To download files simply click on the file name and you'll be prompted to specify a location where you'd like to save the file. Select the target location of your desire on your hard drive and wait for the download to finish. After the download is done, doubleclick on the ZIP-file to unzip the package (providing you have software on your computer which can uncompress the file like e.g. WinZip). - That's it:)

Name Description Size

Entry Templates If you're part of the Santharian development team and have a little experience with HTML editors, you can prepare all your entries yourself in case they are already approved at the message board. Simply download the Entry Template file and adjust the appropriate HTML pages (folder "entries") according to your needs.
Currently contained in this file are templates to entries for the Bestiary, the Herbarium and the Tribes section.
220 KB 
Map of Mythe The Map of Mythe (PSD-file) on 9 layers done by Artimidor, including the original sketch of Krisstofier on which the Photoshop version is based on (*). 414 KB 
Map Items A collection of smaller map items (PSD-file) you can use to create your own maps: Houses, towers, dragons, sea serpents, rainbows, scrolls, a compass rose etc. This collection will be constantly expanded. If you do maps yourself and have an item or two to add here - feel free to let me know and I will gladly add it! 64 KB 

All other maps are available in Photoshop format (PSD-files) too where you can view them with all layers contained and in better resolution. As these files are rather huge - approx. 1 MB for each - and would have to be updated with every minor change here. So we've decided to remove them from the Downloads section in order to reserve more webspace for other Santharian data. However, the map of Mythe remains here for downloading and should serve as an example where you can have a detailed look at least on one of the maps. However, if you would like to view any of the other original maps too - feel free to mail Artimidor.

By the way: Want to try to create such maps yourself? Then off you go to the Workshop section, where you can find a detailed tutorial introducing you to wondrous world of Santharian map design:)