This section provides you with everything downloadable from the realms of Santharia: plug-ins you'll need to view the page perfectly, complete chapters and texts in file-format, maps, wallpapers, as well as development tools in order to do entries on your own in preparation for the site etc. Be sure to check this section out every now and then, for it will be updated as soon as final versions of the latest stuff is available! If you're missing something, just send a message to webmaster Artimidor and let us know what you'd like to see added to these pages!

A short note concerning texts: Certain texts which are still not translated to English so far can also only be downloaded in the language in which the texts were originally written in (e.g. several of Artimidor's texts). If possible they will be translated sometime, but no guarentee on that. We're trying our best to provide you with only top quality, be assured.

And now have fun with all the downloadable stuff from the Santharian Dream!

Yours sincerely,