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Author Topic: Blunt weapons  (Read 1938 times)
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« on: 28 December 2003, 14:04:00 »

The probably oldest weapon of the man is his own body. Early in history, it were strong strikes with one´s fist to overwhelm the opponent. A little later, it were simple things to extend the reach and damage of an attack, such as stones of all sizes and thick branches of trees, known as clubs. These were and still are natural enhancements of the fist and the arm. Even today, one that is not versed in using a weapon like a sword at all can grab a heavy object and strike it down on an opponent, only relying on his strength and the force of the impact.

As stated before, the damage blunt weapons relies only on the brute force of their wielder. A troll would laugh at you, would you try to stab a sword into his head. But hit him with a big club or a mace, and he´ll be sure to have a descent headache in the morning.

Weapon types. In general, there are 3 groups of blunt weapons:

- Clubs
- Maces
- Hammers

The following text will provide information on the Clubs and the Hammers.

The Club
"Club" can be used as the universal term for simple blunt weapons, mostly made of wood. Clubs can come in all sizes, and in general one can say: The bigger the club, the harder the bash. Meaning that the damage caused by the club exhalts with the size of the club. Clubs can be small enough to be hidden under a cloak or they can be so big that only ogres can wield them effectively. A club can be the thick branch of a tree, the leg of a chair, of a table, or in very barbaric cases, the leg of a man or animal.
Sometimes you might come across a popular variant of the club, the Spiked Club. Metal spikes and thornes, long nails for example, are driven through the middle of the club´s head to stick out on the other side to enhance the damage caused. Spiked clubs are probably the antecessors of the everywhere known and feared Spiked Mace.

The Hammer
Hammers can be found all throughout the world of Caelereth. They all consist of a shaft, usually made of wood, and a head, usually made of metal, comparably to an axe. Be it the simple hammer of a carpenter or a blacksmith, or the priced and rune-encarved hammer of a dwarven forge-master. A sledge hammer can crush big rocks into small rubble - just imagine what it can do with your opponent´s head!
Of course there are several different variants of hammers. While the shaft of a common hammer is about 1 fore in length, the shaft of a Sledge Hammer is usually thrice as long and can thus be wielded with both hands for more damage.
Then there is the Rider´s Hammer, which is mostly used from horseback. A common hammer´s head is blunt on each side, but a rider´s hammers has only one blunt side. Attached to the other side, however, is a thick metal spike. The shaft is reinforced by metal stripes, and the handle is usually wrapped up with fur for better grip.
A very well known and even more feared hammer is the bulky Warhammer.  This is probably the largest variant of a hammer. Either the wielder has to use both hands to deal effective blows, or he has to be an ogre. Well aimed strikes with a warhammer can bash-in the skull of a troll or crush the thorax of a full-grown cartashian bear.

Blunt weapons are mostly used to do the ´ard work. Ever tried to tear down a wall with a sword? Right. It just won´t work. These kind of weapons are usually used in cases where the sharpness of a sword or axe is useless, just look at the far above example with the troll.

To cause serious damage with blunt weapons, they have to be swung at the target with as much drive and force as possibly. Lashing out with a sword at a fully-armored horseman won´t do diddely, but the brute force of, let´s say a sledgehammer´s impact, can knock the horseman off his mount.

Eversince people had conflicts with each other, the used all sorts of weapons to see who was right and who was wrong. Be it with stones, rocks, wooden clubs or limbs of dead enemies. Today, clubs and maces and hammers are the preferred weapon of uncivilized and barbaric races and tribes, such as ogres, trolls, and sometimes the humans known as Ashmari.

"Your mind is as blunt as your club, troll...hey! Put me down!" - last words of Gotrek Gemhold, dwarven miner.

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« Reply #1 on: 30 December 2003, 12:51:00 »

Here are pictures Bran made to illustrate the entry:

Unfortunately we don't really use black/white pictures anymore... If someone would like to color them in Photoshop or something, this would be appreciated...

Also there is a difference between Usage and Fighting Style and History is very basic, so there need to be some additions in this respect.

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« Reply #2 on: 03 January 2004, 16:15:00 »

Okeydokey, I've prepared the entry, which in general is pretty fine:)  I've made some adjustments here and there, and I still don't know what to do with the drawings - but I've put in Quellion's ogre pic here, cause there's a club in there;)  

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"Between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a mediator, and this must be the heart." -- Maria (Metropolis)
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« Reply #3 on: 04 January 2004, 20:23:00 »

Eh, the pictures also aren't realistic. At the least the warhammer. We've already established in an earlier thread that Aylix made that such huge heads are physically impossible, and only a fantasmic creation of several fictional worlds, such as DnD and, ironically, Warhammer. ;)

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