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Author Topic: *Pheeeeewwwww*  (Read 1757 times)
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Koldar Mondrakken
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« on: 04 January 2001, 15:53:00 »

*A lone figure is nearing the high gates of citadel, the High Fortress of the King lying ontop of a rocky hill crowning the capital of Santharia: New-Santhala.
The man slowly climbs the hill, pulling a totally exhausted horse with him. He's not looking any better.
Dirt, dust and sweat is covering his face, his mouth is hidden by a piece of his coat. A great cloud of dust is falling from his wornout clothes with every step. In the other hand he carries a quaterstaff made of wood and a longsword is hanging over his shoulder. Another coat is wrapped around his body the way soldiers and mercenaries do to create a simple bag for their belongings.
The man is breathing heavy under the weight of a hot, cruel sun.

Now, an old man (an old bastard if you as the stranger! :)   ) appears at the gate. The wind is playing with his long beard and gray hair as he awaits the approach of the stranger. A honest smile appears on the face of the man as he see the two figures, a man and a horse, fighting their way to the top.*

"I've brought you, what you desired, Artimidor. But that was the last task I've done in exchange for a good favor." the younger man grumbles as he reaches the top. The smiling turns into a frightening grin. "You enjoy this tasks, so we're even, I suppose. Have you everything?" ..."Errr..., well I've something from your Stratian friend, and something from your elven friends and I got the map from this merchant..."

"What about the Runes, the Guard story, the Chronicles of "Aerin’Tharbad", the Book of Tales and the World Almanach?" The brown eyes of the stranger turn into pure energy trying to blast down the otherone only with his eyes. "One moment, Guy!!!... the merchant's guards nearly cut my head off, in Strata a giant snake tried to bite off one of my legs and eat my horse and in the elven woods a gigantic brownbear chased me for nearly four days!!!" the voice of the man breaks "Th..That has...to be ena'f', Man!" the stranger is gesturing wildly  into the old man's direction.

"Well, well, it might be enough... for now. So show me what you finally have brought to me." Artimidor responses in a mild, vorgiving tone.
The other man is trying to kill Artimidor with icy lances shooting out of his eyes. He angrily pulls his padded shirt open and reveals a long leather tube.
He removes the cap and enrolls a large paper. "The map of the mythical island of Mythe from the libraries of  a stupid little merchant. Kristoffier should learn which peoples someone can trust and which ones are bloodthirsty maniacs! Here it is..."

He unfolds the old pergament.

Artimidor's face dirst glances in excitement and then turns into irritation. "But...." he begins
"No,no,no!!! I don't want to hear it! You wanted a colored map of the unkwon, totally legendary isle of Mathe! Here it is! It is good! It's fantastic! So wait until you've seen everything!" The man hastes to unfasten a big bag thrown over the saddle. With a loud *bang* the bag crushes to the rocky ground. He looks in panic at it cursing himself, the gods and everything else.
He takes the bag and reveals a huge iron shield in green and gold. "A original shield banner from the wood elves with the silver flower."
He presents the shield to Artimidor


"Well, the style could be..." Artimidor starts, but the dirty, totally exhausted(and very angry) man yells at him. "I didn't made this banner. I didn't made it. The wood elves did it! If you don't like it, you should tell them to change their Coat of Arms and not me!" "Perhaps you might tell them to..." "No! No! No!Don't start this! Don' start this kind of discussion!!!! There's a third item from this mage from Strata. Don't know if it's really original,though. The guard I took it from was not very pleased, although... I'm not sure it was really one of these Stratanian guards" as Artimidors shows a slight glimpse of interest the guy is already crying again. "No, it's original! I killed a whole bunch of this guards to get the right one! It's a _real_ shield from _real_ Stratanian guards!" He grabs at the other side of the saddle and pulls out a medium big round buckler. "Look at it, the rocksnake, three stars on the right and a black rose behind the glory sun! A _real_ shield from Strata!" He handed it over


"Well, thanks for this thinks, but could you now..." "Yes, yes, yes! I'll bring you the other items, too, for your legendary archive! But first!..." *a dramtaical pause as he jumps on his horse* "I'll go to town, get me a nice, comfortable bed, perhaps some humps of ale and then sleep for a week! After that I'll take my horse, my last money and continue my journey to bring you everything you still need for your work!!... But..." His hand threateningly risen "...don't say one word until I come back!"

"Well, thanks..."

"ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH" Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight, explorer and adventurer storms down the hill with his exhausted horse only leaving a thick dust cloud...

(Well, this guy really has no luck! ;)   )

Bye, Holger, the alterEgo

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Dala Valannia
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« Reply #1 on: 04 January 2001, 23:15:00 »


Poor Koldar!!

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« Reply #2 on: 04 January 2001, 23:58:00 »

You have truly outdone yourself. Amazing work.
Art, I vote that all maps be colorized.

Gean Firefeet
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« Reply #3 on: 05 January 2001, 02:10:00 »

And the shield of Strata is kewl!
Blessed be the hands of the artist who made them, may they produce much similar in beauty and quality as these works

Trickery is my business


"Blessed is the man who calls an aj his friend."
- Shendar Proverb
"If music be the food of love, play on; Give me excess of it..."
- Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

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« Reply #4 on: 05 January 2001, 09:25:00 »

Hmm, I don't know which are better... the paintings or the story... Both are excellent.

Bye, Xaron, the annoying :smokin
and Shelam, master of delusion

Artimidor Federkiel

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« Reply #5 on: 05 January 2001, 15:25:00 »

*hehehehe* :lol  

Many thanx, Koldar, for these wonderful works! And great story too - really enjoyed reading it! Now I'm not online for some hours and 2 million people have already posted right before me - so what!

Well, here I am, and I'm sure I will pay you a drink or two at the inn of the "Weary Traveller" when you have slept away your stress;)  

Okeydokey, here we go with somecomments:

1. Stratanian Shield

Once again, another masterpiece, Koldar! Not exactly sticking to Gean's proposal, but it's always good to have people around trying to realize their own ideas. And I see they do it very well, so that's wonderful. Concerning the picture details:

Sun: perfect, flower: perfect (but maybe the black rose should be a bit darker?), stars: perfect, background effect of the shield: perfect, shield-shape: perfect too.

Only thing I perhaps can critizise is the snake part: colors and the tail are fine, however, the snake seems to get thicker at the end and even leaves the shield on the upper right part. Shouldn't it have the same size throughout the picture? - Just a question of symmetry.

In the same respect I would also propose that the head part maybe should look the same like the tail part (of course bearing the head instead) - for symmetry reasons.

One final idea comes into my mind: Don't know how the shield would look like if you'd turn it 90 degrees to the left (by maintaining the same proportions). This way the stars would be on top and with a symmetrical snake I guess it would have the best effect. The stars would then dominate the picture much better. Well, just an idea which could be worth a try.

But in general it is one of the best COAs, Koldar! However, it is very difficult to say that it's the best when all others are perfect as well *hahaha*

2. COA of the Woodelves

Also a COA with a very good shape and an excellent flower (hmmm... still need a story about it, but we'll find something).

I have some little problems of recognizing the 3 things displayed behind the flower, but maybe you can tell me.

However, good work too, looking forward to integrate it:)   - Maybe you could also collect some Photoshop tips for our Workshop section? (*hahaha* This would be work number 467.134 for you to do, eh? Hey, no need to get stressed, Koldar! Just keep cool...)

3. Colored Map

In general a good work, howeve, there are some things I have to point out:

Good things:

- The map as a whole;)  
- Excellent border (however, the upper left and the part at the bottom seem to have drowned in black somehow)
- Lines (horizontals, verticals & diagonals) look good too
- Mythe-banner thing: perfectly placed there (also the right color here, this way it doesn't look too dominant)
- The snake-lines of the texts.

Problematic things (this is meant as CONSTRUCTIVE critizism!):
- Same fonts for all towns, mountains, seas, please! I guess one Morpheus at the Mythe scroll is enough. This may not look displaced at this map, which contains only little names, but if you have larger and minor towns close together (like at Santharia) you'll see the difficulties.
- I'd also color the Mythe scroll the way that it looks like some sort of an old paper.
- The text below the scroll isn't readable
- White text "Kingdom of the Wise" not readable. I propose: Either try a shadow effect or change the color to black.
- Where's the Rainbow of Prism Point and little Nessie?
- Too strong light effect at the NE part of the isle. Why is there a light effect?
- More blue in the center of Shephard's Lake!
- Question of a colorblind: are the mountains really brown enough?
- Ocean ripples aren't possible anymore later on on a colored map (need to be done on the grayscaled one before).

Things I'm unhappy about:

- The loss of detail on all rivers:(   They would have to be re-drawn manually (as described at my tutorial) to get the same effect.


- How long does it take you to convert a map? I fear it can't be done in some minutes, eh?

Okeydokey, that's all I can think of at the moment. Don't take the "problematic things" too serious, Koldar! I'm just a colorblind person who tries to tell someone else who supposedly isn't color blind how a colored map would look even better, you know? *haha* (*collecting more tomatoes*)

Hope you're not making yourself too much stress, though! To whom should I complain then? *hehe*

Well, many thanx once again! See the upcoming german Chapter I of the Avaesthoría (approx. 27 pages) as a reward for your nice contributions...

Edited by: Artimidor Federkiel at: 1/4/01 9:26:47 pm

"Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a mediator, and this must be the heart." -- Maria (Metropolis)
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