
Ascension of Heiron(1813 b.s.)        Upon his firstborn’s reaching of manhood, Weil follows in his father’s footsteps.  He heads North to Liben to help with the area.  Heiron then ascends the throne as king.

Creation of Wardens(1810 b.s.)        Heiron, to better rule his growing kingdom, decides to appoint a Warden to the furthest parts of the kingdom.  He appoints his father as Warden of Liben, his uncle Nigor as Warden of Luquador.

Birth of Diamarch(1808 b.s.)        Diamarch is born to Heiron.

Death of Weil(1807 b.s.)        Weil dies of old age.  Heiron’s brother Jurgen takes over as Warden of Liben.

Standing Armies(1800 b.s.)        Seeing the effect against the Heath Orc raids in Liben, Heiron decides to institute standing armies throughout the kingdom.  This worries the Injerin Elves, of the shaded forest, as there is now a standing army along the border between the two kingdoms.

Birth of Tyrell(1797 b.s.)        Tyrell, Heiron’s second son is born.

Death of Nigor(1795 b.s.)        Nigor dies, his son Pyat replaces him as warden of Luquador.

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